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Ha Ji Won has a Taiwanese Twin Sister?

Just Kidding, Angels :D

Well, it was started when Empress Ki was aired in Taiwan, and really popular there,  Taiwanese actress and singer Genie Zhuo was mentioned by friends and family that she looks like Ha Ji Won.

Surely Genie Zhou can’t help herself not to meet Ha Ji Won, and having a brief interview with our amazing yeoja during her visit in Taiwan.

Miss Zhou wrote this on her weibo account after her brief encounter with our amazing yeoja:

Some time ago!Finally met Empress Ki Ha Ji Won, before heard a rumor that we resembles each other.But after i saw her and found nothing alike!Miss Ha is a lot more beautiful!even her aura!Our similarity should be “our fragrance” She gave me a small gift.I also want to shoot a martial art drama.

ps : This is just a rough translation

(@credit :  ACFP, Lady Kate tumblr)

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Ha Ji Won Loves Dior


Actress Ha Ji Won wore a Dior coat and bag at the airport on her way to Vietnam. Last week, actress Ha Ji Won was spotted at the Incheon International Airport on her way to Vietnam to attend the Operation Smile 25th anniversary event as the International Smile Ambassador. At the airport, she wore an all black outfit, including a black Dior coat, and matched it with a white purse from Dior. In related news, ‘Operation Smile’ is an international medical non-governmental organization that provides surgeries to children with innate facial deficiencies free of charge. Actress Ha Ji Won is the first Asian woman who was selected to promote the organization, and a second celebrity to promote the organization after Jackie Chan.
(@credit : kridols.com)
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Ha Ji Won-KBS Entertainment Weekly Interview in Vietnam

Ha Ji Won talked about Ha Jung Woo taught her acting how to eat looks delicious…and she said “but it still a secret..you can see it by watch the movie”.
Ha Ji Won praised Ha Jung Woo,she said ” He is really a good man” and give him 100 points as an actor and 100 points as a director, a combined 200 points.
MC asked Ha Ji Won when will she play in KBS drama and she answered that she hoped to get CALL soon.

Ha Ji Won was trending 1st on Naver  after her KBS interview ended
P.S There will be full translation from KBS World maybe next week or two weeks from now :)
cr: DC HJW,KBS,Naver
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Ha Ji Won is a skilled Bartender?

Well, she could be, as Go Chang-suk, her co-star from the movie The Huntresses, confessed so the other day. Let’s just read his report from kpopherald.com.


‘Ha Ji-won is the somaek guru’

Drama queen Ha Ji-won makes the best blend of soju and beer, or “somaek,” actor Go Chang-suk revealed Wednesday.

Go unveiled Ha’s talent during his appearance in the latest episode of MBC’s celebrity talk show “Radio Star.”

In the show, the lead actors of musical “Kinky Boots,” including Go, Oh Man-seok, Jeong Sun-ah and Han Sun-chun, unraveled interesting episodes behind the entertainment scene.

Actor Go chang-suk (top) appears on MBC’s celebrity talk show “Radio Star” that aired on Wednesday. (MBC)

When Go’s turn came up, show host Kim Guk-jin fired questions at Go, “They say you would do anything for Ha Ji-won’s somaek, is that true?” Go heartily responded “Yes. I was overwhelmed with happiness (to try her somaek shots) — Her somaek blending skill is divine,” driving the crowd into big laughter.

The hallyu female star usually goes for soft mixes, Go added.

Somaek is one of the country’s most popular hard liquor blend. However simple the recipe may be, somaek-lovers have their own favorite soju-beer blending ratio and mixing performance. Frequently seen in countless Korean dramas, somaek is especially favored among the working population and college students.

Go’s remark on Ha’s somaek skills led to a horde of questions from the show hosts, who were eager to discover Ha Ji Won’s secret somaek blending ratio

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Ha Ji Won Visits Hospital in Vietnam to support children with cleft lips

A well-known Korean actress , Ha Ji-won has recently visited Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi to support and join a slew of activities organized by a charitable organization.

Ha Ji Won, a Korean artist who has long been known in Vietnam thanks to her moving, attractive films such as “Secret Garden” and “Empress Ki,” visited Hanoi on November 15 morning.


Ha Ji Won at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Operation Smile Vietnam and with Miss Vietnam 2006, who is also an ambassador of Operation Smile Vietnam

The actress, who has been appointed Ambassador to the Operation Smile organization, is expected to join several activities to support Vietnamese children with cleft lips and cleft palate. She will also raise funds to train dental doctors and provide dental hygiene education to children.

Speaking to local media, Ha Ji Won said she wishes to help Vietnamese children change their fates as being able to speak, eat, and smile are simple things but there are unfortunate kids who are unable to do those things due to birth defects.

This will be the biggest operation this year in Vietnam carried out by the US-based organization, to mark the 25th year of Operation Smile in Vietnam.

In the last 25 years, Operation Smile has given free operations to over 33,000 children with cleft lips, cleft palate, and other facial deformities.

Ha Ji Won visits The Cuba Hospital in Vietnam.


The free surgeries will be conducted from November 17-21 in six provinces and cities from north to south, including Hanoi, Nghe An, Thua Thien Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Lieu, and An Giang.

Surgeries for cleft lips are only operated on children of at least six months old and weighing eight kilograms. Children of at least 18 months and weighing 12kg are eligible for cleft palate surgeries.

Children will also be given free food and accommodation during the treatment period at hospitals.

The opening day on Nov. 17 will be for health examination and surgeries are in the following days.

According to Nguyen Viet Phuong, representative of Operation Smile in Vietnam, the organizationattracts 200 volunteers who are medical professionals. This time, there are 500 volunteers from 26 countries around the world coming to the Southeast Asian country to support the operations.

Besides Ha Ji Won, the event also attracts the participation of former Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy and Chadleen, a popular singer from Philippines who used to have cleft palate and was operated by Operation Smile at the age of 7.

The night before visiting Cuba Hospital, Ha Ji Won also attended Smile Gala Party at Lotte Center, Hanoi.



@Source : Vietnam Breaking news

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Up, Close, and Personal with the Jeon Family


Celebrity Magazine has written a warm cover story about our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won,  featuring her family, The Jeons.Born as Jeon Hae Rim, our girl is portrayed by her mom, dad and siblings as amazing as we all knew very well for so long.  Here is some translations from the article, thanks to some kind souls at soompi , HJW PH and AC Fanpage @FB.

- Her Mom has spoken :
“Our weirdest child? That would be our Hae Rim.. She’s different from her sisters, I have told the press how weird she sleeps, but that’s not the weirdest thing you would know to her, back when she’s just 9 years old, she cut her own bangs , telling that she looks like Tae-soo and we’re now having 2 little boys, she even talks to ants asking them how they maintain theirselves in a straight line even they don’t have eyes, then Hae Rim always represent herself when it comes to barbecue cooking, and what’s funny to her is she was afraid to sharp point of the stick…hahaha” -Yeon Soon Son(mother)

- Her Dad said :

“Back then, Hae Rim is the wisest among others, she tries to understand our situation in her early age really a matured one, she’s most vocal to us, remind us how she loves and treasures our family she’s a queen of sticky notes . She always left a note on our fridge just saying “I love you all, I have sched today” , even she have to leave our home at 2am or 3am , and she knew that were sleeping, she won’t bother us from sleeping just to bid goodbye, she will just leave a note for us. On her room. She emphasize these phrase on her wall “Family first, before anything else”. That’s our Hae Rim” – Jeon Yoon Bok(father)

More confessions :


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Ha Ji Won had a warm family dinner with the Kiwis in Seoul

New Zaeland Ambassador Rata hosted a dinner in honour of Ms Ha Ji Won, as the NZ Cultural Ambassador, at his residence.  Ha Ji Won and her management team and Embassy staff had great fun enjoying top quality New Zealand wine and food and a performance by Tawaroa Kawana and Sarah Hanita Paki from New Zealand as well as the friendship between Ms Ha and the Embassy which has been built over many years. Ha Ji Won has shared some of the photos from the dinner on her Instagram account.

Here is  a personal reflection on dinner in honour of Ms Ha Ji Won from Kyungmi (Sophie) Kang, Policy Adviser

It’s been nearly 10 years since Ms Ha Ji Won became engaged with the Embassy’s activities. The story begins with the inaugural New Zealand Film Festival which was held in 2005 in five Korean cities, in which I was heavily involved. In order to promote the festival I proposed that the Embassy appoint her as the Publicity Ambassador as she was a very well-known actress in Korea and was staying in Auckland for a bit of time that year. Since then we have stayed in touch and she has been actively supporting our Embassy-related activities.

At last night’s dinner, Ambassador Rata acknowledged her long-standing contribution to the Embassy. Ms Ha responded that she valued the connection with New Zealand through her engagement with the Embassy in her role as Cultural Ambassador and wanted to maintain it for a long time. The dinner served as a very timely and memorable event for Ms Ha and myself as well as the Embassy staff. It was a great celebration of our genuine friendship with premium New Zealand wine and food and a special performance by Kiwi singers!

My heart shared what the Ambassador said for Ms Ha – “Ji Won, welcome home. As New Zealand’s Cultural Ambassador, this Residence and the Embassy are also your home just like for any other Kiwis.” I think she well deserves it particularly given the continuity in our friendship today and into the future!

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Ha Ji-won dubbed honorary ambassador of children’s charity

Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, was appointed the honorary ambassador of a nongovernment organization Operation Smile on Tuesday.

Following the appointment ceremony held at the offices of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion agency, a partner of Operation Smile, the actress has become the second Asian honorary ambassador of the children’s charity after Cantonese movie star Cheng Rong.


The action blockbuster queen began her promotional mission Nov. 15 at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Operation Smile Vietnam.

Operation Smile is an international children‘s medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, and delivers postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle income countries. The organization is currently operating in 63 countries globally.



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Ha Ji Won Went to LA

Our girl is flying high. After visiting Taiwan for her successful fan-meeting, she went home for a week before jumping to another overseas trip. From the photo sessions that we’ve just got, It seems that she went far, attending a fashion event in LA.  The report said “Actress Ji-Won Ha attends the TROA denim event at Barneys in Los Angeles on October 28, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/WireImage)

wonnie troa2

wonnie troa
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Ha Ji Won Wore Luxurious Jewellery and Became A ‘Jaguar Beauty’

Ha Ji Won elegantly attended an exhibition of a jewellery brand.




Ha Ji Won who reached another career height through ‘Empress Ki’ visited Taiwan for the fourth time. Today she attended an exhibition of the Panthère de Cartier collection. She wore a low cut silver-white gown and matched it with Panthère de Cartier jewellery including necklace, bracelet and ring that are worth more than NT$23million. Her beauty astonished everyone when she appeared. Ha Ji Won revealed that she really likes the Panthère de Cartier collection. If she were to pick an animal to describe herself, she would pick the resplendent and elegant jaguar (Panthera onca).

@cr: reblogged from : soompi
translated by zoompi123
source: http://www.ettoday.net/news/20141023/416914.htm

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