Hyun Bin as a Wax Figure

So, this is not our amazing namja, but his twin made from wax…

Here is another look, with close ups for his lovely dimple <3

That’s right, Angels, our amazing namja is a real famous guy that the Seoul branch of that famous France renowned wax museum, Musee Grevin, has decided to clone his gorgeous look into a wax figure too now.

From our chingu in Soompi, we heard that it was Hyun Bin official website that firstly announced publicly that he is going to be cloned as one of the wax sculputes for a Wax Museum. Its official opening is on July 30. That is a great news because now we can’t wait to see him as a wax statue and see the comparison. Of course our amazing namja is more warm and sweet as a person he is but at least his wax twin will let us take a picture for the nth time without saying any protest, right? :D

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Ha Ji Won for High Cut Magazine (2)

Ha Ji Won showed off her never changing beauty in the latest issue of ‘High Cut’! In her current drama ‘The Time We Were Not In Love’, she plays a strong leader in the office at work, and she looks just the part here as well! Some photos from her shoot have just been released and she is really rocking the red lip!

In her drama, her character has a very close guy friend, and when she was asked if she ever had one, she replied, “Unfortunately, I never had a ‘guy friend’ for I attended an all-girls middle and high school. I debuted right after [I graduated] so I guess I had guy friends who I acted with, but I’ve never had subtle feelings towards them like [my character] does with [the male lead.”

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Ha Ji Won + Armani for High Cut Vol. 154

Ha Ji Won showcased Armani beauty products in High Cut Vol. 154. Sightings included the ever-popular Rouge Ecstasy line and Lasting Silk UV Foundation. But High Cut seems determined to make the Lip Maestro line trendy. Check out a breakdown of the star’s four looks below and shop for the foundations, lipsticks and liquid eyeliners used!

Look #1
Fuchsia Pink

1. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, #504 Ecstasy ($34.00)
The first lip stain with a comfortable velvet texture and a radiant finish. Intense, seductive, illuminating color.

2. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sher, #7 ($62.00)
Fluid sheer dresses skin in an illuminating veil of radiance. This unique, translucent formula is available in a range of versatile hues including makeup base shades, correcting shades, and radiance boosting shades. Blend your favorite fluid sheer with foundation to add radiance, polish and sculpting definition to your complexion.

3. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation With SPF 20, #7 ($62.00)
Lasting Silk UV spf 20 high resistance makeup is inspired by extreme backstage conditions. This revolutionary new water-based foundation provides 14-hour satin matte coverage without the coverage feel. For normal to oily skin, providing medium coverage.

Look #2
Peach Pink

1. Giorgio Armani Eye Tint, #2 Meniut ($38.00)
Eye Tint is the 1st to market liquid tint for eyes. The innovative formula transforms from liquid to solid, instantly adhering to the eye lid providing 16 hours of fault-proof, smudge-free and crease-free wear.

2. Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy, #501 Peony ($35.00)
Rouge Ecstasy offers the comfort and softness of a lip balm, leaving lips repaired and beautifully enhanced day after day.

Look #3
Berry Pink

1. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Compact ($59.00)
Micro-fil matifying powders composed of lipophobic & hydrophobic powders increase the resistance of the make up over time. The specific powders therefore eliminate the risk of foundation color change during wear.

2. Giorgio Armany Rouge Ecstasy, #505 Orchid ($35.00)
This velvety soft, everyday lipstick coats the lips in saturated, ultra-luminous shades with impeccable hold. Application is simple, precise and effective.

Look #4
Cherry Red

1. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation With SPF 20, #7 ($62.00)
Apply with armani blender brush to ensure a seamless tailor-made coverage.

2. Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy, #402 Teatro ($35.00)
With Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick, the Giorgio Armani laboratories push the boundaries of the exceptional even further with the first “CC” lipstick. “Color & Care” – new innovative hybrid product that marks the start of a new era in lipstick.

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Hyun Bin for Rogatis

Ah, finally he have some updates from Rogatis. Thank you! It’s been a while that we can’t have a glimpse of our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, into some action so these new pictures of this gorgeous man is really a vitamin for us, his loyal fans.

He looks good as his usual self and that’s good enough for us. Can’t wait to see him mesmerize us again from the screens with his latest movie or drama. We surely miss him that much, eh? :)

hb for rogatis

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Ha Ji won as The Pretty Noona in The Time We Were Not In Love

Ha Ji Won and Infinite’s L has 9 years age gap but still they made it believable as cute noona-dongsaeng couple in her new drama The Time We Were Not In Love. Thanks to her amazing acting, and youthful look, Ha Ji Won shown us her usual great chemistry with her co-star and made their pairing interesting enough to gain a lot of attention for its sweetness.

L himself admitted that he was nervous doing his big scenes romancing Ha Ji Won, a senior and respected actress he looks up but she’s more than helpful with her famous friendly gesture and valuable advice. He was thankful to play his cameo role with Ha Ji Won and we’re happy that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji won showing us her great talent as usual.

Let’s watch her drama, Angels.

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Ha Ji-won’s new drama shows 17-year friendship evolving into love

Oh Ha-na, played by actress Ha Ji-won. (SBS)

Weekend drama “The Time We Were Not in Love,” starring Ha Ji-won, depicts a treasured friendship between a man and a woman unexpectedly evolving into love.

Ha’s character in the drama, Oh Ha-na, is an assertive career woman in her 30s who finds solace in her best friend of 17 years Choi Won, played by actor Lee Jin-wook.

Choi Won, played by actor Lee Jin-wook. (SBS)

Ha-na and Won share a long history that binds them together against any odds.

However, their friendship swiftly turns into something else when Won cancels his dinner date to comfort Ha-na, who was wronged by a charming young intern played by K-pop group INFINITE’s L.

The two end up getting drunk and fall asleep snuggled side-by-side. Triggered by this event, Ha-na and Won begin to imagine what could be if they were more than just friends.

Choi Won and Oh Ha-na are 17 year-long best friends. (SBS)

More twists are expected as Won’s date and Ha-na’s past lover act the deterrents to their love.

“The Time We Were Not in Love” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:55 p.m.

The show will run for a total of 16 episodes, culminating on Aug. 16.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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Hyun Bin for HITE

There is new updates from Hite. Thank you! At least it gives us a glimpse of our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, who is endorsing this beverage nationally. He looks handsome as usual, spending his great time camping and hanging out with his pals. We do wish he will spend his good time too with our amazing yeoja for sure, but at least he looks so happy there which is all that really matters for us. Right, Angels?

hb for hite


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Ha Ji Won Rreturns Her Fans’ Love Through an Affectionate Instagram Post

Ha Ji won reciprocated the love of her loyal fans who gifted her with a sumptuous-looking cake for her 37th birthday.

The actress uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram looking fondly on at the large white cake that her fans had prepared specially for her birthday–which was two days ago on June 28. Along with the photo, Ha Ji Won wrote the words, “Today…I’m touched. Thank you and I love you 1023. Let’s continue our love for another 100 years,” expressing her love back to all the fans that have supported her throughout her career.

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Have a Happiest Birthday, Ha Ji-won!!!

wonnie hut PP4

wonnie hut PP3

wonnie hut PP2

wonnie hut PP1

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Let’s Watch Ha Ji Won’s New Drama

Angels, we have received this note from our beloved amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, on FB <3

오늘밤 10시 첫방송 하나가 여러분을 만나거 갑니다~많이사랑해주세요~‪#‎sbs‬#주말드라마#너를사랑한시간#thetimewewerenotinlove

Tonight THE TIME WE WERE NOT IN LOVE’s Premier Broadcast at 22:00 please your a lot of love~


cr to 하지원 Ha Ji Won

Yup, it’s out! The pilot episode of our amazing yeoja’s newest drama, The Time We Were Not In Love has finally aired last night. As you all may have known already, this romantic comedy is a remake of the hit Taiwanese drama The Time I Loved You with Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin.

Speaking of whom, Mr Chen himself has shared his generous support to endorse this drama via his social media account. How cool is that?

We are happy to report here that this has positive feedback from the netizen with online rating peaked at 21,1%. and there is also happy reaction from Netizen Buzz that we reblogged below :

Pilot broadcast ‘The Time We Were Not In Love’ Ha Ji Won in her thirties starts a ‘some’ with friend of 17 years Lee Jin Wook

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+400, -58] Ha Ji Won’s so pretty and Lee Jin Wook’s so handsome… didn’t know where the time flew as I was watching ㅠㅠ

2. [+377, -45] Lee Jin Wook’s so damn handsome ㅠㅠ

3. [+354, -71] There’s a lot of talk about Ha Ji Won’s acting being cringe but I think it’s because people are used to her boyish roles so far ㅎ but she still proves to be a talented actress in the end considering her acting never reminds me of any of her previous roles and she fully immersed herself into her character of ‘Oh Hana’. You normally can see traces of a star’s previous character, in this case ‘Gil Ra-Im’, but I didn’t get that at all. She matches Lee Jin Wook well and I’m looking forward to tomorrow ㅎㅎ



1. [+4,000, -288] They match so well ㅠㅠ Finally a drama worth watching

2. [+3,392, -283] Fun drama ㅋㅋ Ha Ji Won’s so pretty

3. [+2,816, -325] Ha Ji Won’s acting was okay so I’m finding some of the criticisms about her laughable ㅋㅋ their chemistry’s great

4. [+2,543, -225] Ha Ji Won’s pretty even with age~~

5. [+689, -70] Melting over Lee Jin Wook’s gaze

6. [+684, -77] The student version of Ha Ji Won was honestly cringe… but Ha Ji Won as an adult was damn pretty

7. [+602, -129] L getting a free ride on a done drama

8. [+491, -106] Ha Ji Won, seriously… fell for her in ‘Secret Garden’ and again in ‘Empress Ki’.. and now she’s with Lee Jin Wook ㅜㅜ today’s pilot exceeded expectations ㅎㅎㅎ

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