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It’s May already! 6 months to go and we will finally see HYun Bin again.. Is there something we should celebrate this month?

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Hyun Bin looks charismatic in a never before seen pictorial

Actor Hyun Bin has appeared in a new pictorial even though he is currently serving in the military.

Several never before seen pictorial images of Hyun Bin have been posted on an online community board on the 27th titled, “Super charming Hyun Bin, stormy cool new pictorial cuts.”

The photos are as if seeing Hyun Bin of today who has become much more masculine since enlisting in the military. Hyun Bin is seen featuring an all black look wearing a leather jacket, leather pants, and matching sunglasses. Hyun Bin simply looks incredible in the full shot thanks to his chiseled body underneath the all leather outfit.

Netizens commented on Hyun Bin’s pictorial images, “How can a man look so cool?”, “So charming”, “Every single shot screams masculine!”, “There’s not a single thing wrong about them photos”, “I wish he’d be discharged soon and come back to dramas”, “Great body”, and so on.

Source: TV Report via Nate


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Ha Ji Won is “The Queen” for High Cut Magazine

She’s a badass North Korean instructor in The King 2 hearts and an athlete in a sports movie  Korea/As one. Despite her busy schedules; shooting her drama series and running all over the place to promote her movie, Ha Ji Won takes time to posed for the April issue of High Cut Magazine.

Here are the screen captures of High Cut Magazine featuring Ha Ji Won.



Ha Ji Won is definitely ” The Queen”.

cr. hjw DCgal

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Ha Ji Won to Appear in a Joseon Period Charlie’s Angels Film



(No joke, the literal Korean title for the film uses “Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers” which is also the name that was used for Charlie’s Angels in South Korea)

Ha Ji WonKang Ye Won, and Oh Yeon Seo will appear in the film “Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers” (Director: Park Jae Hyun, Producers: “Well Made Star M” and Novis Entertainment) that will begin filming in the middle of 2012. A representative of the film stated, “The three are planned to begin filming in June if things go fast. Because the film is an action movie, the actresses will go through intense training.”




The three actresses are all a part of the same agency and their synergy is highly anticipated. A representative stated, “Well Made Star M is trying to organize the schedules of the actresses to fit in with the movie. The agency wants to make a successful movie with its own actresses.

The film will be Ha Ji Won’s comeback to the historical genre since her last historical genre project 7 years ago.

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Ha Ji Won Talks About Her Couple Ring Incident on “High Cut”


The issue of “High Cut” that was released on April 26 featured Ha Ji Won. She spoke out about the “couple ring” she was seen wearing in December 2011.


On December 2, 2011, Ha Ji Won had appeared at Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin’s wedding while wearing a ring on the ring finger of her left hand.


A representative of the company at the time stated that they had sponsored the couple ring.


Ha Ji Won stated about the couple ring, “Due to that event last year I was swept up in controversy. I had received the ring as sponsorship, but because of that incident, my agency intensified their surveillance of me.”


Then Ha Ji Won stated, “I talked with my stylist and we wondered if I should wear it again.”

 source: soompi news


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Lee Seung Gi Presents ′Korea′ Cake for Ha Ji Won on′The King 2Hearts′

The close-knit cast and crew of The King 2Hearts has shown its support for
Ha Ji Won and her new movie.

On April 25, Ha Ji Won tweeted, “Our The King 2Hearts’ Jae Ha, Si Kyun and
Dong Ha, please cheer on the movie Korea hehe.”

Soon after, Ha Ji Won tweeted, “I’m so happy, today we had a company
meal together. All of the staff clapped and cheered while yelling, ‘Korea
daebak. Wow, am I allowed to be this happy? Even a ‘Korea’ cake? Truly,
really thank you so much.”

The included picture showed Ha Ji Won posing with Lee Seung Gi, Jo Jeong Suk
and Kwon Hyun Sang while holding a Korea cake.

The Korea cake was revealed to have been custom-ordered by
Lee Seung Gi to not only show his support for Ha Ji Won and her new
movie, but also to show his regret he was unable to attend the movie’s
premiere due to his busy schedule.

The Korea cake had the words, ‘Today’s best actress Ha Ji Won!! I’m so
happy I can be with you. Korea fighting!’

A member of the drama production also revealed, “Ha Ji Won was happy
like a kid by the surprise cake and even began shedding tears.”

Source: CJ E&M enewsworld Stewart Ho, 26 April 2012
Photo credit: Ha Ji Won’s Twit*ter

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Hyun Bin’s April Audio Message

Hyun Bin’s audio message for April 2012 on Hyun Bin official Fan Club, The Space.

This is Hyun Bin.
Do you have a time of April you can laugh a lot and enjoy?
I say thank-you to all of you who made me laugh.
Without your love, this world will be dark as much as your love.
If your hearts are from distance, this world will be cold as much as remote your hearts.
I laugh thank to fans’s love. I hope that flowers like pleasure, happiness, love and hope will bloom in your heart in April.
Oh, spring is short! So I recommend you go outing on the warm day.

Credit to: Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든

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Ha Ji Won′s Action-Heavy Scenes for ′The King 2Hearts′ Episode Revealed

The most recent batch of preview stills for MBC′s The King 2Hearts show Ha Ji Won going back to her ass-kicking roots!

The still cuts show Ha Ji Won filming some major action scenes at an amusement park including a few scenes where she jumps on high wires. Another still cut shows Ha Ji Won’s charisma (and flexibility) as she points a gun at an individual she has pinned against the wall with one leg. 

The scenes were shot on April 14 at an amusement park in Gyeongju. The complexity and intensity of Ha Ji Won’s scenes required her to shoot for over eight hours. Despite her having to shoot some intense scenes that most actors would find difficult, such as leaping from high places on high wires, Ha Ji Won showed no signs of fear or anxiousness. 

A member of the drama production said, “Ha Ji Won is fully assimilating to these tough action scenes that are difficult for most female actors. In addition to her action scenes, as her character, Kim Hang Ah, has endured a lot of twists and turns, she is fully portraying a wide range of emotions.” 


Photo credit: Kim Jong Hak Production

source: enewsworld

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Ha Ji Won at Seoul Race Course Park: AS ONE(KOREA) Promotion

April 21, 2012 Ha Ji Won attended the Promotion of her new movie As One(Korea) Despite of the heavy rain, tired from the trip and activities in Jiba, Japan she still managed to be there. She wears a beautiful and simple black and white outfit that suits her. Ha Ji Won’s smile is like a sunshine that Brightens Up to those who attended the said event.


I/We bow down to your professionalism,dedication, love and passion our Amazing Yeoja. Be healthy! Good luck in your upcoming movie. It will be a sure FIRE Box- Office Hit in South Korea and other countries. Aja! Aja! Fighting!


I hope Binnie was there among the crowd in disguise… kekekeke ^^


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Ha Ji Won went to Japan

Ha Ji Won was attending her latest movie As One (previously known as ‘Korea’) premiere in Jiba, Japan. These photos are taken from various sources from Japan, especially from its official movie twitter. Jiba is the city where the actual world champion table tennis game was held in 1991. As the movie is a true story of the table tennis champion we can imagine that all staffs including actors/actresses for this movie must be getting emotional  with this trip.




Good luck Wonnie, all the best for As One!

PS: what is that written on the wall? M A R I N E S? Oooop….*wink wink wink*

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