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Ha Ji Won’s New CF

Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, has just launched her new commercial film (CF) for KEB Korean Bank. We’re lucky that our chingu Jiwonderland has uploaded its youtube version yesterday. So we can enjoy it here too.

is that cappuccino ? Just by looking at her smile, I guess it is 😀

Oh uh…


@credits to KEB and at youtube

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Ha Ji Won Celebrated Birthday with Her Amazing Fans

On June 24th, actress Ha Ji Won celebrated her 34th birthday with 350 special fans from her official fanclub, ‘1023‘.

As the theme of the fan meet was ‘I’, Ha Ji Won sat down to have a deep discussion with her fans and share inner stories that they wouldn’t be able to hear anywhere else.

Representatives stated, “Ha Ji Won and her fans have always stepped away from the run-of-the-mill fan meets and have done a variety of activities together like athletic competitions and charity work. This year, she wanted to create an environment for them to all sit down and talk.”

About 100 fans from China and Japan also flew in for the event. Ha Ji Won came thoroughly prepared and touched the hearts of her fans by presenting a poem she wrote herself. She also passed out presents like sneakers, t-shirts, and cosmetic products from her endorsement brands.

Ha Ji Won is currently on break after wrapping up her movie, ‘Korea‘, and her MBC drama, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.

@news from :Allkpop, photos from@Amazing Couple fanpage at Facebook

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Hyun Bin’s audio message for June 2012

I am giving my regards to you in the early summer that is good for walk.
I like something relatively simplistic and plain. The visible appearance is simple but it makes me lingering as times goes by.
I’d like to challenge anything in the movie without hesitation, but it seems more inclined that I am not worried about the risk might face the unsuccessful results even if I take a consideration fully in acting.
If I do my best, then I just let the worlds judge.
I leave my pledge in June to be side you for a long time as a deep and simplistic actor.

Credits to: Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든

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Hyun Bin Joined The Marine Cultural Festival in Pohang

Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin was in Pohang to join the Marine Cultural Festival last week.There are some pictures and youtube video we can find from the net. Enjoy ❤

@credit: Amazing Couple at facebook, Hyunbinsky@Baidu,Hyunbinhouse

@credit : at Youtube


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Ha Ji Won changes into an elegant Mexican woman

Our  Ha Ji Won showed off her elegant, sensual looks in pictorials for the fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR.

At the photo shoot, which took place in Los Cabos and Mexico, she showed off her charms with lively facial expressions and poses. Our Jiwon created new characters that she hasn’t tried before with her outstanding acting and concentration. She said she did the photo shoot thinking that she was filming a new movie. Despite the hot weather in Mexico, she impressed the crew by working professionally until the last moment.

At an interview after the photo shoot, Ha Ji Won gave her thoughts on finishing MBC TV’s drama series The King 2 Hearts. She said, “When I was shooting the series, I often said I would marry a girl like Hang Ah if I were a man. She was more mature and greater than I was, so I learned a lot from her. Her love was so unstable but she never gave up. She let me know how powerful it can be when someone I trust trusts me.”

Ha Ji Won also talked about the reason she got to appear in action movies or drama series every time although she had to learn aerobics, boxing, fencing, and table tennis. She said, “I select work by scenario. I didn’t mean to but I had to learn something because of my character when I selected work. But I never hesitated because I thought it would be fun. Because people around me always say I am good, I want to challenge new things.”

Ha also said, “When I start a drama series or a movie, I never think about my next work. I just try to enjoy the moment as much as I can. I can only keep my mental health and do the best job at work in that way. Rather than preparing for the future for a long time, I want to enjoy every moment and build my career that way.”

Her pictorials and interview can be seen in the July issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

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Hyun Bin for Asahi Magazine, June 2012

We do miss our amazing namja deeply,

so hopefully these lovely pictures from the newest Asahi Magazine (June 22, 2012 edition)will help us

counting the days to have him back in our arms, er, sorry, we mean, to have him back in the spotlight 😀

@source: Secret Garden with Hyun Bin at Facebook
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Ha Ji-Won Dazzles in Los Angeles


Ha Ji-won attended the premiere of her movie, “As One”, at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on June 5, 2012 to the delight of many American fans. While addressing the audience in the theater, she reminisced on how touched she was when she first read the script and how she hopes it will bring out the “fighting spirit” in everyone after watching this inspiring film.


During the press conference, she addressed some topics surrounding “As One”Ha Ji-won claimed ping pong to be a difficult sport to learn and had to undergo 6 months of training to appear as a pro-athlete. She often filmed at a gym and even though the temperature reached 50 degree Celcius, the staff and actors would stay behind and play, which made the filming fun. Regarding the most difficult part of the movie, she picked the story and the acting itself. Ha said “This film starts off with the challenges between North and South Korea and throughout the movie, you have this process of coming to terms with each other and sharing an emotional connection. I really wanted to capture that and I discussed this quite a lot with the Director. I myself changed throughout the film and I feel like I became a more mature person because of this issue that we are dealing with. In the end, you can think North and South Korea are very different, but we really are the same people just under very different circumstances”.


She loved being called by her new nickname, the “Flower of Reunification”. She hoped that North Koreans can someday see this movie and “if this movie plays any small role in a potential future of unified Korea, that would be a great achievement in itself and something I would be thankful for”. While the topic of reunification is a big issue and seem unattainable at the moment, she hoped that this movie and “The King 2 Hearts” can move people’s hearts, especially young people’s, to be committed to this topic and help speed reunification.

With regards to entering the international market scene, Ha mentioned she would be honored to film a Hollywood movie and hoped that she can bring something unique to the screen. She promised to continue to work hard and study English in the mean time. She said she would not mind having Robert Pattinson as an acting partner in a Hollywood movie. Within her short trip in LA, she has eaten brunch at many different restaurants which will remain “As One” of her favorite memories of her trip.
By Jennifer Wong
Video on source
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Ha Ji Won: In the end, we are really the same people.

Gracing an American audience of both film critics and fans alike for the premiere screening of the movie “As One” (a.k.a. “Korea” in Los Angeles), Ha Ji Won spoke positively and hopefully about the notion of a United Korea. Sitting down with the media, she spoke of a variety of things — from her choices of genre in acting, sports capabilities, favorite food, and the like. But the topic closest to her heart, judging from her sincere responses, were surrounding the reasons why she chose to participate in “Korea”/”As One”. She spoke of lessons she learned in the process and how these experiences have shaped her growth as a person, and are directing the stance she takes for a hot-button topic such as reunification. AmazingYeoja blog was privileged to ask these questions at the press conference.

Question: What was the most fun and the most difficult part of filming “Korea/As One”?

Putting her experience in “As One”/”Korea” back to front and center in the discussion, Ha Ji Won’s eyes light up trying to reminisce what the most fun and most difficult parts were in filming the movie. Putting much thought in her answers, she gave due pause before saying that there are too many things to mention as response. This is clearly a testament to the passion she puts in her craft, and how likely both the difficult and the fun parts mesh with each other. She answered the first question, the “fun parts”, with a vivid remembrance of the atmosphere she got used to while filming. She recalled, “Most of the film was set in a gymnasium setting, and inside temperatures reached about 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50-60 degrees Celsius) and even with everyone sweating, and it was so hard work, when the final shot was taken the staff and actors would spend time just playing around and having fun.”

In terms of the most difficult part of filming “As One”, Ha Ji Won said, “It really has a lot to do with the story and acting itself. The film starts out by showing the challenges and differences between living in North and South Korea, and the process of coming to terms with each other and sharing an emotional connection between different people. I really wanted to capture that, to develop that internal feeling in acting, and this was something I discussed quite a lot with the director.” She continued, “I think, not just the acting or the story line of the film, but I myself have changed throughout the film and I feel like I became a more mature person. In the end, even with North and South Korea being so different, we are really the same people just under very different circumstances.”

Question: Recently, you have been given the nickname “Flower of reunification” because of your work in this movie “As One” and the character you portrayed in King2Hearts, what can you say about this nickname?

Editor’s note: We saw Ha Ji Won’s eyes get animated after hearing this question. As the translator clarified it for her, she mentions the word “Flower” and follows with “I love it,” in English. She answered wholeheartedly and passionately, up to the point the translator had to ask her to pause so we may be able to get translation of her answer. She then said “Sorry” and laughed heartily.

In response to the nickname, “Flower of Reunification”, Ha Ji Won candidly told us “Filming the movie, ‘As One’ was a big inspiration and somewhat an education for me. In fact, it was filming this movie made me choose to be in the drama. So, I am really inspired at the topic of it. So, I love the nickname! I hope that someday if this movie could play a small, small role in a potential future unified Korea, that will be something I will be thankful for. I love the fact that younger people in Korea are seeing this film, and seeing this situation (the North-South relationship) in a new light and learning something new about history and their heritage.”

She continued, “This topic of reunification is huge, it seems far away and it feels unattainable. But, hopefully through this movie and drama King2Hearts, we can move people’s hearts, especially young people to be committed to this can help us be unified sooner.”

Ha Ji Won’s answers were as genuine as the clarity in her eyes as she spoke to the audience. Her thoughts run deep. Her sincerity echoed. Clearly, the subject matter and the humanity found in the plot driving the movie “As One”/”Korea” is close to Ha Ji Won’s heart. It will be worth it to check it out for that reason alone. She maintained that this movie gave her the “Hwaiting” spirit, and hope that all who watch it will feel the same.

“As One”/”Korea” is now playing (press date is 6/6) in select theaters in the USA, and officially opens in Los Angeles on 6/8, and will run for at least a weekend. Please refer to the CGV Entertainment site for further information. The movie is set to circle the globe to spread its heartwarming message. CGV Entertainment’s role in spreading the good news of this movie, as well as expanding Korea’s reach in entertainment, is certainly pivotal in these kinds of opportunities.

Official press release article by: @dowotee – Dorothy Advincula
On behalf of AmazingYeoja Blog
Special thanks to: CGV Entertainment America

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Ha Ji Won Hot Chick in Los Angeles Airport


Actress Ha Ji Won was spotted in Los Angeles Airport going back to Seoul, South Korea after her “As One” stage greeting in L.A theater cinema. She’s so fab with her simple outfit.. Opps!!!! the cute little bear we saw when she left for Mexico last May 28,2012 was still cuddled by her going back to Seoul.. Is there something behind that cute little bear??? What do you think angels???hmmmmnnn..





Credits to: Amazing Couple (hyun bin and ha ji won)

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Ha Ji Won in Los Angeles for her Movie Premiere

Ha Ji Won takes her combat uniform off in LA #hajiwon Ha Ji Won recently took her combat uniform and training suit off and came back as a beauty.

On June 6, She tweeted a picture with the comment, “I met Korean residents and people who love movies at a theater in LA. They welcomed me so much and I had lots of fun with them. Ah, Korea is hot. I took a picture during the meeting. I was so nervous.”

In the picture, she is wearing a feminine white dress and smiling at the camera. She is also making the V sign and showing off her beautiful legs. She looks different from when she appeared on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series The King Two Hearts and the movie Korea as a North Korean officer and a ping-pong player.

People responded: “Ha looks so beautiful after a long time.” “I’m smiling at your smile.” “I hope the movie will receive many favorable reviews.”

Source: TV Report & OhKPop

@credit  fancam by:

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