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Hyun Bin July 2012 Audio Message

When I look at the dark green, July look like me.Even though I look like a perfectionist, I feel really preasant and cool when I come back to normal man, Hyun Bin.

When I work, I really push hard for myself, but I think that I have some innocent side of me in daily life.

I think that life is unexpected, various and fun on the stage.

I am wondering how your state looks like.

I hope that you will stay healthy and energetic in July.

Credits To: Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든

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Ha Ji Won @ PiFan’s Red Carpet

Movie stars galore dropped by the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), which started on July 19, and boldly walked its red carpet. One of them is our amazing yeoja, Miss Ha Ji Won.


Ha Ji Won in a unique oceanic dress

Later, she was seen eating dinner in a dress.She posted a picture on her Twitter on the 19th saying, “I want to enjoy this longer, eating dinner with a glass of wine in a beautiful dress. This is the best moment of my life”.In the picture she is sitting under dark lights with her chin in her hand. She is wearing a dress like the one she wore on the red carpet.

She was awarded the Producer’s Choice Awards at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Opening Ceremony on the 19th. The Producer’s Choice Award is chosen by the Korean Film Productions Association and the Korean Movie Producer Association.  PiFanis in its 16th year and will continue for 10 days until July 29 in Bucheon (Puchon).

@news & phot9s from : enewsworld, En.korea and Hancinema
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Ha Jung Woo, Ha Ji Won and Lee Je Hoon to Win Awards at PiFan

Ha Jung Woo, Ha Ji Won, Lee Je Hoon and Min Hyo Rin will be winning awards at the 16th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan).

On July 13, PiFan announced that Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won had been chosen for the Producer’s Choice Award, an award given by top producers, and that Lee Je Hoon and Min Hyo Rin had been chosen for the Fantasia Award, an award given by Pucheon citizens.


The Producer’s Choice Award will be given out for the first time this year, and awards actors who have been chosen by the Korea Film Producers Association as the actors of the year. 

Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won will be honored with the first round of trophies. Ha Jung Woo boasted the power he wielded in the Box Office by making Nameless Gangster and Love Fiction both successes, while Ha Ji Won showed off her strong will through the film Korea.

A rep from the Korea Film Producers Association said on its choice, “[Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won] are actors who have both perfect acting skills and power to succeed in the market, and have been putting together most impressive filmographies recently. They are also actors who can lead various genres in Korea together with PiFan.”

The winners of the Fantasia Award were chosen based on street polls taken by Pucheon locals in June. 

Lee Je Hoon and Min Hyo Rin were chosen in the end. Lee Je Hoon impressed the public with his appearances in The Front Line and Bleak Night, and finally rose to top star status through the film Architecture 101

Min Hyo Rin made it big last year with Sunny, and is looking toward the premieres for her films Five Million Dollar Manand Gone with the Wind.

The four actors will appear at the opening ceremony for the festival to be held on July 19, and will speak to their fans after walking the red carpet. PiFan will start on July 19 to take place for 10 days until July 29.

Photo credit: PiFan

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From our Admin Cel for Ha Ji won’s Birthday

  • We’re still celebrating Ha Ji Won’s birthday here.     This time we have our admin Cel who has just written a very beautiful post about uri amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won in her personal blog.
  • Enjoy 🙂

Unforgettable Ha Ji Won; Her Movies and Drama

 @by: Maria Cecilia

Happy Birthday Jiwon

In time for her birthday which is on 28 June, I decided to make this hub that will feature some dramas and movies that I consider unforgettable, not only to me but to Jiwon Herself. I am fan and I came to know her in 2011 because of Secret Garden. The more I watched her old films the more I admire her a lot…. Acting wise for me she is the best, there are times when I feel uncomfortable with her roles and the way she portrays them, but like I said in my other hubs about her, “once you get uncomfortable it means you are affected, and you just got immersed with her in her role”. I kept saying this to my friends after watching her film or drama, “Hajiwon got me again”. How can she be so good in different roles. Beauty wise, for me she is pretty, I like her face, I can look at her all day, the longer you stare at her the more she becomes beautiful. According to fans that saw her in person already, HAJIWON is a lot prettier in real life than on the big screen…. one even said she’s a goddess, and she has this kind of magnet that attracts every one…. in her film even when she’s sweaty, bloody or dirty she is still pretty, even when she wears simple shirt, she is still pretty… sometimes I wish I can look like her hahaha, I know it’s impossible because my feature is more on the double eyelid, thick eyebrows, round eyes, very opposite of the Korean…(ops don’t get me wrong I am contented with my face LOL). But going back to HAJIWON the disappointing part of liking her is when you know it is impossible to see her in person, even if I go to Korea, I guess no one can guarantee if I can meet her there….So as a fan who can’t see her yet in person (I don’t want to lose hope), the only thing I can do is watch her old films, wait for her new projects, read the latest about her, and lastly write about her, I am starting my latest….


(Credit to the following for the photos used in this hub TK2H soompi forum, TK2H Baidu, iMBC,, and, newsen, SEGA Family Facebook.)

credit the following for this photo: ASICS, SEGAfamily;amazing couple hyun Bin Ha Ji won
credit the following for this photo: ASICS, SEGAfamily;amazing couple hyun Bin Ha Ji won

Her Drama

Shall I start ramdomly? or shall I start with her latest drama? After reviewing her filmography, I learned that Jiwon had made 5 popular dramas that definitely left a mark to her countless viewers. Her drama is the type that you don’t want to end. Loyal televiewers normally had withdrawal symptoms the first week after her drama ended. Her fans are not contented in one time watching that after the drama they quickly get their own copy at all cost so that they can watch it over and over again.

Jiwon’s 5 Unforgettable drama

1. The King 2 Hearts 2012

2. Secret Garden 2010

3. Hwang Jini 2006

4. What Happened in Bali 2004

5. Damo 2003

Credit photo to Secret Garden
Credit photo to Secret Garden

Secret Garden 2010 with Hyun Bin

I know Ha Ji Won portrayed Hwang Jini a few years back when our Local network was promoting Secret Garden, the announcement mentioned that Hwang Jini and Kim Sam Soon’s love interest ( sorry I forgot Hyun Bin’s in the Filipino version of Kim Sam Soon) met in Secret Garden, and those were enough to arouse my curiosity. Quite surprise to see Hwang Jini’s lead star in short hair and the guy was thinner than the first time I watched him at Sam soon, at that time I didn’t even know their names but compare to other Korean stars Ha Jiwon and Hyun Bin are easier to remember. I decided to start with Secret Garden because this is the first HJW drama that I really like.,

Secret Garden is phenomal…. I borrowed that description from our ADMIN in SEGA Family group. I think it’s magical because of its lingering effects. I still feel good whenever I watch it, even the SEGA OST are my favorite the songs “That man or That woman”, made me feel like there is something crawling at my spine whenever I hear it. “You are my spring” reminded me of GRI and KJW during their Honeymoon scene. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired watching SEGA unless I need to give way to other HJW movies and drama. Secret Garden is very special to me and to those who love both Hajiwon and Hyun Bin together either in movies and realities (I hope).

HJW is Gil Ra im, and a stunt woman. She really fascinated me when I saw her in action scenes. I believe an actress should be like her, very effective always in the role that she’s playing…

Because of Secret Garden I came to like Hajiwon, in fact I tried to have something that she has in the drama, the watch she wore during the Capuccino Kiss Scene, and the one she wore in jeju island, I really researched on the brand of the watch and I am so lucky to find one here in the Philippines. The watch has a unique design that’s why I noticed it, it became more special because of HJW, and I am always glad to tell the story of my watch every time friends asked about it, “I saw HJW wearing this watch so I really looked for it, now we have something in common.

Because of Secret Garden, I became interested to watch HJW’s other drama and movies. I am just curious of how she was in another character. I know I have seen her before when I watched Hwang Jini but for some reasons I was not able to finish the drama and forgot about it.

Because I love SEGA I have three SEGA related hubs and here are the links:

 To read more : please visit Admin Cel’s hubpages



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Ha Ji Won’s Birthday Project by her Int’l Fans

We love to party, don’t we?

So, how about having another celebration, a weeklong birthday bash for our amazing yeoja here in this blog?

We can do it online since we have searched the net and found some wonderful videos from Ha Ji Won’s amazing fans all over the world. Her fans collected some artworks and compiled it in a video for celebrating her birthday last week .

FYI, we posted these videos in our fan made page as well.

These Ha Ji Won’s birthday projects 2012 were created by our Amazing Couple Fanpage @Facebook, Jiwonesia1023 and Indonesia1023 .


@Amazing Couple Fanpage at Facebook

@evitamelia of Jiwonesia1023

@MsN0n1 of Indonesia1023

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Open Thread- JULY 2012


New Month! New Thread! Let’s welcome the Month of July! 5 months to go before our Amazing Soldier Kim Tae Pyung will be off from his duty in ROK MARINES.. We hope for more surprises this month about our Amazing Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won… Fighting! ~^_^

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HA JI WON’s Vacation in The Philippines

Actress Ha Ji Won visited Philippines last June 28, 2012 to July 1, 2012. She celebrated her 34th birthday Filipina fans are so proud of it.. She stayed in one of the 5 star hotel in the Philippines:Sofitel Manila.It’s more fun in the Philippines campaign is really effective! I hope you have fun staying in our tropical climate place Ji Won.. We hope to see you again soon and please conduct a fan meeting to all of your fans not only in the Philippines but to all your avid and loyal supporters in every country. Thank you for visiting our country Ha Ji Won-ssi!!.. ^^

Slice your birthday cake Ji Won– Happy Birthday!!

She’s really in the Philippines!! kyak!!

credits to: (Ha Ji Won Forum) ; charmy 19_23

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