HA JI WON’s Vacation in The Philippines

Actress Ha Ji Won visited Philippines last June 28, 2012 to July 1, 2012. She celebrated her 34th birthday Filipina fans are so proud of it.. She stayed in one of the 5 star hotel in the Philippines:Sofitel Manila.It’s more fun in the Philippines campaign is really effective! I hope you have fun staying in our tropical climate place Ji Won.. We hope to see you again soon and please conduct a fan meeting to all of your fans not only in the Philippines but to all your avid and loyal supporters in every country. Thank you for visiting our country Ha Ji Won-ssi!!.. ^^

Slice your birthday cake Ji Won– Happy Birthday!!

She’s really in the Philippines!! kyak!!

credits to: http://www.soompi.com (Ha Ji Won Forum) ; charmy 19_23

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26 thoughts on “HA JI WON’s Vacation in The Philippines

  1. when I heard about the news, I really want to call sofitel hotel right away… I am glad she was able to celebrate her birthday happily and she chose Philippines to spend a short vacay from her work… God bless you Our Amazing Yeoja! Happy Birthday and We Hope All Your Wishes will Come true together with your Amazing Namja Hyun Binnie..

    • ronaele99

      Hello angels. I was one of those people who confirmed if she was really booked at Sofitel via the name Jeon Hae Rim. Yes, she was staying there from June 28 to July 1 , had two rooms booked for her, rooms 203 and 205. My friend and I left our bday cards and gifts for her at the concierge and we were advised the following day that she had already picked up our gifts. I was happy doing just that for her, discretely and without any commotion so as not to disturb her peaceful stay.

  2. @ronaele99. So you are the one. I read this in Facebook Amazing Couple. Do you manage to see her? You’re lucky coz able to send gifts and birthday cards directly to her. And you’re such nice person with good manner as her fan. Anyway I’m happy for you. I hope one day she will come to my country Malaysia and it will be wonderful if she come with that man for their honeymoon. Oh… I wish…

    • ronaele99

      Hi Hakmak.. The one who actually saw HJW face to face at the hotel was another friend of mine at FB. My other friend and I went to the hotel to leave our gifts. Then when I called up the hotel the following day, they told me that HJW had already picked up our gifts. That made me so happy! Well, here is my friend’s account of her encounter with HJW. I also want to share with you in case you don’t go to soompi thread.

      “”ang home base ko batangas, pero ngayon mas madalas ako sa manila because my part time work is there. dito na ako batangas pero kanina nagpunta ako sa sofitel. nakita ko jiwon when she was having breakfast at the lobby. she was wearing very dark glasses so i didnt recognize her agad when we were at the restroom. as soon as i arrivd at the hotel, restroom agad ang pinupuntahan ko..hehehe. and while i was putting on powder and lipstick she came in wearing a white tshirt and dark (black) shorts. the shirt was tucked in her shorts. her hair is somehow trimmed a little bit, her face s without any trace of make-up nor lipstick and she looked a little pale maybe because she had no make-up on. I wasnt sure it was her bec i couldnt see her eyes (the most expressive feature of her face) and her face seemed small (chin was smaller than i imagined and her cheeks too are full in the drama tk2h)..good thing i didnt accost her because of that admonishment from her 1023 member , which i knew only later on.
      well, medyo nabigla ako sa bilis ng mga pangyayari..i was thinking i would camp out at the sofitel for hours and lo and behold, i just came in and jiwon was there in the restroom with me! So i just followed her out of the restroom and she was getting food at the buffet. Coincidentally, my friend was attending the vitamin convention being held there, so i sent her an sms to tell her i was there. She said they were having breakfast and that i joined them, but it turned out they were haviing breakfast in the conference site..i watched jiwon’s group from afar and noted that they seemed serious with whatever they were talking about.
      I was on my way to the bathroom where i was supposed to meet my friend. ( It seemed we couldnt find each other at a hotel where we usually attend medical conferences! There was an unusual heavy volume of people at the hotel this morning perhaps bec of the conference and other functions being held there.) As i was entering the restroom, i heard the person behind me said a familiar word “namja” and i looked back and it was hajiwonssi again! She was apparently directing her male companion to the male restroom. That time i was sure it was hajiwon, but i couldnt get the nerve to say hello..hahaha.
      She was very soft-spoken and looked very prim and proper despite the casual clothing. I was literally “awed” by her presence. My sister and i are planning to go to korea not even sure if we can see her at all when
      we do and there she was, in the same restroom with me!
      Between sms messages and calls from my truant friend, i waited until jiwon left the restroom. When i went out she was nowhere to be found. I waited a whiile until my friend and i finally found each other and prepared to leave. With my adrenaline surge finally subsiding, i felt i wanted more of jiwon. I sat there for a while and sent sms to my sister. That was when i learned about the post made by a 1023 fan (was that 1023 phil?) not to disturb her in this visit. When it was time to go (the rain stopped, i dont know why but everytime i am at the sofitel it rains..hahaha), i left a note at the lady at the front desk for jiown telling her i am a big fan and that i hope she enjoy her trip here. I hope my note doesnt end up in the trash bin!
      Whew! It was a lovely day today seeing ha ji won at the sofitel. I consider myself very lucky..I didnt regret not exchanging any word with her nor having pictures taken with her ; just seeing her in the flesh awed me…yah, im a big fan of Ha ji won-ssi!!
      I hope one day she returns to have a fan meeting with all of us! “

      • hi.jb in phi..
        I am jealous you very much…my eye so hot hahaha……..You are lucky to meet her…..I want to see her in my country thailand…..I hope someday deam come true…..glad to dear friend fron phi..
        she is beautiful or not?????? She look like in drama or not????? please tell me……

  3. ronaele99

    sorry for the long post my friends…

  4. And we want more post, @Ronaele99 😀
    Thanks for sharing here, we’re happy for you! Our amazing yeoja should know and be happy now that she has million international fans.

    • ronaele99

      Here is another picture of her at Starbucks Resorts World…credit to angelbelle578 of PEX

      • ronaele99

        You can see that she was wearing the same bangle like the picture above. 🙂 That girl who saw her was really regretful she wasnt able to get her autograph or even pose a picture with her. She knew in her heart it was HJW but was hesitant because there was no news about it and later did she learn that it was true. They sat on the opposite table…lol.

      • Filipinos are really behaved.. If I was there, i’m going to sit next to her and ask what’s the real score between her and HB.. hehehehe… 🙂 but i think, i will really be speechless to see her right in front of me..angel Ronaele99, you are lucky to give gifts to her and ate/tita pandora is a lucky lucky Filipina fan who saw HJW in the restroom of Sofitel hotel… I hope she will be here later to share her experience… Jiwon have a good stay to our country.. I hope she will be back same with you angel Hak mak with her man Hyun Bin.. 😉 Jiwon looks like she gained weight.. I am very happy she chose Philippines to relax and have fun.. 🙂

  5. Ronaele99. I think your friend couldn’t believe her luck..but at the same time felt regret coz she didn’t seize the opportunity..Just tell her… a lot of HJW fans envied her coz she managed to get really close to her even though in restroom…of all other places coz there is no bodyguard. Anyway thanks for the photo and the post. By the way I did go to soompi thread but just a silent reader.

  6. Awww…, happy holiday, Jiwon-ssi, we love you 😀
    Big thanks @Ronaele99, we uploaded the picture on your post. Enjoy!

    • ronaele99

      Okay, thanks for uploading. I was really wondering how to post pictures directly here..lol

  7. woooo… i’m speechless seeing this. Thank’s for the very good news ronaele99 😀
    What i’ve learn from this story, maybe if Ha Ji Won go to my country next time, i’ll stop by in every restroom at the place where she is visiting, so i could see her and said hello, say thank you for her hardwork, and say sorry multiple times for disturb her private time (i hope it wont take more than 1 minute). Just a crazy idea but still, i wish for that *lol*
    And maybe left a gift at the hotel where she stayed. Like you did hehe…

  8. The resto HJW visited in the Philippines is Lacocina de Tita Moning http://lacocinadetitamoning.com/thelegardamansion.php

  9. Hi Kara! Thanks for the info about Lacocina de Tita Moning. I think there was photo of HJW with her mother (If i not mistaken) in the dressing room of Lacocina de Tita Moning (from photos of Facebook Amazing Couple). What do you think? Like you, if i were Pilar Adrias, i definitely approach her, and apologized several times and shake her hand and take photo. But I won’t ask about HB coz too personal…

    • Hello Hak Mak! my much pleasure..It was yesterday that I was looking what restaurant she went… I am not so familiar with all the places in Manila because I just stayed there only in a few months.. But I have been familiar with the place wherein Jiwon have stayed, i think we passed that when I was having a transaction with the agency I have applied with in Manila…

      Yes Hak Mak you are right and also the living room wherein she have a picture with the lady…I can’t dare also to ask her Hak Mak because I will turn to be speechless… 🙂 I am so amazed she was there in MAnila…!!! Wow~!

  10. Now I am super jealous with @Ronaele99’s friend!!!! I wish I’d known she would be in the Philippines! I was in Batangas for the weekend and didn’t even had a clue that our amazing yeoja was in manila! If I had known, I would silently wait in Sofitel to even have a glimpse of her. I also want to go to Korea just to see her in person! It made me so sad that I didn’t see her but I’m very happy for other angels who had the chance to see our beloved unnie. Ha ji won ssi, I hope you’ll visit our country again and please let us now so we can welcome you warmly! God Bless you! 🙂

  11. @Ronaele99, you are such a great angel for giving gifts to unnie and respecting her privacy. I wish I was with you at that time so I can also give Ji won something from our country. 🙂 You made me happy cause at least one of the Philippine JB angels showed her love to our beloved Yeoja. 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • ronaele99

      Thanks… Actually, there were two of us who left our bday cards and gifts there. Like we went there 2 straight nights, lol… trying our luck..but we were not lucky to see her anywhere in the hotel. LOL. We stayed in the restroom for a while, lol..some girls just dont have the luck Anyway, aside from the bday card, I also gave a letter in Hangul prints..gosh, I don’t know if my words were translated correctly. I tried to make simple sentences, like “We really really love you HJW ssi…that hope you enjoy your stay in Manila..hehe. I also asked her if she has time, to twit me if she liked my gift..lol..wishful thinking she would have time to even do that. The luckiest of course was Pilar…she was the one who made that lenghy account of seeing HJW in flesh and the other girl from Resorts World. I also gave HJW a postcard. It was funny, because the gift the other girl gave her was similar to what I bought from Kultura Pilipino..hahahaha

      • im sure ha ji won appreciates whatever you angels gave her. 🙂 im with you in praying that she’ll tweet you to say that she got your presents. please share with us if that happens. have a great day angel ronaele99. 🙂

      • Angel ronaele99, i hope she will tweet the birthday presents you gave to her.. Yes, it was tita pilar the lucky one who saw Jiwon.. yes, she gave to me that lengthy post when we talked in fb.. she was trying her luck and yes BINGO she saw Jiwon… I send to ate pandora/pilar the family picture of HJW.. then she recognized, the mom and dad of Jiwon… I was asking if HB was around but she said “NO, HB kara :-(” and i said, “oohh.. 😦 But it’s okay coz you saw HJW ate”….. I thought ate pilar will be back the following day but she have an important occasion to attend… Angel ronaele, thank you!!! very lucky you! ^^

        Angel nightingale, if i only have your mobile number i will text you or even call you.. I am aware you are in batangas during weekends.. Don’t worry gurl you will see her again and the bonus part is with her namja HB… 😉 hehehe..

  12. im glad that she visited Philippines..i never go abroad but i wanna see there 🙂 hope she visit again with her namja^^ wink* jiwonah don’t forget to come to Turkey with him too hihi^^

  13. sis kara, i will give you my phone number (I’ll pm it to you in Fb) so that next time that there is great news, you have another way of reaching me.hehehe… 🙂 i told my sisters at home that ha ji won was here last weekend and they were so shocked that I had no idea. They all know how big a fan I am of Ji won so they know how sad I was that I wasn’t able to see Ha Ji Won but I told them that I’m contented because one of the angels from our SEGA Family was able to give gifts to her and that Ji Won was able to get it. Hopefully the next time our amazing yeoja will be here it will be for their honeymoon. 😉 hahaha! And hopefully next time more of us angels will have the chance to see our amazing couple! It’s already the middle of the week, hope everyone’s having a great one. God Bless you angels! 🙂

  14. pesojiwon

    I wonder why I did not visit this place to comment….. but this just reminds me of my feelings then when I did not see her…. The Restaurant that looked like an ancestral house is located in the complex where my office is also located. I even bought my queso de bola spread in that place…. the staff who saw her said she’s a lot prettier in person…. they did not know she was GRI of Secret Garden

  15. awww.. your friend i soooooo lucky… im here in manila and it’s only now that i got to know her visit.. so sad 😦
    went to Korea last year hoping to see her despite of my busy schedule but sad to say, i didin’t saw her not even in a poster 😦
    but i bought a wallet and dvd case with Hyun Bin’s face.. lol

    hope Ha Ji Won will visit the Philippines again, and next time Hyun Bin will accompany her.. (dreaming mode)

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