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Open Thread- September 2012



Hello Angels! SEPTEMBER is here! 3 months more to go before our Amazing Namja’s Discharge from his duty in ROK MARINES. Hyun Bin’s birthday is coming! We hope and pray that there will be a lot of surprises and hints this month from OUR AMAZING COUPLE.. Let’s keep the FAITH BURNING! Kim Tae Pyung ♥ Jeon Hae Rim….

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Hyun Bin’s Message for August 2012

I’m wondering if you have trouble with the tropical nights or have been to summer holidays.
It’s very easy to meal down like such a hot weather, but please cheer up.
I flashed back my memory when I filmed with the thick winter clothing in a hot weather
making me sweating even if wearing a thin short shirt.
When I looked back, my summer was always hot and I was fighting against the heat without exception.
It was possible to get over it because of you.
I will be with you in the next year around this time and, will I be busy again?
I hope that the day will come soon.
Please tell me lots of enjoyable stories after you spend good summer holidays.

@credit : youtube video by and English translation by : SecretGardenKD

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Ha Ji Won launches a bag named after her

Actress Ha Ji Won will soon launch a bag she designed.

On August 30, the fashion brand Hyungji announced that our amazing yeojah Ha Ji Won will launch a bag named Ji Won Bag in collaboration with the women’s clothing brand Crocodile Lady.

Ji Won Bag has been designed in celebration of the two-year anniversary of Ha Ji-won’s modeling for the brand. Energized by Ha Ji Won’s Secret Jeans, launched last year, the brand decided to do the second project with her.

In this project, Ji-won worked for about three months as a designer. While she was having busy days working and writing, she enthusiastically participated in selecting patterns and materials and finishing, according to reports.

Ji Won Bag is made of classy cowhide, so it looks stylish, and it also looks moderately refined with a Y-symbol. In addition, the curved shoulder line makes the whole look comfortable, and it’s even practical for both daily and business use because it has a detachable shoulder strap.

Jung So Young, the design director of Crocodile Lady says, “Ha Ji Won participated in every single part of this project from the consumer’s point of view as she was very much interested in fashion and designing bags. We’re expecting favorable responses for Ji Won Bag from a lot of women this fall, like the ones given to the Secret Jean, which was sold out last fall.”

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Ha Ji Won says, “Secret of my beauty? Not being on a diet”

Actress Ha Ji Won has shown off her beautiful figure.

The star was spotted in a photo session of the fashion magazine InStyle.

She enjoys wearing monotone clothes, but this time, she tried outfits in many different colors and patterns. In addition, she made various faces for the shooting, at times elegant or haughty.

In an interview after the photo session, Ha was asked the secret of keeping herself fit.

Ha replied, “Nothing special. I just stretch and run on a treadmill regularly. I don’t get on a special diet.”

You can check out Ha’s various charms in the separate print titled InStyle Accessory of the September issue of the magazine.

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Ha Ji Won Airport Fashion sense as she goes to China

Our beloved Ha Ji-won and director Kim Ji-hoon will serve as mentors for the Korea-China youth cultural exchange program “Beijing Toto Laboratory,” scheduled to be held in Beijing’s Kwanggeomun Middle School, Aug. 13 -17. Forty teenagers from Korea and China will participate in making eight films during the five-day program jointly sponsored by CJ CGV and Boys Vanguard of the Chinese Communist Youth Association. Ha and Kim, who gained popularity in China with their film “Sector 7,” will lecture on filmmaking and take part in puzzle games with the teens. On the last day, the actress and the director will attend the screening of films shot by the participants and present prizes to the winners. 












Credits to: Ha Ji Won (PH 1023) Fan Page in Facebook

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Ha Ji Won is ready for a new movie

Ha Ji Won with Kang Ye Won, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In were recently cast in the movie Joseon Three Beautiful Girls (working title).

On August 14, according to officials in the movie business, Ha, Kang, and Ga In decided to appear on the movie as three beautiful girls.

Trustful veteran actress Ha will play the role of a leader named Jin Ok and Kang will play the role of a second girl named Hong Dan. Ga In will also appear in the movie and will play the the youngest girl named Ga Bi.

The movie is a comic action historical drama about three beautiful girls trying to bring justice to the Joseon Dynasty.

The movie will start shooting next month.

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Ha Ji-won to lecture on film in China


Our amazing yeoja Ha Ji-won and director Kim Ji-hoon plan to give a lecture on movie production in China as part of CJ CGV’s cultural exchange program Toto’s Workroom.
“I am really pleased to act as a mentor and I want to play a role in exchanging cultures between China and Korea through this program”, Ha Ji-won said. “I am already looking forward to meeting teenagers from both countries”.

The program is designed to encourage teenagers from China and Korea to engage in film production. The students will learn how to draw storyboards as well as shoot and edit film during the event, which runs from Aug. 13 to 17 in Beijing.

The actress and director, who worked together in the movie “Sector 7“, will present an award for the best movie on the last day of the program.

In June, Ha attended a special screening of the movie “As One” in Los Angeles. The movie began screening in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia as well as Vancouver and Toronto from June 1.

By Park Eun-jee

Source :… ( English Korean )


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Open Thread- AUGUST 2012


Happy Month of August Angels!! 4 Months More to Go Before Binnie’s Discharge From ROK MARINES…. Fighting Everyone!

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