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“As One” to screen in Japan Next Year

Ha Ji-won(Left) and Bae Doona(Right)

This year’s blockbuster film “As One” will hit Japanese cinemas next spring.

To be renamed as “One- 46 Days of Miracle”, the movie starring Ha Ji-won and Bae Doona will be shown at a special screening to take place on Nov. 2 at Cinemart Shinjuku in Tokyo.Ha, as well as the film’s director Moon Hyeon-seong, will be present to meet with the press.
Then on Nov. 3, another promotional event will take place at the 28th annual One Korea Festival in Osaka.The film is based on a true story about tennis players from the North and the South in 1991. The plot revolves around a friendship that forms between the two Koreas’ players at the World Table Tennis Championships, which were held in Makuhari, in Japan.

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credit to Hancinema

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A month to go before Binnie’s discharge in ROK Marines.. We’ve come a long way and the long wait will soon be over.. ^_^ Fighting Angels!! HYUN BIN AND HA JI WON FOREVER.. ❤ ❤ ❤

Credits: @simplycutegal

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Hyun Bin’s October 2012 Audio Message


October, the months with many thoughts, has arrived. The weather of autumn is perfect for travelling. I’m sure many people have plans for travelling.
Being an actor, it feels as though I have more opportunities to travel many places. Although filming is tiring, it just needs a little rest, or a nap and then continue to work, and there will be beautiful memories of admiring sceneries.
Living in different countries, leaving beautiful memories behind, has allowed my 20 (???). Travelling has allowed me to gain knowledge on other areas, which I am grateful.
I would also like to hear stories of how others’ vacation in autumn.
If you have no plans now, you should try sightseeing at nearby places.

Translate by Angel Kwa Li Ying of Amazing Couple (hyun bin and ha ji won)

Source: Hyun Bin Sky, ACFP, Youtube

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Ha Ji Won shows off a cute look at her photo shoot

Some pictures of Ha Ji Won at her photo shoot were recently released and attracted a lot of attention.

Some pictures of Ha were recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “Ha Ji Won at her photo shoot.”

The pictures were taken by one of the crew of her photo shoot for the women’s casual clothing brand Crocodile Lady. In the pictures, Ha is smiling at the crew.

Letting her long hair hang down her back, she’s making a friendly mood on the set with a bright smile on her face. Especially in the picture of her talking with the crew, she looks lively and kind.

People responded: “I love Ha Ji Won’s smile. She’s so cute.” “Ha Ji Won looks younger than her actual age.” “I think the stylish vest goes well with her bright smile.”

The pictorial for the 2012 winter catalog of Crocodile Lady will be released on the official website of the brand ( at the end of this month.

  • Source: Sports Korea
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Ha Ji Won: NorthCape Endorsement

Beautiful and Gorgeous Jiwon in Black and White Photos for NorthCape Winter Outfits

Photo Credits to: Baidu XY bar

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Ha Ji Won shows off a goddess look in outdoor clothes

Actress Ha Ji Won recently showed off a goddess look in chic outdoor clothes.

Working for the outdoor clothing brand Northcape as a model, she recently did a photo shoot for the 2012 winter catalog.

In the pictorial, Ha Ji Won is suggesting chic outdoor clothes that are practical and easy to wear for women between the age of 25 and 35.She says, “I love camping and mountain climbing, so I enjoy them whenever I have time. The clothes from Northcape are modern and classy, so they also look good with everyday clothes.”Kim Young Man, the Outdoor Department head of Northcape, says, “Because of Ha Ji Won’s healthy image and nice figure, Northcape’s brand concept is delivered well to customers. We hope she can continuously play an important role in promoting Northcape’s brand image through various work.”Credits to:

Pictures Credits to: XY baidu bar and HJW DC
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Ha Ji Won in J2 Opening Ceremony

October 18, 2012- Our Amazing Yeoja attended the opening Ceremony of J2 Building with her co-stars of her upcoming movie The Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers. She is so pretty and dazzling!





Credits to: XY baidu bar and HJW DC

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Ha Ji Won: “The classy dongahn beauty”


On October 16th, the fan meeting ‘Get It Dongahn’ with actress Ha Ji Won took place at the CGV Cheongdam Cinecity the Private Cinema at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul marking the second anniversary of facial skin care brand Olay‘s launch in Korea.

Ha Ji Won wore a simple and classy white mini dress that allowed for her natural beauty to shine through. In order to show off her dongahn, the photo time took place in front of the life size photo of herself taken back in 2008. The fans at the fan meeting were amazed by how much of a dongahn Ha Ji Won is as she did not appear to have changed a bit since 2008. (Dongahn = young face directly translated, it refers to someone who looks younger than their actual age)

Ha Ji Won is currently filming the new movie ‘Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers’ with director Park Je Hyunalong with Ga In and Kang Ye Won.

cr : KPOP FEVER via soompi
Pictures credit as tagged and special thanks to XY baidu bar
Video credit to Youtube SSTV news
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Hyun Bin in Congressional NDC luncheon with Marine Corps


October 15, 2012 -Our Amazing namja latest pictures when he attended the Congressional NDC luncheon with Marine Corps… He is getting handsome every day! We are so happy to see him once again.. 🙂 Stay healthy binnie!


Credits to : Secret Garden with Hyun Bin and Baidu XY bar

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Ha Ji Won’s Timeless Beauty in Olay Commercial


Ha Ji Won revealed a new pictorial wearing an off-shoulder black dress. The picture is from the filming of Olay Anti-againg Cream advertisement. She is sitting across from a large picture of her character Chae Ok from MBC “Damo” in 2003.

Even after almost a decade, Ha Ji Won still looks youthful and beautiful as she did in 2003. Also on the filming set were snapshots of Ha Ji Won from her previous shows and movies like KBS “School” and film “Babo.” Her unchanging beauty could easily trick one to believe that all the pictures were taken recently. Although she is juggling hectic filming schedule for upcoming movie “Three Chosun Angels,” she is still flaunting timeless beauty and flawless skin.

Olay’s upcoming commercial featuring Ha Ji Won competing against her old, younger selves in terms of beautiful skin will be revealed on October 8 on Olay’s official website.

Credits to:



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