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Ha Ji Won: Crocodile Ladies Fan Signing













Beautiful Ha Ji Won in her fansigning event for Crocodile Ladies Endorsement..

Credits to: XY baidu bar


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Finally, December is here!! The long wait will soon be over…. In few days we will see Our AMAZING NAMJA again.. We are absolutely excited.. Right Angels??? We’ve been there from the start and now we are finally here… Let’s keep Our Faith Burning for Our Lovebirds, Our Amazing Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.. It was a wonderful journey with all of you.. Through them(HB and HJW) we are gathered here together through thick and thin.. Thank you very much JB Angels for all the love and support to wuli AC.. ^^ We are all proud to be with you all together with this journey.. Thank you very much for all the wonderful thoughts you have shared and to be share in the future here in our lovely mansion for JB shipping.


Anapinay,Cel,Crystal,Ernani,Imud,Kara & Tsukushi

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Ha Ji Won and Kim Yoon Seok were chosen as Youth’s Favorite Female and Male Filmmakers.


In the past 24 days, the 12th Korea Youth Film Festival unplug the popular film ‘National Youth’ co-organized by the African TV.
The organization announced the award winners, who are chosen as the favorite filmmakers. They have chosen the movies ‘ The Thieves’, ‘Yellow Sea’, and ‘Korea’ (‘As One’). Actress Ha Ji Won and actor Kim Yoon Seok received praises for their excellent performance. They are on ranked #1 in the category. The awarding ceremony will take place on December 9th.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Charlie’s Angels’ aka ‘The Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers’ will be opened next year, starring Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Son Ga In.

source: TV Daily

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Over 1,000 Fans Anticipated to Show Up for Hyun Bin’s Military Discharge

It’s looking likely Hyun Bin will be getting a big welcome upon his discharge from his military service.

The hallyu star is set to be officially discharged from his two-year military duties on December 6 from his Gyeonggi-do Hwasun marine headquarters.

As the clock winds down towards his release, Hyun Bin’s agency is already anticipating big crowds for the day as over 1,000 fans have already made plans to be there. 

A member of Hyun Bin’s agency shared, “We’re truly thankful for all Hyun Bin’s friends who have waited and cheered on the actor for nearly two years without change now. We are planning a brief time for Hyun Bin to express his gratitude and thoughts to all those there that day.”

Hyun Bin has been serving in Korea’s marines since March of last year.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan


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Secret Garden Unseen BTS: Exchange Soul of Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im





Credits to: XY baidu bar


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Secret Garden Unseen BTS : “The Script Reading”





Credits to: XY baidu bar

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Ha Ji Won in SBS “Congratulating 10 million Tourists in South Korea “

Chinese Translation by: XY baidu JB angels
English Translation by: Angel Kwa Li Ying


Hi everyone, I’m Ha Ji Won.
The number of tourists who came to Korea has reached 10 million,
I sincerely show my gratefulness, again!
While I was filming for the drama secret garden at jeju island,
I saw many beautiful sceneries there,
They are so memorable until now I still cannot forget them!
Korea has many tourist attractions with beautiful sceneries besides jeju island,
Everyone please come to Korea more often, come and enjoy these beautiful places,
And create beautiful memories.
Also, please support and love Korea’s movies, dramas and K pop!
Ji Won will present herself to everyone in the future for better works! 
I love you all~

Credits to: Amazing Couple (Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) FB

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Secret Garden Unseen BTS: “The Surprise Kiss of Gil Ra Im”








Credits to: XY baidu bar 

Thank you very much XY baidu JB angels


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Secret Garden Unseen BTS : “The Sauna Scene”

Credits to: XY baidu bar 

Thank you very much XY baidu JB angels

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Ha Ji Won Book Signing in Yeongdeungpo-gu Kyobo & Bandi and Luni’s Bookstores




A lot of fans attended the Book Signing of Uri HA JI WOn-sshi,..In Yeongdeungpo-gu Kyobo Bookstore she wears a red shirt with a color blue&white collar on it while in Bandi and Luni’s Bookstore she wears a black jacket. ^^ Chukahee Our Amazing Woman for the Successful event… We will see you again this December 1, for your another booksigning event..

Credits to: HJW XY bar and ACFP FB

Source: HJW DC

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