Over 1,000 Fans Anticipated to Show Up for Hyun Bin’s Military Discharge

It’s looking likely Hyun Bin will be getting a big welcome upon his discharge from his military service.

The hallyu star is set to be officially discharged from his two-year military duties on December 6 from his Gyeonggi-do Hwasun marine headquarters.

As the clock winds down towards his release, Hyun Bin’s agency is already anticipating big crowds for the day as over 1,000 fans have already made plans to be there. 

A member of Hyun Bin’s agency shared, “We’re truly thankful for all Hyun Bin’s friends who have waited and cheered on the actor for nearly two years without change now. We are planning a brief time for Hyun Bin to express his gratitude and thoughts to all those there that day.”

Hyun Bin has been serving in Korea’s marines since March of last year.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Source: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=22206

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6 thoughts on “Over 1,000 Fans Anticipated to Show Up for Hyun Bin’s Military Discharge

  1. I am truly very excited for his comeback.. ^_^.. Yeoja, your honey will be home soon… ^_^ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Hang in there Oppa. Just a little more….

    Sigh…I feel like it’s taking so long, even though it’s only 8 days left. Time is always so precious to me but this is the only time where I wished it would move a little faster…

  3. if I am a bird..I will fly to korea..and join with binnie fan…I hope hjw big welcome him by herself….

    • Unnie jibin,
      Yeah i wish also HJW is around the venue of Binnie’s discharge date… I wish she will be inside the tinted car of Hyun Bin sitting at the back seat in disguise.. kekekeke

  4. Or if that won’t be the case then HB will go straight to where JW is. :))

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