Hyun Bin spends time with his family after his discharge



Many people wondered what Hyun Bin did on the first day after his discharge from the military service.

On December 7, a spokesperson for Hyun Bin said Hyun Bin went to his parents’ house immediately after his discharge on December 6 and said hello to his parents. He spent some time with his parents and had a party with people from his agency in the evening.

At the party, prepared by Hyun Bin’s agency, many people who have worked with Hyun Bin attended and celebrated his discharge.

The spokesperson also said, “It was a party to celebrate Hyun Bin’s discharge and to encourage him. Many people who have worked with him for a long time attended the party. They had a great time together.”

Hyun Bin was discharged from the military service on December 6. It’s been 21 months since he started his military service in March, 2011.

Despite the snow and the cold weather, around a thousand fans and a hundred reporters went to the headquarters Marine Corps to see Hyun Bin.

In a loud voice, Hyun Bin said hello and thank you to the fans and the reporters. He seemed deeply touched and even shed tears when he said he wanted to act so much. He said, “I now can start acting again, and I will show my appreciation for your support by fully preparing for my projects.”

Hyun Bin also visited all buses where his fans were on board and said thank you to them. A spokesperson for Hyun Bin said, “Hyun Bin wanted to say thank you to his fans personally because he knew that they had a hard time coming to see him.”


Credit: en.korea.com

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2 thoughts on “Hyun Bin spends time with his family after his discharge

  1. Family and friends and people he worked with…hmmm…why not mention the names? ??

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