`Couples` Secret Garden Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, alongside e-books published


E-book, the protagonist of the drama ‘Secret Garden’, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won were met.

Hyun Bin’s photobook “beautiful man, diary Marines’ Hyun Bin and Ha’s essay ‘At this moment’ electronic book (e-book) was published.

Bin’s photobook “beautiful man, Hyun Bin’s diary Marines’ Bin’s Marine Corps Pohang receiving training camp in Baengnyeong completed the look, appearance and activities, outreach activities, such as appearance before the public was not 21 months Hyun Bin’s appearance is embedded.

Ha wrote the first essay ‘at this moment’. Drama success when the film opened, whenever an actor, but scattered numerous interviews in the book the appearance of familiar and unknown history, such as years, never disclosed a secret diary lavish shows.

Interpark celebrate the launch of two books, e-books, and the event is underway.

[Economic Daily Star Today Lee Hyun Woo reporter nobodyin@mk.co.kr]

Another translation by Angel Kwa Li Ying:
Secret garden’s couple hyun bin and ha Ji won, side by side publish books in ebook. (??)
Drama «secret garden»’s main cast, hyun bin and ha Ji won, met via ebook. (Not sure what that means… O__O)
Hyun bin’s book «that beautiful man, hyun bin’s marines diary» and ha Ji won’s book «at this moment» has been published via ebook.
Hyun bin’s book «that beautiful man, hyun bin’s marine diary», shows hyun bin’s activities in the marine and also how he trained. ???? It mostly showed what happened during the 21 months while he was in the army.
“At this moment” is written by Ha Ji Won. It showed her while filming, her success in filming and actors who’ve been interviewed countless times are also in the book.(??) However, it showed secret diaries(??) That have never been shown to the public, And close images(omo…) That very few people know of.
Interpark will hold an activity for this 2 books(??) To commemorate their publishment. Currently in progress.(??)

Credit to: XY baidu bar, ACFP and Angel Kwa Li Ying

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15 thoughts on “`Couples` Secret Garden Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, alongside e-books published

  1. This article made my day!! XY baidu JB angels are so happy and all the JB angels around the globe are happy!.. It is so good to read a title of an article that way… we are getting nearer and nearer.. Just take your time our lovely AC.. ❤

  2. i feel like both their managements are preparing all the fans for something. 🙂

    • Thats true unnie ayvah.. ive read in acfp admin kani posted that HB before endorsed Interpark the company who will published the books of HB’s marine diary and HJW’s at this moment book… (i hope i am right) keke

      • kara keith and all the JB angels, we are now in the final stage of our waiting and we were almost in the home base since we have been running around with these amazing couple lol yeah agree with you all that their agencies were doing something to keep our thoughts for them as a couple not as an individual lol which we knew already…anyway, let them do their part as we waited patiently for more revelations each day wheewwww cant wait till christmas is over…i m sure HB and HJW have something to celebrate during this special time of the year as we have noticed in their SeGa DVD commentaries maybe later on we will find out what was that all abt….meanwhile keep hoping and keep the faith dont let other fans or anti fans deter you from shipping our own boat AC coz were almost docking in the pier of marriage soon lol!!!!

      • yes. and when HBs message and HJWs selca got published on the same date, i also felt something.

      • Ate anapinay.. i cant barely wait ate to see them tie the knot truly very soon.. ^^

  3. anapinay,ayvah2709and Kara

    I agree with you…… their agency prepare something about this AC but I don’t sure it for them or promotion SeGa ….my heart want they prepare to support them…not promotion…I don’t want love promotion….and can not accept this way to hold fan club…Although they are not love each other..I still like and love them … but if they made many hint to fake fan club…may be I hate them….because I don’t like lie people…yes..say yes ….no say no…ti is sincere for fan who love them…..

    I think this time many fan are hesitate and someone hopeless…because we are wait for along time…we are tried and everything is not show it direct but hint…and coincidence…we try to analyze it by hope and dream…If they are not do something to clear.. some our shipper will change boat…..I think so…..

    For me>I believe my sixsence .,they in love each other…But I think they are not annouce their relationship unless they decide to marriage… it is hard to marry in rocky time..no matter why I want they announce it…but say it direct…I want to know real score for them….love or not..enough……..

    Sorry if it made your unhappy but i think everybody think same me…but can not talk it away…
    fighting and waiting …..all friend

    • Hello unnie jibin…

      IN the right time we will definitely know the real score of HB and HJW.. as i wrote in the open thread december, nobody/no one denied that they are dating or not.. i guess there is really something going on.. Two years have passed HB’s name keeps on haunting HJW.. like in winwin interview, the MC’s there said at the opening “Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin”… Also in happy together when she asked about cappucinno kiss the MC said that “they are Kim Joo Won”… Maybe we are reading too much between the lines but i guess Korean entertainment knows that theres something beautiful going on with HB and HJW… ^_^

      Also in OLaY interview, HJW was asked what will be the project of her with Hb and she answered a thief and a cope… then news article was also released that “Hyun Bin steals HJW’s heart” the writer refers to the scene of K2H wherein Kim Hang Ah made HB as her affection… As i wrote the name Kim Hang Ah, the character name of Jiwon in k2h is the same with the real name of HB(kim tae pyung).. I guess this is not a coincidence rather they are preparing us something in the near future.. remember also unnie in SeGa Japan interview HJW said she have dinner with HB and she said if HB wants to switch soul with her to do MS… so she accepted the role for her to experienced what her amazing man doing in MS…

      lets keep our faith burning for then unnie..
      lets give them time and what we will do is to patiently wait..
      tita ana said to me this is the real countdown now.. 🙂
      Fighting unnie jibin!.. 🙂

  4. Well if anything, we will have to wait for quite a while for them to make their announcement. HB just got out of the army and he needs to sort things out with his career and same goes with HJW. She’s at the peak of her career so she’ll try to do as much as she can before settling down. All we can do now is wait and pray that they really are together and will end up together. I mean, given that they are dating, is it serious enough to lead to marriage? That’s what I am hoping for to be honest. When HB and SHK are dating, I have read some comments that they thought they’ll end up together but it didn’t last.

    I wish that HB-HJW will have the same ending as KJW-GRI. Happily married and even after 5 years and 3 children, they still have their eyes for each other and still in their own world. :))

    • I agree with you kdgctj.. They are in the peak of their respective career and time will come we will definitely see them together, In God’s perfect time.. I do believe they are perfect Match Made in Heaven… 🙂

  5. as for me, i too at first have thought that maybe everything i see between them is just for publicity stint…you know just like what most actors and actresses in my country do to get the attention of the viewers..but i also thought that ji won and binnie didn’t know that sega would get such huge response to viewers and even to many producers from many countries outside of korea thus gaining popularity one notch up for both of them and for the drama itself…so i think that everything that we have seen from their bts, in the commentary and she being in LA premier fresh from her trip abroad is genuine…no hidden agenda but real and true closeness…we may have exaggerated a bit most of the time but that little thing made us all happy and what kept us stay here patiently..they are already established actors really very good in their craft so i think they and their agency wont bother to use that method and fool us fans around just to keep their popularity…their versatility, superb acting skills and very good charisma is enough to keep their position intact individually…and if they really are playing sweet music together, then we can sing a heavenly note in unison…in God’s time it is

  6. Hi jb angels!! *group hug* I can understand how you feel and its good that we can share it all here.

    I guess, doubts and apprehensions are part of this shipping world. I understand that its harder for those who have waited for 2 years, more or less. As compared to me, who only got to know this amazing couple last month. But knowing myself, I always do things which I can be 60% sure of the result. of course, the rest is always up to God. And based on the things I have read and seen, my instinct is very strong that they have fallen in love with each other.

    As for the announcement, this is really the hard part because we really cannot tell when its gonna happen. I somewhat agree with jibin and dina, that certain things could just be for SEGA promotion or to create a good come-back and publicities for our HB. As we all know, HB left for his military service, leaving behind a break-up announcement but people did not remember the break-up. They remember him as Kim Joo Won and for the amazing man that he is. SEGA was such a big hit then and even til now, its still very popular. Lots of people are still thinking of this drama so i really couldnt blame his management for taking advantage of its popularity. I could say that his management has really done a good job in maintaining his image and popularity.

    All we can do now is wait and hope and pray. What do I do if I start having doubts about things in my life? I recall the good things. I recall the good memories. And it strengthen me again. And then, I also tell myself that everything has a reason. No matter what, there is always a purpose, a destiny.

    I am still very hopeful about our amazing couple. Ive just finished reading some posts from different sites and some information from baidu xy (as what have been posted in so many posts and forums, baidu is a very credible source of info about our AC). And I am hoping that some angels can share those good things again, to refresh our memories and for newbies like me. 🙂

    PS. No matter what, I am really grateful to have found you all here, angels! Fighting!

  7. hi.kara ,dina and ayvah2709

    thank for share your feel…I say that because I want to call attention..don’t hope so much and don’t wait their annoucement….because it is hard and impossible in this time …if we don’t hope so much..we are not hurt so much….if they are destiny really…..they will end up with each other…may be tomorrow…the day after tommorrow…or next year…..time will prove it..Sega is magic or not…..
    love you all…keep group and faith…we don’t change boat….

    • Hello unnie jibin…
      Lets take this shipping unnie as easy..
      Lets patiently wait for them if they have “something” to announce very soon.. ^_^
      Good or bad ending we are still here to support them and give to them our blessings.. ^^..
      Ive waited for 1year and i can still wait for them for another year..
      i still do believe that our lovely couple is playing a sweet music together with all the hints and etc that makes my standing firm..
      but if they will choose another path, i know they deserve great things coz they are great people..
      but still i am hoping and praying for a lovely and happy ending for our shipping.. ^^
      Fighting unnie!!

      • dear sister kara
        ok….we fighting it together….this year and next year…we are here…because I love you all…

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