Ha Ji Won: Secret Garden Japan Interview













Credit to: HJW baidu bar and Amazing Couple (Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) FB fanpage

English Translation: Angel Kwa Li Ying

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10 thoughts on “Ha Ji Won: Secret Garden Japan Interview

  1. could it be that this couple is preparing us for something? i just couldnt help but think that way.

    thank you for this good news!!! 🙂

  2. hi.all angel
    Today that many people think it is the world end….but i am not anxicty…because I read HJW’s interview….After I read it…I sit alone…smile and fell happy ….the world become pink……love is in the air really…..all of her word is very good..and…her eye show how much she happy….eye say everything more than word…..
    I see in ACfb..show their coat…it is same brand….may be it is couple coat….I think it don’t one coat..because HB is big size more than HJW…so they can not wear it together….they try to give many hint to fan….Why they are not annouce it direct….?????? Marriage is normal.life…actor can do it…and many actor in korea was married… after marriage…they are still work and don’t down..EX..Han Ga in
    actress in the moon& the sun…married 6 year ago….I hope in this year or next year hear good new..for them…..faith and wait..all angel

    • Angek Jibin, we will patiently wait for them.. 🙂 Fighting!! We hope this interview makes all of you smile from ear to ear.. 🙂 ❤

      • admin it did make me smile a lot! and have been reading the posts often because of the happiness i get every time i go through them. I really smiled 😮 when i first read it.

      • Angel Hwang Min Ho, first of all, Welcome Aboard to Our Mansion… 🙂 We are so glad to see you here… 🙂 Yes, Our hearts flutters every time we read the SEGA interview of Our Amazing Yeoja.. She’s in good vibes talking about her Amazing Namja.. ^^

  3. I really love how Ha Ji Won will talk about SeGa.. kyaaakkkk!! I love totally her aura.. Gosh!! This Amazing Woman is really inlove.. ^^ ❤

  4. kimchi926

    Thanks for sharing this here admins because I absolutely loved this interview of Jiwon! It is really rare that she talks a lot about Hyun Bin in her interviews (and why is that may I ask? fishy right?! kekeke) so thank you for the brilliant interviewer because of him/her we learned more about Jiwon’s perception of Binnie. And what we learned boosted my already filled up JB romance gauge.^^ Thus it’s only a matter of time before the JB romance gauge explodes after the much awaited Announcement finally happen… Hwaiting!!! Keep the JB fire burning!!! 😀

    • You are welcome Angel Kim.. ❤ Merry Christmas.. ❤ If the time is ripe we will have a fruitful harvest soon.. 🙂 😉 🙂

  5. waaa! thank you admin. for posting this. ;)). while reading HJW’s interview and reading the comments here, i feel really happy. Love is really in the air. Thank you again admin. Hope you had a great day. :]

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