Ha Ji Won: At this Moment Book (A Must Read!!!!)


She talked about how she went to Jeju Island for travel to try to organise her story’s flow. And when she reach the island, on the first night it rained. Suddenly there was a huge thunder and lighting and her accomodation had a blackout. She was thinking: Since theres a blackout, I might as well use this time happily and just go with the flow. She find this kind of experience fun (yay) as it was the first time she experienced this. With her friends they started to talk about scary stuffs and when they were scared, they will go like “ahhhh” and just let out a soft shriek. Through this they went through a special, unforgettable stormy night

on the second morning. the sky brighten. It was as if there wasn’t any storm the previous night. She walked through the forest, which air has the “smell”of rain, meaning very fresh air, smell of trees soaked with rain and the fresh smell of mud greeted her. In seoul she did not get to experience that, but actually such a beautiful place still exists, where sunlight seep through thick canopies and leaves to reach the ground.

 She initially wanted to let herself stand in the shoes of an author, and even brought a camera and a notebook. Who knows, the forest route and sights were too pretty. She would walk the little roads, stop for a little while, navigating to the left, then right, touching stones, fully experiencing the beautiful sights there. Time flew by very quickly. It was all for the sake of filming when she first stepped there in the forest, yet it seem like she has no more mission to fulfil anymore. She truly enjoyed the mesmorizing view of Jeju Island and she felt this way true-heartedly through the entire journey.

The forest had not been touched by anyone and all the flowers, bushes, plants and life in the forest has grown in the way Mother Nature had directed them in. The tree leaves had dew drops on them, glittering under the sun. Birds she has never seen before would produce crisp beautiful chriups and magnificient butterflies would just flash across your eyes through the air.




I don’t know why but I was really happy. I would excitedly give chase to the butterflies and the butterflies would stop in a little hole under the tree branch. I remembered Alice from wonderland, who ventured into a hole into a beautiful world with a bunny. If i ventured into this little hole with the butterfly, will I turn into Alice too? But But !! The hole is too small I can’t get in T.T
however even though i can’t travel into the little hole, i can enter a magnificient and eye opening journeh too. Now, this place and SeGa’s scenery have too much in common. I can feel like I’m in Sega when I’m here.
Like the magical world’s rainbow magic hammer ( not so sure), by just moving the rainbow hammer, its like i can open the huge door to another world and realm. Here, it spiralled me into the world of Sega <3<3<3

After stirring in bed for a while, i woke up. Ehhhh? It feels so weird. My chest. WHAT IS THIS? Why do I have no breasts? Did we changed bodies?
Living in Ra Im’s life for a few days, I kept having dreams of swapping bodies. In my dreams, the shrieks we produced when me and Joo Won exchanged bodies would sound repeatedly again and again. Even if I’m lying on my bed, My body will feel like there are wings stuck on to it, constantly moving here and there, and im unable to sleep well, constantly having the same dream. So it seems like the filming of us swapping bodies is not hard at all because in my dreams I’ve already had lots of fun with binnie whom i am gonna be filming with 
To “swap back” into our own bodies, I kissed with Ra Im. Because now, I am Gil Ra Im living in Joo Won’s body. Is it because our bodies changed? We kissed but it doesnt feel like any of the kiss we had before xD
(?) Why do guy’s and girl’s kiss so differently?
Before this when we were filming kiss scenes in other dramas and movies, we would feel slightly shy and there would be awkward moments. But now Im the leader, I have to direct. Lets not mention shyness, I will take the iniatiative to just openly do it, I will be sitting down and before we kiss, I won’t feel nervous at all.
Living in the shoes of a man, its more convenient and easy to do so than my imagination? :DDDD



7) Slowly started to get excited, because after turning into Kim Joo Won, the expression in one’s eyes changed too. When I’m in the sauna and i see other women, I will be like ‘Wow’ , then slowly afterwards, will start scrutinising her from the bottom to the top. When I adjust the bra straps during during the drama, I don’t feel awkward at all. Ahh! So guys actually feel like that and have such reactions to such stuffs. During the course of acting, I managed to experience being a man, and it was a fulfilling experience.

8. In actual fact, when we exchanged bodies during the drama, I cannot simply just act out the swap between a man and a woman. I have to completely become Joo Won ( Binnie) instead. In order to become him, I have to keep observing Binnie’s tone, actions, habits etc, making enough preperations for the filming of the scenes in which we swapped bodies. I even recorded down his voice, and would not listen to any other music, repeating only his voice recording over and over again, monitoring if I have to mimic out any of his speech habits to make it more realistic that we swapped bodied. I will have discussions with Binnie, and we even memorize scripts together and read our scripts to one another.

9) Just like this, we proceeded with the filming of the drama and as we reach the later half of the filming, I started to be able to understand more and more of Joo Won’s heart and his love. Living under Joo Won’s status was really great and I was able to adapt well. However, even though I’m able to adapt well to that kind of life, I still find more bliss and happiness in living Ra Im’s life, because there is Joo Won who loves me <3<3<3


Credits to: XY baidu bar and Amazing Couple (Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) FP

English Translation: Angel Alicia Chua


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19 thoughts on “Ha Ji Won: At this Moment Book (A Must Read!!!!)

  1. this is more than a destiny. T^T

    • Kyak!!!! ♥ Love is in the air… ♥ ♥ ♥ welcome aboard, Angel Krizel.. ^^ ♥

    • it all started in Daddy Long Legs and was more developed in SEGA. At THIS MOMENT their destiny has been sealed…fighting!!!

      • I agree with you rutch.. ^_^ They are slowly coming out.. lets give them time as for they are A list actors and a lot of things to arrange for.. I believe we will have a happy ending.. Lets keep our fingers crossed.. ^^

  2. Is it from Jiwon’s book?? at what page?? thank you in advance! ^__^ Happy Holidays..!! Fighting JB Angels!

  3. I think SeGa is a magic really…we are in the dream.of SeGa..and jiwon is in the dream too….dream with binnie..I wonder..she mention about other drama or movic in this book…or not….I think Sega is
    is in her book in many place….She try to talk something to fan who read her book…but it is hint not direct…..I hope one day…she say because SeGa she and he become lover…..in real life…hahaha…
    Today is very good day and good new….thank you all…stay with me

    • Unnie Jibin, i hope you are happy with this news same with all our JB angels colleagues.. ^^ Happy Holidays unnie.. Love you loads.. ❤

  4. Thank you for having the eng trans.. looking for some other parts.. Fighting!!

  5. hello angels!!

    based on what ive read in some other sites, HJW also discussed king 2 hearts in the book but not as lengthy as her discussion about sega. i believe that sega indeed mean a lot to her. 🙂

  6. Do you have any plan to do english trans. of Jiwonnie’s book,??? beside SeGa parts.. I really want to read the Special Part of the book… :))Thank you in Advance!

    • Helle Angel Sahcheeh,
      We rely on XY baidu in translating the book of Jiwon.. let us wait what more special parts of Jiwon’s book they will translate..
      If you want to know the topics and subtopics of Jiwon’s book, you can check out Open Thread October or November wherein Jiwonderland Vietnamese 1023 group translated it to English.. 🙂

    • Welcome Angel Sahcheeh, If we will fetch a news regarding some parts of Jiwon’s book is translated we will post it here.. 🙂 Happy Holidays too! ❤ 🙂

  7. @kara keith..thanks much..though I’ve been eager to hear about their much awaited announcement still I’m here patiently and positively waiting. Hope to read more of Jiwon’s book here in our thread..fighting JB Angels keep tight!

    Happy Holidays to all JB Angels!

  8. pesojiwon

    so is this the english translation for the SEGA part of her book? THANKS a lot for this, I hope to see more until we translated the whole book completely…. hope to know the truth slowly but surely too….

  9. Hello guys. May I know where I can buy ha ji won unnie book? It’s already 2017 but I just realise that ha ji won unnie had produced a book. Can someone help me?

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