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Hyun Bin: Voice Recording For Samsung CF







Our Amazing Namja is so handsome and gorgeous!!

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[News] South Korea Gets Their Own Charlie’s Angels in “The Huntresses”


Brace yourself for South Korea’s very own Charlie’s Angels. The only difference is that Ha Ji-Won (“Secret Garden”), Kang Ye-Won (“Quick”) and Son Ga-In are bounty hunters from the Joseon Dynasty in “The Huntresses“. The film is a historical action adventure film revolving around the three girls who each possess unique skills to handle any missions thrown their way.

The plot begins with Jin-Won’s character as child. The poor girl witnesses the murdering of her father and narrowly escapes death thanks to an old man. She dedicates her youth to train in martial arts under the old man along with two other girls. Ten years later, a bounty order comes in and brings the promise of a handsome reward. Jin-Won takes up the order against the old man’s wishes. Little does she know, the order will eventually lead her to her father’s murderer.

Director Park Je-Hyun compares the three heroines to three iconic Chinese action stars, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li respectively.

“I think the girls resemble them in a way because [Ha Ji-Won] has a charismatic look, [Kang Ye-Won] looks clumsy but always manages to handle matters and [Son Ga-in] is a dab hand at beating opponents.”

With an allstar trio comparable to the original, it is would be curious to find out how well the film will perform in the box office. Stay tuned for its release during the Lunar New Year next month.


Credits: Jiwonderland Ha Ji Won Vietnamese Fansclub

The Official release of The Three Joseon Beautiful Musketeers will be on June 13, 2013


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Hyun Bin: Samsung Smart TV Making 2013

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Hyun Bin: Samsung Smart TV CF 2013


Credits: XY baidu bar and Amazing Couple(Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) FB

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Hyun Bin thanks his fans for waiting for him through a handwritten note


Hyun Bin expressed his sincere gratitude for his fans who had waited for him while he was carrying out military service.

To make it even more meaningful, the actor had personally handwritten the note, touching the hearts of his dedicated fans. His letter read,

Hello, everyone in The Space.

Thank you so much for waiting for me. During the time you were waiting for me, I also learned and felt many things, and also realized your unchanging love for me. It was a precious time. As much as you loved me, I will work hard in great projects and to show a better side of me.

Always be healthy, and thank you. I love you!

Hyun Bin will be coming back to his fans first through CFs. H is also said to be reading over scenarios to decide on his next acting project as well.

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Hyun Bin: Greetings from The Space First Appearance after his Discharge in ROK MARINES



Hyun Bin: How are you? It’s been a long time. I miss you all very much. Thanks for all your love and support, and give me the strength to complete my two-year mission in the Marines. I will work hard and will see you all more often in the future. Thanks again. See you soon. ♥

Credits to: XY baidu bar, HB DC, and Amazing Couple (Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won)
Translation: Secret Garden with Hyun Bin FB

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Ha Ji Won: The 3 Joseon Beautiful Musketeers in MovieWeek Magazine No.562




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Hyun Bin Films Samsung’s Smart TV CF in LA


Are you ready for some Hyun Bin? He recently snagged a coffee CF and now he’s representing Samsung‘s smart TV. His filming with the company was a hush hush deal so the crew and the star flew to LA, California to shoot the advertisement.

He was discharged from the Marines on December 6 and besides the plethora of images of him taken during the mini press conference, the public have yet to see him outside of military uniform for the last couple years.

On January 17, Samsung Electronics revealed that he’ll be their exclusive model for the Smart TV line. A representative from the company explained, “We chose Hyun Bin because he’s loved by many. We hope to stay the top global brand for eight years straight with Hyun Bin and our new design and evolved Smart TV.”

Fans will be able to see him on their television and computer screens soon as Samsung is planning to release the first commercial film sometime in mid-late January.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s agency shared that Hyun Bin is currently still looking over acting projects and nothing has been finalized.



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Hyun Bin and Bae Yong Jun in Honolulu

Local newspaper, the Honolulu Star Advertiser, reported that Korean Drama stars Hyun Bin and Bae Yong Jun have been spotted near Waikiki dining at Doraku Sushi and shopping at Ala Moana Center.

Hyun Bin has made quite a name for himself with dramas such as “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, “The World We Live In”,and “Secret Garden”. Bae Yong Jun, although absent from the K-drama scene for a while, is famous for his roles in “Hotelier” and “Winter Sonata”.

They are possibly in town for the festivities surrounding the 110th Anniversary of Koreans immigrating to the U.S. Possible, but likely? Or are they in town to warm up from the near freezing weather in Korea right now? Either case, we’re welcoming them with open arms!



Source: Honolulu Star Advertiser
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Ha Ji Won donates benefits from her essay collection


Actress Ha Ji Won donated all of the benefits from her essay collection ‘This Moment’.

On January 9th, Ha Ji Won’s agency said, “Ha Ji Won told her will to donate 100% of the benefits from her essay to different charities to help those in need.”

One of the recipients, Choi Kyung Joo Foundation said, “We will use the donated money in helping those who have special talents in arts and sports.”

Another recipient, Yeonsei University Hospital also said, “We will spend the money in helping children patients who have hearing or visual disabilities.”

Ha Ji Won said, “I always felt grateful for so much support that people showed for my essay collection. I always wanted to give love and support for those who are in more need than I am, and I am very glad that that I finally got a chance.”

On the other hand, Ha Ji Won recently casted in movie ‘Three Beauties of Choson’, and she is having a bit of break at the moment.

Source: (from Jiwonderland)

More Pictures of Jiwon in KJ Choi Foundation:








Source: HJW DC

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