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Open Thread – March 2013


Happy Month of March JB Angels.. πŸ™‚ A lot of Good news for the Month of February.. ^^ Wow,our amazing couple still have a communication i.e. sending sms.. πŸ™‚ Kyak!! we will keep our fingers crossed for this new month more news and hints to come.. πŸ™‚ Binnie will start his 1st Asia Fanmeeting and Wonnie will be in a concert charity activity.. πŸ™‚ Stay Healthy Our Beloved JB Angels.. πŸ™‚ Aja! Aja! Fighting!

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Ha Ji Won: Crocodile Ladies New Release Pictures


Credits: XY baidu bar

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Hyun Bin: K2 S/S Fashion Film

Credits: Hyun Bin DC

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Hyun Bin: Samsung Smart TV CF


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Hyun Bin sent a text message to Ha Ji Won

This is the highlight video for Hyun Bin at K2 outdoor 2013 S/S Fashion show today.

During Hyun BIn’s interview, he said that he is trying to do his best to show up in front of fans with a good project next time. But it’s too early to say about it in details yet.

He was asked if he contacted with Ha Ji Won who was best couple with him in Secret Garden drama. He said that he sent a text message to her after his discharge and also received a text from her as well.

In addition, he had a minor injury during the shooting this CF, but he was OK.

credits: Secret Garden Korean Drama μ‹œν¬λ¦Ώ κ°€λ“ 

This is a great news Angels, Our Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are exchanging text messages, hmmmnnn.. Remember the Section TV interview of Ha Ji Won? Kyak!!!

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Our Amazing Namja Looks Great in his Bright Jacket

You miss him, I miss him, and “that woman” must be feeling the same. *wink*

So glad to see our amazing namja is doing good after his military service and back into the spotlight!

Here is his latest appearance from the K2’s Fashion Show today (Feb,26.2013)

Enjoy, Angels!

and in case you forgot what K2 is…, youtube already has this one

thanks to @K2 and @k2outdoor

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Ha Ji Won at Dior Event


Our Gorgeous and Beautiful Amazing Yeoja Ha Ji Won at Dior Event.. Her outfit is so fabulous!!! She is truly divine.. ^_^

Credits: XY baidu bar and Jiwonderland FB

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Hyun Bin: K2 Spring and Summer Visual 2013


Ohhh la la.. Our Amazing Namja so manly and handsome with his CF for K2…. Very well conceptualized.. πŸ™‚

Credits: Secret GArden with Hyun Bin

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New Videos

Annyeong Haseyo JB’s Angels
Have you seen these?

Firstly, we have Hyun Bin in the Samsung Smart TV Media Launch on Feb 19th, 2013

And we also have Ha Ji Won cute interview with MNet Wide News, 18th February 2013

Here there is a little translation of Ha Ji Won interview made by an Ha Ji Won fan in Amazing couple FB.

wish there’s engsub for d mnet interview.. i just can understand a lil’ bit.. the interview was taken on feb 14th (on valentine day). that’s why MC gave a box of chocolates for jiwon with a card on each chocolate.. jiwon had to choose a card that she like or represent her.. first, she chose a chocolate with a notes “action chocolate” on it bcoz she likes action so much.. when MC asked her about action project..”again”, she talked about secret garden (and gri’s lavender scent too), why she chose sega among a lot action project of her? (fishy). i think she loves being gil ra im so much (or she IS gil ra im until now.. LOL). second, she chose “aegyo chocolate” n bcoz of that MC was teasing her that jiwon has an aegyo.. jiwon answer “no, i dont have it” (but with aegyo funny)..i didnt understand d third chocolate, i think “charisma chocolate”?? then MC asked her about her love life, and jiwon answer that her past relationship was long time ago (9/10 years ago?) and mC teased her that today is valentine day and jiwon had no bf? its so sad/lonely.. and she answer “yes,right” (with laughing). MC then asked about her type of bf, and she answer that she like “chakan namja (nice guy)/chakan saram”. — nice guy is a kdrama starring Song Jong Ki, Moon Chae Won, Park Seo Yeon, Lee Kwang Soo, its a good drama indeed, hehehe — and bcoz of that, MC replied.. ohh, song jong ki sshi, then jiwon said that she liked song jong ki too (both laughing).. after that jiwon had to draw her activities (time table) in a day on a paper with a clock pics (i didnt understand what they talked about). she told that she likes CAPUCINNO KISS scene and she chose a fans tweet that said “jiwon, since when u become pretty?” (always SEGA that she talked about..LOL) sorry for my long post..hehehehe


video @credit : AR29thaug
translation credit :@amazing couple fanpage at facebook by pieracapozucca at soompi

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Joo Won Alri, In Case You Miss Him…

Hi Angels, it’s been so long from the Secret Garden days. Well, in case you miss uri famous Joo Won Alri from Secret Garden, here is a video from youtube for a a quick therapy πŸ˜€ And as rumor has it, that the one and only Kim Joo Won, err, I mean, Hyun Bin, will have an international fan meeting soon. So, hopefully we the international fans will meet him in person. Just make sure that you can sing him this beautiful, full of memory lane, song of our SeGa.

Ready? Let’s just sing together… *wink* .

@credit :chairsup

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