Ha Ji Won shows off close friendship with Hyun Bin

Ha Ji Won recently talked about Hyun Bin.

On the February 8 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News, Ha appeared on the set to take a pictorial. A reporter for the show asked Ha, “Hyun Bin has been discharged from the military. Did you see him?” Ha answered, “I sent him a text message congratulating him on his discharge. We were going to see each other after shooting for the movie finishes up, but we haven’t seen each other yet.” When Ha was asked when and where she will go to see him, she made people laugh by saying, “Why are you asking?”


People responded: “Ha and Hyun Bin are texting each other? I envy her.” “They are so close to each other. They look good together.” “They are really close.”
Ha and Hyun Bin appeared on SBS’s series Secret Garden in 2010 as a couple and drew a lot of attention.

Source: Money Today
Credits: en.korea.com

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10 thoughts on “Ha Ji Won shows off close friendship with Hyun Bin

  1. and the most interesting is, the one from soompi:


    is this it? is this the start of what we have been waiting for? 🙂

  2. others are saying that hb and hjw are really friendly towards their partners but i think they should watch sega bts and other stuff and they will see the difference. i agree that they are always nice and friendly towards their co-workers but never as sweet as they are to each other. 🙂

  3. HJW still maintaining contact with HB says a lot since we all know that HJW said in an interview that she doesn’t exchange numbers with her co-stars. :)) Looks like we’re in for a great news one of these days. 🙂

  4. Long time, no see Angel! Upon hearing this news, I smile ear to ear. This is just minuscule details, who knows what’s behind the scene privately. What if…”congrats and I miss you”…lol…of course non shipper will think I’m crazy…heheh… just for laugh. And ‘a promise to meet’ means both party has made some contact whatsoever…*smiles again*. But it’s interesting how she always gets asked of HB in her interviews. Oh well, it’s too bad that everything in the BTS then talks too loud so I can’t just agree to casual people saying they are friendly or kind people only, cos there’s more to it. I truly respect their private life so I am just very happy for them and hoping that they continue to build their friendship into blossoms with only this much details revealed.

    Since this is a few days old, I haven’t seen HB’s agency publicizing anything to denied of all the speculations, am I wrong? Could be a good thing for us long time shippers cos there’s no denying. After all, I still suggest we all wait patiently for the right time. Time will tell so let’s wait and see. Be strong and stay healthy angels!

  5. Yes. We still have yet to hear from their respective agencies but they’re mum on this matter so I think it’s good news for us. I remember when Tang Wei was linked to Binnie and his agency denied it with the quickness! lol

  6. HELLO Unnie lavender ,
    I’m so glad to see you around as well as the other lovely and daebak JB angels.. ^^ It’s been almost a week we all waited for this section tv interview and Yes! PATIENCE is really a virtue.. I really got annoyed when mbc always moved the dates but now I really want to thank them… haha!! Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are preparing us for something.. ^^ Big and Special.. ^^ We are all very happy for this news coz their respective agencies didnt deny this.. very very good news to all and Yes Our Shipping is Sailing beautifully and wonderfully.. ^^ Lets all wait for the good news very soon.. our Amazing Namja is very busy for his first fan meeting in Taiwan, Singapore and the rest of Chinese Speaking Countries.. ^^ Jiwon will be attending a Charity event this March 7 its two days before Binnie’s FM in Taiwan.. and if Joseon Beautiful Angels will premiere on May we will keep our fingers crossed that Binnie will be there just like when Our Amazing Yeoja attended the L.A VIP premiere last feb 11,2011… 🙂

    Kyak.. I will miss the fun very soon coz I will be having my vacay in my country.. I hope you will all have Unnie’s, Ate’s, Sis, & other JB angels a Happy Valentines Day… ^^ …. More good news to come hope Binnie will be having an interview too..

    Take care all Angels and Let Us keep Our Faith Burning.. Aja!! Aja!! ❤

    • hi.kara and all angel

      *dear kara…if you stay with me..I will hug you because my heart was blow…I think you win sister..hahaha…happy valentine day..wish you spend time with someone who special for you…love is in the air….blossom is bloom in your heart…
      For new about HJW interview…I think She know everything which she say about HB,It become a hot topic…but she choose say it..somepart.. not all..she want to know reaction form public…accept or cheer or deny it…it is 2 year ago..but many people still stare to them….I agree with you kara..they prepare to do something…If their agency keep quiet…it is true new..and good new coming soon….
      keep faith and believe ….they are destiny….

  7. wave!!! wave!!!happy valentines to all!!! i know all of us hb-hjw admirers do have some great things to be happy about..I really am hoping for so much more soon! the sooner the happier i, we will be!!! I wonder how they will spend their hearts day? yoohoo!! when and where will you meet, hb and hjw? pls tell us hehehe

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