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That Man (of Lotte Department Store)

Some new stills are surfacing from our amazing namja new ads. like Samsung, K2 flywalk shoes, and, of course, Lotte Department Store.
You do know Lotte, right, Chingu? It was used as set of Secret Garden’s LOEL

So, call it coincidence, or not, 😀 we’re just too happy to see THAT MAN back in our radar. Enjoy ❤

btw, some of our Angels are counting the days to see THAT MAN in person *wave to Angel Jiblin and Chanapa* 😀

Lastly, in case you miss his old Lotte CF, here it is!

Have a great weekend, Angels!

@photos from Lotte and of course our beloved pals at Amazing Couple Fanpage at Facebook 😀

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Our Amazing Namja in Singaporean Newspaper

Our Chingus in Singapore is lucky today, its important newspaper, The Straits Times (ST), puts our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, in its Sunday Edition. We need to subscribe to read the whole article but ST is kind enough to put its teaser for free so we can read its fist page.


South Korean actor Hyun Bin seems determined to come across as an earnest performer, rather than just a heart-throb idol.

In an e-mail interview with Life!, the 30-year-old harps on the fact that he still has much to learn as an actor and that he hopes to be remembered for his devotion to his craft.

“I want to give acting my all and be remembered as an actor who gave his very best in every project without an ounce of reservation,” says the star.

“Whether or not the shows that I do are associated with success or failure in terms of box office or viewer ratings, I want to be known as an actor who has given his very best.”

@from : The Strait Times

“Korean actor Hyun Bin (above, with Ha Ji Won) in TV drama Secret Garden. He has won awards for his role as a department store boss, who switches bodies with a stuntwoman. — PHOTOS: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, ONE”

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Girls’ Generation and Hyun Bin team up to endorse Lotte Department Store





Girls’ Generation and Hyun Bin have teamed up to endorse Lotte Department Store!



The ladies of Girls’ Generation have been models for the company since 2012, and they renewed their contract this year. Hyun Bin has also signed a new contract with the company, and the pair will team up for a ‘Two Top Model’ system until March 2014.

Lotte will be opening new department stores in China and Indonesia. Because of their expansion, the company has decided to pick up Hyun Bin, someone who is a top star known not only in Korea, but internationally as well.

A rep from Lotte’s marketing department stated, “We chose the highly popular Hallyu star Hyun Bin because he is popular overseas, and because the Lotte Department Store is growing rapidly internationally. Starting from April, we’re going to hold a ‘Customer Happiness Event’ where the models can communicate closely with the customers.”

The CFs featuring Girls’ Generation and Hyun Bin will be released starting on March 29.
Link source

Credits: @amazing couple facebook

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Ha Ji Won at the Yonsei University

We still have no clue what is her next project but lately some chingu in Seoul reported that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, was seen in a post-graduate class in Yonsei University. The news also said that she attends a class every Wednesday. We still don’t know whether she is gonna be studying or not, well, you know, maybe she was asked to be a guest lecturer there.

We’ll send you more updates, Angels, no worries.

Meanwhile, here is our Jiwonnie during her campus days at Yonsei University. Enjoy ❤

@credit :Amazing Couple Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won fanpage at Facebook

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Hyun Bin returns with charisma in his first photo shoot after army

Hyun Bin returned with his charismatic charms in his first photo shoot in two years.

The actor posed for the cover of Esquire‘s April issue, his first pictorial since he wrapped up his army service three months ago. The photo shoot captured his stylish fashion as well as his handsome features.

The staff applauded the actor for his ability to express different images ranging all the way from an innocent boy to a charismatic man. Hyun Bin pulled off the fashion styles with his chic trademark charm.

He shared, “I’m curious to see how I’ve changed.” During the following interview, he also revealed his thoughts on spending two years in the marines not as a famous star, but as Kim Tae Pyung.

@from : allkpop

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Attention Please : Our Amazing Namja Said He’s Ready to Get Married!

Translation on the Hyun Bin’s photo of ‘Esquire’ Magazine April Issue.

That will be a wise patriarch who builds a family through an equanimous marriage and might have two or three children.
There is no way to be sure for now except this. The goal now is to make a family.

@credit : Esquire Korea, Amazing couple Fanpage @facebook

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Let’s Play Gwiyomi with our Amazing Yeoja

Okay, it’s her turn to play Gwiyomi. It was Ms Koppoets, a chingu in soompi, who is kind enough to add the music and some effect to make a video of our amazing yeoja Ha Ji Won doing the famous gwiyomi song.

From this blog, we learn that Gwiyomi is not a word in a dictionary. It is one of the wide spread Korean internet slang, which refers “a cute one”. There is already a word for this meaning. However, the position of that word(귀염둥이[Gwi-yum-doong-i]) has been stolen by this Gwiyomi especially on the internet world. I guess that is because, Gwiyomi sounds more cute. Period.

Well, let’s just sing together with the Queen of Aegyo, Ms Ha Ji Won, herself 😀

il deo ha gi il eun gwiyomi, ee deo ha gi ee eun gwiyomi
one plus one is gwiyomi, two plus two equals gwiyomi
sam deo ha gi sam eun gwiyomi, sa deo ha gi sa eun gwiyomi
three plus three equals gwiyomi, four plus four equals gwiyomi
oh deo ha gi oh eun gwiyomi, yuk deo ha gi yuk eun… gwiyomi
five plus five equals gwiyomi, and six plus six equals gwiyomi

eotteohke?… 😀

@credit : kappoets at soompi

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Ha Ji Won is The Red Fighter in The Huntresses

Ha Ji Won is awesome, we surely agree with that. Ha Ji Won in red, well, that will be amazingly awesome. Especially with her sword intact, our amazing woman is ready to kick some *ss seriously. Men just describe this as, she is so hot.

This is the official poster for her character, Jin Ok, in the upcoming movie, The Huntresses with Kang Ye Won, Ga In and Joo Sang Wook.

And this is the movie official “funny” poster. 😀

The movie will feature a Charlie’s angel motif with a historical twist. The three women are seen posing toughly, while still keeping their femininity.

Ha Jiwon plays the leader of the group who can create unique weapons and has the ability to disguise herself. Kang Yewon is the dagger expert, while Ga-in is the youngest, but also the most hotheaded, opting to use her fist first. And don’t forget, there is Mr Cool Joo Sang Wook as well.

To complete our lesson about The Huntresses, our co-admin Ernani has just posted on youtube a news about the making of this movie in Korean TV.


@source : soompi, onekpop

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Ha Ji Won Changes Agency

Our amazing yeoja, actress Ha Ji Won has decided to join Sidus HQ.

It was recently revealed that the actress have moved to recognized actor’s agency Sidus HQ.

She revealed a few days ago, that her exclusive contract of over 10 years, with the agency Well Made Star M had ended. Since 2011 her contract expired, but she still had some contractual relationship, but now her ties with the agency are completely done. At the time she said she was looking for a new agency.

It turned out that the actress decided to join Sidus HQ. Which is home to actors like Jang Hyuk and Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Sarang, and was former agency to Song Joong Ki and others who became big stars.

A representative stated, “Ha Ji Won thought it was time for a change. She is still in friendly term with her former agency. More details will be announced soon.”

The agency not only manages actors, but also models. The agency has a stock market value of 150 billion won. They also have business in film production, game development, mobile business, professional managers and recently bought CU media.

Now, people is expecting to see a more active career for the actress. She haven’t done a drama in a year, since “King 2Hearts” ended in March of 2012.

from @kdramastar

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A busy week for our amazing couple

What a busy week for our amazing couple!

Ha Ji Won had a concert at home, in Seoul,

while Hyun Bin held his first international fan meeting after finishing his military service.

Both events were reported great and successful. Let these photos and videos do the talking to you, Angels.
Enjoy ❤

Ha Ji Won at Severance Love Sharing Concert that was held 7:00 pm of March 7, 2013 in the school auditorium, Yonsei University, Shinchon, Seoul. Our amazing yeoja Ha Ji Won sang a songs together with the hearing impaired children and those who have kick out of their family. Ha Ji Won is also an ambassador of Severance Hospital.

On the other hand our amazing namja Hyun Bin was ready leaving Seoul to Taiwan.

we understand the riot coz he surely made us crazy just like those fans, kekekee

some interview too,

source : @soompi, and @amazing coouple fanpage at facebook.

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