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Hyun Bin to return as a king in upcoming movie

Who said that our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, never plays sageuk?   Well, we surely have the proof, people 😀

sageuk in sega

Ok. ok,  that was just a scene in Secret Garden, when Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) was crazy in love with Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) that made him doing silly things such as the one shown in the picture 😀

We all, SeGa lovers, knew very well, that the very scene above was a gift from Secret Garden‘s scriptwriter, Ms Kim Eun Suk,  for uri Ha Ji Won, with a homage to her sageuk Damo with its most famous line  “Are you in Pain? I am in pain too”  for the title of the fictional  movie where Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im played together above.

The good news for us is the fact that the Director of Damo, Mr Lee Jae Gyu, is a dear friend of uri amazing yeoja. The friendship was once again proven with their latest collaboration with last year drama, The King 2 Hearts.  It seems that post TK2H, Mr Lee is going to direct his first sageuk feature film called The King’s Wrath and, tadaaaaa…,, we are so happy to hear the news that our amazing namja is said to be its male lead.

Do you think it is simply a coincidence, Angels? *wink*

Here is the news about it written everywhere from allkpop to various blogs.

Hyun Bin has chosen a mega historical movie ‘King\’s wrath.’

Hyun Bin has participated in many series such as ‘My name is Kim Sam soon,’ ‘The World that they live in,’ ‘Secret Garden,’ and in a movie ‘Late Autumn.’ Throughout various works, Hyun bin has built filmography and has become one of the Korea’s top stars. The movie ‘King’s wrath’ is the first work he chose to do after he finished military service.

‘King’s wrath’ is about Chosun dynasty and king Jungjo. Hyun Bin will take a role of King Jungjo and play a charismatic character. It is also a first historical work he ever participated after his debut.

Meanwhile, ‘King’s wrath’ means scales that are sprouted in opposite way in dragon’s neck. It also means king’s anger or wrath. The movie will deal with King Jungjo who had to survive and guard the royal authority from his vassals.

The movie is directed by producer Lee Jae gyu, who produced ‘Damo,’ ‘Bethoven’s virus,’ and ‘The king two hearts.’ The movie is set to be released in first half of 2014. (@from OMG

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Hyun Bin: The eyes have it

Hyun Bin shares his thoughts on returning to showbiz after his stint in the military, and reveals what sort of romantic relationship he is looking for.

SINGAPORE: Korean actor Hyun Bin, who had completed his compulsory stint in the Korean military in December, has been busy shooting commercials and doing fan meeting tours.

The actor revealed that he is “happy to be free” and had no problems re-adjusting to his life as a star, though there is still one thing that needs work – his gaze.

“When I take pictures I do receive comments that I look a little too fierce, and that my eye contact is a little too serious. I hope it will get better over time,” said Hyun Bin, who met the Singapore media on Friday, ahead of his first-ever fan meeting on Saturday.

His gaze must be pretty intense.

He made his fans scream just by looking at them during the media event.

Love, relationships and overzealous fans

Hyun Bin gamely answered questions from the media and shed light on various aspects of his character during the event, like the fact that he prefers to have a romantic relationship which allows him to “relax”.

He also expressed that does not like to do cute poses, and that he shares some similarities with his character in “Secret Garden”, the hit Korean drama which has made him a huge star.

“I’m not that insensitive or selfish like the character in ‘Secret Garden’. But in terms of relationships with people, yes, I tend to care for the one I love,” said Hyun Bin.

“I don’t really do anything special for my loved ones, but if that person wants something or wishes for something to happen, I’ll remember that and do it during a special occasion.”

When asked about his thoughts on overzealous fans who attempt to touch him or hug him, the 30-year-old star said he is “startled” when it happens but still appreciates it.

“I believe it’s an expression of their love for me,” said Hyun Bin.

True to his word, the actor was very gracious even when a fan ‘proposed’ to him at the event.

“Will you marry me?” the fan asked.

“It’s our first meeting. So I’m not sure what to say to you,” said Hyun Bin politely.

A royal return

Following his fan meeting in Singapore, which saw him perform for as well as mingle with some 2,500 fans, and a few more promotional activities, Hyun Bin will return to the big screen and play a king in his first-ever period film.

The film, tentatively titled “King’s Wrath”, is Hyun Bin’s first acting project since he left the military.

It stars Hyun Bin as King Jeongjo, a charismatic ruler who is caught between two rival political factions.

– CNA/ha
@credit : Channel News Asia

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Hyun Bin hugs, but won’t pucker up

South Korean hottie Hyun Bin sure is a sweetie.

The guy was here for two events – an open press conference at Bugis+ last Friday, and a fan meet at The Max Pavilion at the Singapore Expo last Saturday.

At the fan meet, which drew some 2,500 people, the 30-year-old posed for photos, hugged fans and autographed everything from a stuffed toy to a mobile phone.

But the star – who made his name thanks to appearing in hit dramas My Lovely Sam Soon (2005) and Secret Garden (2010), and who returned to the limelight last December following the completion of his military service – drew the line at one stage.

“No kissing,” he said softly, when the event’s host and M C , U F M 100.3FM DJ Ah Ken, asked if mouth-to-mouth interaction was allowed.

Well, that’s to be expected – the guy is devastatingly handsome, and to accede to one such request would open a floodgate.

Of course, the star – who came across as earnest and sincere, so unlike the arrogant department- store owner he played in romcom Secret Garden – did have to field questions about his love life.

He implied that many are drawn to him because of his fame, as well as because of the characters he tends to play onscreen.

When asked what he’s looking for in a woman, he said: “Many women like what I’m doing, but they don’t really understand (what I do for a living)… I hope to find somebody who understands.”

There are plenty of women who are dying to give it a go, Hyun Bin.

Onstage, the actor, who has sung songs for TV drama soundtracks, showed off his dance moves, as well as his pipes on three songs.

The good news: He could hit the high notes on the ballad That Man, from Secret Garden.

The bad news: There was a technical glitch during the dance performance, when the lights were dimmed, and Hyun Bin donned a suit with glow-in-thedark strips attached to it.

The lights came on, and he said: “I have to do more to overcome the technical difficulties.”

He reportedly wanted to start the segment again, but the glitch couldn’t be fixed. “Are you a perfectionist?” Ah Ken asked.

“I think, yes,” the star replied. Ah, but that just makes us like you better, Hyun Bin.

@taken from : ASIAONE

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Ha Ji Won on SBS’s show Thank You

You certainly have watched that show, SBS’s Thank You, last Friday. As a guest star. our amazing woman, Ha Ji Won, was having a great time with three famous MC, singer and actor Cho In Pyo, Lee Moon Se, and Seo Hee Tae. Our favorit part of the show must be the sniffing part, where her sunbae actor Cha In Pyo asked uri amazing woman the fragrance of her co-stars. Interestingly, Jiwon gave the most detailed explanation when she described Hyun Bin’s. *wink*

She started comparing her former male co-stars to a scent, sharing, “I have a very keen sense of smell. Hyun Bin smelled very tough and masculine. Indeed, he is a very manly guy, and also very sophisticated.”

She continued, “Sul Kyung Gu has the scent of Makgeolli (Korean rice wine), and Lee Seung Gi has a sweet caramel scent.”

Ha Ji Won also revealed her singing ability on an episode of Thank You in which she travels with singer Lee Moon Se and the classical music director and conductor Seo Hee Tae. The show broadcasted on SBS on April 26.

In the program, Ha Ji Won showed up at the first meeting point on her bicycle. For this trip, she put aside her actress status and showed her down-to-earth side. It one point, she eagerly took part in a competition to see who can sing Lee Moon Se’s songs the best. Her opponents were MC Cha In Pyo and conductor Seo Hee Tae. She choose to sing “Forever With You,” and all listeners were touched. The episode also included such other hits by Lee Moon Se as “A Girl” and “Old Love.”. It was really funny when a dog and then a duck made a scene, ruining her rendition 😀

Just as friends talk about this and that when they travel together, the cast of Thank You also shared stories during the trip. Thank You airs every Friday at 11:20 p.m. We somehow believed that the show will be continued with uri Jiwon this Friday, so let’s watch, Angels 😀


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Hyun Bin Meets The Press (and lucky fans) in Singapore

Hyun Bin is a K-drama’s real Gentleman

K-drama prince Hyun Bin dazzled fans at his Singapore press conference in an impossibly smart pin-striped suit, sharp shoes and slicked back, old-school hair. The Secret Garden star is in town for a fan-meet and will be shaking the hands of 1,000 of them at the Expo’s Max Pavilion on Saturday night.


The usually cool and calm star flashed a cheeky ‘peace’ sign when asked to ‘act cute’ or do ‘aegyo’ – and then promptly said that being cute was not his style.

What would the super-hot Hyun Bin have chosen as a career if he hadn’t gone into acting? He said that he would have become a policeman – now that’s one law enforcement officer we’re sure most ladies wouldn’t have minded pulling over for.

When asked whether he received preferential treatment in the military, Hyun Bin said that there had been orders from the top to treat him exactly the same as everyone else, and he was grateful for it.

Hyun Bin was careful with his answers, and avoided any of those which hinted at past relationships.

Duan Kok, a fan in her 30s, ‘proposed’ to Hyun Bin with her hand-made sign during the press conference. 😀 😀 😀

He said he would like to act again in a movie with a bipolar character

The fans said they like everything about him and he told them about the girl that he likes the most.

awwww he said he is not good doing aegyo thingy

The MC said Hyun Bin is too handsome to be a police officer 😀

@taken from :
Yahoo News (Singapore)

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Ha Ji Won Performs Her Own Stunts Once Again

There is nothing this actress won’t do for her job! Ha Ji Won, famous for doing most, if not all, of her action stunts for her movies and dramas, goes all out again for an outdoor wear commercial. In the commercial, the actress is seen climbing a high, vertical cliff, and she takes a coffee break in a portaledge. Portaledges are hanging tents designed for rock climbers who spend multiple days on a wall climb.

The filming took place in Krabi, Thailand and it is said that Ha Ji Won called this shoot one of her most difficult ever. Despite the dangers involved, however, the rock climbing coach on set was shocked by Ha Ji Won’s calm and determined attitude throughout the whole shoot.

You can watch the commercial for yourself here:

from soompiNEWS

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Couple Pays Tribute to Secret Garden During Hyun Bin Fan Meet

Hyun Bin has been busy traveling Asia for his fan meets. The popular actor drew out crowds of fans at his fan meet in Hong Kong on April 20th. Out of the many fans present, a couple made sure to pay tribute to Kim Eun Sook’s Secret Garden starring Kim Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

The couple wore the famous blue sequined tracksuit said to be “stitched on piece by piecce” by Hyun Bin’s meticulous character in the wildly popular drama.

Pictured below are the original tracksuits worn by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin:

Do you think the couple did them justice?


gif by Grimselpass

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Let’s Play Gwiyomi with our Amazing Couple

We’re lucky, our fellow JB Angel, Niken Weu. is so fast,
She has just created a cute gwiyomi video of our JB for us all.
Here, let’s sing and play gwiyomi together, shall we?

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Our Binnie Plays Gwiyomi

How cute! Now, it’s his turn to play Gwiyomi for the fans.

Our amazing namja, as you know, has just had his fan-meeting in Hong Kong, successfully, of course. And here is what we have from this event, it seems that our chingu in Hong Kong were lucky enough to have him playing the new game-song called Gwiyomi cutely for them.

Previously we’ve already had our amazing yoja doing the very song gleefully from her latest tv-interview.

We can’t wait to have our chingu Binnie Lovers who will kindly make its gwiyomi video for youtube soon, so we can put them together playing gwiyomi side by side 😀

Here are photos galore of our amazing namja in his recent Hong Kong trip, enjoy!

@credit :
photo as labelled
and from our Amazing Couple Fanpage at Facebook,

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What Happened in Thailand?

Tricky title, eh? 😀
Don’t shoot your admins, Angels, we’re just happy that our amazing couple went to Thailand, one after another, this month. And about the title, well, you know Angels, once upon a time, there was a very very very good kdrama named What Happened in Bali. Some of us here fell in love with that very drama where the complex character of Lee So Jung who was being torn between two lovers was played by our amazing yeoja, the one and only Miss Ha Ji Won.

So, Memories of Bali or What Happened in Bali is a classic. Now we have moved on to the awesome Secret Garden. And we’re just happy when we heard the news that our amazing couple went to Thailand, she was earlier with her North Cape production team for a photo-shoot on the beach resort, while our amazing namjah went a week later for his very first fans-meeting in the capital, Bangkok.

Ha ji won is so amazing.she without fear climbed the cliff for filming Northcape CF in Thailand’s beautiful resort.

While the fan meeting in Bangkok was part of “Hyun Bin’s First Asia Fan Meeting Tour”. Hyun Bin opened the fan meeting by singing the song “That Man”, part of the soundtrack for the SBS drama “Secret Garden.” During his performance, 3,000 fans in the crowd sang along with him.

During the fan meeting, Hyun Bin invited some of his fans to come up to the stage for the opportunity to take photos with him. Hyun Bin even gave them warm hugs and treated them with manners like a gentleman.

In addition, the fan meeting was around the time of Sonkran, which is the traditional New Year’s Day in Thailand. For this reason, Hyun Bin personally handed out garlands of flowers, known as “Phuang Malai” to his fans in the honor of the holiday.

Regarding his fan meeting in Bangkok, Hyun Bin stated, “Visiting Bankok before its biggest holiday reminded me of old memories. I will come back again next time. I hope fans greet me as happily as this time.”

During this 3 day event, Hyun Bin was surrounded by reporters and fans. “Hyun Bin’s First Asia Fan Meeting Tour” will continue on to Hong Kong on April 19, Singapore on April 27 and Shanghai and Guangzhou in May.

@credit :
and definitely from our amazing couple fanpage at facebook 😀

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