What Happened in Thailand?

Tricky title, eh? ๐Ÿ˜€
Don’t shoot your admins, Angels, we’re just happy that our amazing couple went to Thailand, one after another, this month. And about the title, well, you know Angels, once upon a time, there was a very very very good kdrama named What Happened in Bali. Some of us here fell in love with that very drama where the complex character of Lee So Jung who was being torn between two lovers was played by our amazing yeoja, the one and only Miss Ha Ji Won.

So, Memories of Bali or What Happened in Bali is a classic. Now we have moved on to the awesome Secret Garden. And we’re just happy when we heard the news that our amazing couple went to Thailand, she was earlier with her North Cape production team for a photo-shoot on the beach resort, while our amazing namjah went a week later for his very first fans-meeting in the capital, Bangkok.

Ha ji won is so amazing.she without fear climbed the cliff for filming Northcape CF in Thailand’s beautiful resort.

While the fan meeting in Bangkok was part of “Hyun Bin’s First Asia Fan Meeting Tour”. Hyun Bin opened the fan meeting by singing the song “That Man”, part of the soundtrack for the SBS drama “Secret Garden.” During his performance, 3,000 fans in the crowd sang along with him.

During the fan meeting, Hyun Bin invited some of his fans to come up to the stage for the opportunity to take photos with him. Hyun Bin even gave them warm hugs and treated them with manners like a gentleman.

In addition, the fan meeting was around the time of Sonkran, which is the traditional New Year’s Day in Thailand. For this reason, Hyun Bin personally handed out garlands of flowers, known as “Phuang Malai” to his fans in the honor of the holiday.

Regarding his fan meeting in Bangkok, Hyun Bin stated, “Visiting Bankok before its biggest holiday reminded me of old memories. I will come back again next time. I hope fans greet me as happily as this time.”

During this 3 day event, Hyun Bin was surrounded by reporters and fans. “Hyun Bin’s First Asia Fan Meeting Tour” will continue on to Hong Kong on April 19, Singapore on April 27 and Shanghai and Guangzhou in May.

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and definitely from our amazing couple fanpage at facebook ๐Ÿ˜€

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5 thoughts on “What Happened in Thailand?

  1. thank you admin.. so happy to read this update..It was so closed schedule for HB-HJW I was thinking if our amazing couple had communicate of their whereabouts..wishful thinking…*wink*

    • ๐Ÿ˜€ at least they will never run out of things in their *wink* conversation, right?

      • ahhhh admin… you mentioned of “run out of things” suddenly i’ve got a lot of T_T running into my mind now.. lolz! btw you’re right admin and its for us JB shipper to wait and link between the lines… fighting!

        Have a blessed Sunday to my SeGa fam..

  2. wah admin i cldnt agree w/ u more…their chitchat will be lengthy on Thailand’s trip thru. SMS, dinner or even secret hangout lol

    • Oh yes, great idea Angel Antie,
      And please do have some secret hangouts.! We are talking to you Jiwon & Binnie, you, please do ๐Ÿ˜€

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