Ha Ji Won’s 1-Person Agency ‘The Sun and The Moon’ Corporation was born!

Actress Ha Ji Won advocates the name ‘The Sun and The Moon’ for a full-scale activities.

Ha Ji Won has established a one-person agency since long ago, and ‘The Sun and The Moon’ was said to be the name they have been considering for the agency’s official name. A representative of the company explained that, “Bright as ‘The Sun and The Moon’ illuminates the meaning behind the agency’s name.”

Ha Ji Won has already finished filming the movie, ‘The Huntresses’, and she is expected to return through MBC’s drama, ‘Hwatu’ (written by Jang Young Chul), in the latter part of the second half of the year.

Recently, Ha Ji Won appeared on SBS variety program, ‘Thank You’, wherein she expressed gratitude to the agency that was with her for the past 10 years, starting during her days as a rookie. She also shared the mixed feelings of fear and excitement as she enters a new world.
We all know Ji Won decided to establish a one-person management company in the beginning of this year.

Today it is reported that the company has the official name “해와 달” or HAEWADAL (literally means The Sun and The Moon).

Ji Won’s nickname is Haetnim (means The Sun). We can consider 1023 as The Moon? 

Location of Ji Won’s company, HAEWADAL ENTERTAINMENT (HAEWADAL means Sun and Moon) in Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.


@credlt: DCHJW + baidu XY Via Jiwonderland

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