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Hyun Bin only got sexier with age

Hyun Bin is without a doubt a sexy guy. I mean he literally oozes sex appeal to the point “Bin” starts to look like “Bed” when you read his name. He’s also one of those sexy guys who actually get sexier with age! It’s like every year older, another notch is reached on the invisible sexy meter of life, and this year is no different. Today is Hyun Bin’s 31st birthday and we’re celebrating by sharing some of his most “Bed-Licious” photos. They’re the the type of photos you look at and nothing innocent at all comes to mind.

16. Doesn’t he look like he’s totally longing for you?!

15. That moment dinner is over and he’s got you on the dessert menu.

14. Umm who else do you know that can look that handsome in a freakin wrap skirt?! #OnlyHyunBinOppaCAN

13. You can never go wrong with black and white, hair in the eyes, and staring directly at the camera. See how he draws you in?!

12. Hyun Bin is like: “I’ve been waiting since I was in Secret Garden for you.”

11. “How about you trade places with this wall I’m randomly pressed up against instead?”

10. Facial hair or not, Hyun Bin is just one of those guys who can pull off any look.

9. He’s judging you and guess what? His hotness allows him to judge who ever he pleases.

8. So hot it doesn’t even matter that he’s sitting in a tub of water with clothes on. Like whatever, just enter that wet t-shirt contest #THANKS

7. Photos like these really make you appreciate designers like CK. If it wasn’t for Calvin’s vision of mens underwear, this photo of Hyun Bin probably wouldn’t exist.

6. This would be what Hyun Bin looks like when he comes to you in a dream, or better yet when he fell from Heaven. (-_-)

5. Cut to real life and you would have been in his face will your cell phone like “USE THIS INSTEAD!!!”

4. Hyun Bin’s nipple.

3. PAUSE while I print this photo out! (-_-)

 2. I know right?! The Hair in his face, the smoldering look with the eyes, the collar with the buckles! He is just screaming “BED-LICIOUS!”

1. But in the end, a natural moment captured along with dimples and pretty eyes will always be the most swoon-worthy! ^_^

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Seungkil Chuka Hamnida, Hyun Bin

Today we celebrate our amazing namja’s birthday
Seungkil Chuka hamnida uri Kim Tae Pyung
We wish you all the best to come
a great career and loving family with your special one *wink*

Wooohoo, we have our own birthday cards, song and video (big thanks to all Angels at Amazing Couple Fanpage at Facebook, especially admin Ernani and Angel Raima TCE  😀 ).

Meanwhile, we can also celebrate his big day with these goodies from his K2 event two days ago.

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Can’t Wait to Sing “Happy Binnie-Day”

Today is the day? Oh nope, we still need to wait 2 more days before we can officially sing.

“Have a happy birthday, Binnie.” and have a party here

Meanwhile, we can always have some fun, how about dancing with our amazing namja? Uuh, oh, maybe, something like this…

😀 😀 😀

We knew that Hyun Bin celebrated his 32nd birthday with his fans on Saturday. He spent a couple of hours chatting with them and signing memorabilia at a special party held at Sejong University in Seoul. Some 2,000 fans gathered to see him from home and overseas.

It was the first chance for the actor’s Korean fans to get some personal time with their idol since he was discharged from the military in December.

In March and April he traveled across Asia to such destinations as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand to catch up with his foreign fans there.

Hyun will begin shooting his new film project this month. It is set to be released sometime next year.


You still want more, Angels?

Ok, your wish is my commad 😀 Here, have some photos galore for our very-soon Happy Binnie Day 😀

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Happy Chuseok Day

Despite busy filming, our amazing couple must be celebrated the Korean traditional chuseok festival with their family. It;s like a Thanksgiving in American culture, where family stay together and having a great time with traditional meals,

We’re lucky that Jiwon’s older sister, the owner of Chic and Chick natural cosmetics, posted a new pic at her instagram account, where we can see Ji-Wonnie’s mom and sister sharing a quality time with our Haetnim in the Chic and Chick Cheongdam-dom shop. Were they preparing special menu for the holiday, or a new dress to celebrate it? Hmm..

Anyway, what really made our days was actually that simple black platoon cap.
Well, guess what, it’s because of its similarity with another cap we have seen before. *Wink*
Yeah, we’re just happy that our amazing couple’s fashion consciousness is like a harmony.  *wink wink wink* 😀

Happy Chuseok Festival, Angels!


@source : Amazing Couple Fanpage @facebook

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HyunBin celebrates his 32nd birthday with 2,000 fans in Seoul

HyunBin recently held his ‘2013 HYUN-BIN Birthday Party in Seoul’ on September 14th to celebrate his 32nd birthday with 2,000 fans from Korea and overseas.

After his discharge last December from the army, Hyun Bin then embarked on a 2 month Asia fan meeting tour starting from March of this year which saw him visit his fans in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Singapore.

Many fans from Korea and overseas gathered at the Daeyang Hall of Sejong University prior to the start of the fan meeting, and allowed one to feel for themselves the high popularity of Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin also specially invited volunteers from his official fan club ‘The Space’ who had been involved with charity event ‘Happy Bean’.


The birthday party and fan meeting was the first time Hyun Bin was holding it in Korea after 2 years, so it was no surprise that the passion of the fans were very buoyant right from the start. The fan meeting began with Hyun Bin singing ‘That Man’ which was the OST from his hit drama ‘Secret Garden’. Hyun Bin’s frequent flashing of his mesmerizing smile, also allowed fans to feel some warmth.The fan meeting also showed videos of his Asian fans who created birthday videos for Hyun Bin, while fellow colleagues like Jang Dong Gun, Joo Jin Mo, Han Jae Suk, Kim Seung Woo, Shin Min Ah, and, OF COURSE, Ha Ji Won 😀 also sent their best wishes.

Ha Ji Won sent birthday greeting for Hyun Bin in video
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

In addition, Hyun Bin also engaged in lengthy conversations and played games with fans at his fan meeting.Fans not only used 5 words to ask Hyun Bin things that they were curious about, but also participated in games to guess what Hyun Bin was thinking after being given hints. In the recent developments segment, Hyun Bin talked about the training that he had been receiving for his movie ‘The King’s Wrath’ that he is currently filming, including riding a horse and physical training.There was a narrator who read out Hyun Bin’s self-penned letter to fans.
In an excerpt, Hyun Bin said, “When I took my temporary leave from all of you, all of you continued to send me letters to show support and encouragement for me. All of those letters really encouraged me, and I will become an even better actor and person,” which left fans visibly touched.After the conclusion of the fan meeting, Hyun Bin shook the hands of each and every fan who were present, and allowed one to feel the deep affection he has for them.
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Amazing Couple Fanpage Has A Birthday project for our amazing namja!

Angels, here is from our chingu at Amazing Couple Fanpage at Facebook, please do join their amazing project. Thanks in advance, guys. Cheers!

Happy Birthday, Binnie

Photo: Hyun Bin is singing 'That Man'.

Hello Angels! Since it will be Binnie’s birthday on September 25… We encourage you all to participate for “Binnie’s Birthday Project”.. We are planning to make a Music Video for him with your help Our Daebak JB Angels. In the Music Video we will include the pictures that you will submit to us..  

Here are the guidelines:
1.any picture of Binnie solo or with Ha Ji Won
2.write your birthday greetings for Binnie
3.put a watermark your name,nickname or screen name.. 
4.put the country you come from can be a collage, solo picture, ps picture

You can submit your pictures Angels in the fanpage.You can post it in its wall or send a PM to the admins.  

Deadline of submission will be on September 20,2013,so that we will have time in Making The Music Video for Our Lovely Amazing Birthday Man Hyun Bin.. 

The MV will be posted here in the fanpage on September 25, 2013.. 

We greatly appreciate your Participation Angels.. We love you all!. Thank You Very Much! 

@ACFP admins

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Ha Ji won and other icons in Korean film industry gather for Good Downloader Campaign

Since 2008, ‘Good Downloader Campaign’ has been held to support continuous growth of Korean film industry and culture of healthy contents consuming. Every year, many film professionals participated in the Good Downloader Campaign’ and supported the idea.
During the interview, actor and chairman of Good Downlader Campaign, Ahn Sung ki said, “Compared to old days, the percentage of people downloading illegally has reduced so much so the film market has revived again. We are glad that people pay attention to the campaign.”
For this year, fashion brand Loius Quatorze and magazine InStyle co-produced and directed the collaboration project as 2013’s theme was ‘intellectual elegance’ that changes the world beautifully. Ahn Sung ki, of course, participated again this year and other influential actors such as Ryu Seung ryong, Jung Woo sung, Ha Ji won, Han Hyo joo, Lee Jung jae, Go Ah sung and leading star Kim Woo bin joined the campaign and shooting.
Since the concept of the shooting was ‘Another Red Carpet,’ the actors dressed up in chic suit and dresses as how they wear for red carpet events. The actors showed facial expressions as if they are faced with some unexpected situations occurring at filming scenes.
The special illustrates and interview of eight stars gathered to celebrate 5th anniversary of Good Downloader Campaign will be available in October issue of star & fashion magazine InStyle. (photo by InStyle)


For more:
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Hyun Bin for Rogatis Smart Suit

Our Amazing Namjah, Hyun Bin, is the brand ambassador for Rogatis, These two videos for you to take a look, Rogatis is indeed so smart to pick such an awesome guy like him as its new face to the world. Enjoy 😀



@source : HyunBin M’sia at Youtube, Rogatis Smart Suit

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Hyun Bin gets active with a rugged look for outdoor brand ‘K2’

Hyun Bin showed a more rugged look than fans are used to seeing from the clean-cut actor for outdoor brand ‘K2‘!


‘K2’ updated fans on Hyun Bin’s whereabouts these days with a pictorial. The photo shoot took place in New Zealand where Hyun Bin got fans squealing with his manly charms while sledding, riding a motor bike, and hiking. Fans also noticed that he let his beard grow out a little.


Are you digging Hyun Bin’s rugged look?



@source: allkpop
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OPEN THREAD : September 2013


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