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New Movie Poster For Hyun Bin


For those of you hoping to see yet another Korean Movie hit the big screen in America, just as T.O.P’s action movie The Commitment did, then you are in luck. Hyun Bin’s new historical action movie The Fatal Encounter will also be playing in America.

His first movie since being discharged from his mandatory military services, Hyun Bin will be playing King Jeongjo from the Joseon Dynasty. The movie will follow the continuous attempts of assassination on King Jeongjo. It starts with his misfortunate witness of his father being executed by royal decree, which ironically was ordered by his own grandfather who stood as King Yeongjo at the time. It is sure to promise intense action along with historical events that will keep you interested and on the edge of your seats. Starring alongside Hyun Bin will be Jeong Jae Young, Jo Jung Suk, Cho Jae Hyeon, Han Ji Min, Kim Seong Ryeong and Park Sung Woong. Scheduled to be released in Korea on April 30th but will open on May 23rd on about Twenty Five screens in North America. Along with an exciting cast, we finally get a glimpse at Hyun Bin’s poster for The Fatal Encounter. It shows Hyun Bin in serious character, giving us an intense glare all while still looking incredibly handsome at the same time.

The Fatal Encounter Movie

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We do wish producers would make their damn minds up on the title of their movies! Back in March we reported on a sumptuous new Korean Historical epic ‘The Kings Wrath… well not any more…from now on it will be know as The Fatal Encounter.

Of the two, we’d have said the first was the more impactful, but hey what do we know!? Either way it looks like a rollickingly good eye candy filled epic-fest. Fatal Encounter open sin Korea April 30.

Fatal Encounter teaser trailer

Fatal Encounter full trailer


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Hyun Bin Says Acting a Challenge After Military Service

  Hyun Bin

Actor Hyun Bin discussed how he felt about resuming his film career during a press conference for director Lee Jae-kyoo’s “The Fatal Encounter” on Wednesday.The film marks Hyun’s return to the screen since he left to serve his mandatory military service in March 2011. He was discharged from the Marines in December 2012.

“We started shooting ‘Secret Garden,’ my last project, in September 2010 and began filming ‘The Fatal Encounter’ in September 2013, which meant there was a three-year gap,” he said. “I was excited and nervous because I’d really missed acting during my absence.”

“It felt great to be back because I’d longed for it so much. But I was also concerned that I may show some of this excitement on-screen. Thankfully, the first scene wasn’t the most important so I was able to treat it almost like a warm-up to get back into the groove,” he added.

“The Fatal Encounter” revolves around a plot to assassinate King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Chosun Dynasty whose reign spanned from 1776 to 1800. The film will be released on April 30.

@source : The Chosun Ilbo

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Hyun Bin Participates In ‘Fighting Against Animal Testing Campaign’



On April 8, actor Hyun Bin participated in ‘Fighting Against Animal Testing Campaign\’, which was held at Gwanghwamun The Body Shop, Seoul.
‘Fighting Against Animal Testing Campaign’ was sponsored by cosmetic brand The Body Shop and was held to promote the renewal of animal testing related laws. On that day, Hyun Bin signed a petition against experiments on animals and participated in other singing performances.
Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s new film ‘The Body Shop’ is set to hit theater on April 30.
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Ha Ji Won, Self-Camera In Naked Face With A Stuffed Animal


ha ji won playing with stuffed animal
Actress Ha Ji Won revealed a self-camera photo taken with a stuffed animal.

Our Ha Ji Won revealed a self-camera photo taken with a stuffed animal.

Yesterday, Ha Ji Won posted on her Instagram, “Playing with my horse~ I had so much fun” along with a picture.

In the picture, Ha Ji Won is holding a white horse doll, making various poses with it. She also revealed her cute looks even without any makeup on. Internet users who saw this commented, “What a cute goddess”, “She’s so cute”, etc.

Photo Credit: Ha Ji Won Instagram

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Binnie in Towel…ooops, we mean, “Hyun Bin and his Muscle”

Why Hyun Bin Firmed Up His Muscles For His New Film
Hyun BinHyun Bin

Hyun Bin’s fans might say there is little the actor could do to improve himself. But now that his film “The King’s Wrath” is about to be released, he confessed that he worked out so he could look the part.

It’s not unusual to get in shape for a part but the star of “Secret Garden” and “Worlds Within” was especially concerned about developing the muscles in his back. And the results have caused plenty of appreciative comments from netizens.

Those muscles have been described as “angry” although fans were not angry to see an image of them.

At a recent press conference for “The King’s Wrath,” he explained why it was so important to firm up his back.

His motivation came from one line in the script saying that his character did push ups.

“In the script there was one line that read ‘Jung Jo does pushups and his back muscles are perfectly detailed.’  Because of that one word, ‘detailed,” I worried about how to create that effect,” he said. “I ended up exercising for three months before filming started. After filming began, I maintained the look. I stayed on a strict diet for a month and a half. I exercised every day even on the days we were filming.”

Lee Jae Gyu, who directed the film, was impressed with Hyun Bin’s dedication but said he never asked him to work that hard.

“I have no idea what Jung Jo’s back muscles were like but I think Hyun Bin wanted to show what an intense life the character led, so he devoted a lot of effort to creating those muscles,” he said.

This placed some stress on the actor, but he has always been one to push a little harder than he needed to. When asked to describe how he rated himself as an actor, he said he rated about 30 percent out of a 100. He was sure that his fans did not really love him but rather the characters he has played in dramas.

His most beloved character may be that of the arrogant chaebol he played in “Secret Garden.” And a favorite scene in that drama was one in which he works out with Ha Ji Won. He is doing sit-ups while she holds his feet. His character is not fond of exercise. Except in this case, every time he sits up, he has the opportunity to get close to her face. 😀 😀

When asked if any drama kiss scenes ever made his heart flutter, he referenced that scene. 😀 😀

😀 😀 😀

“We had to do the sit-up scene many times with our faces so close together and I had a strange feeling,” he said on “One Night of TV Entertainment.

“It was the first time in my life I did so many sit-ups.” 😀 😀 😀

His fans are glad he continued working out. “The King’s Wrath” premieres April 30.

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