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Hyun Bin for High Cut Magazine

For those who miss our amazing namja, here is our one and only Binnie, looking great as usual, courtesy from High Cut magazine.

(where is our queen, …errr…i mean, our amazing yeoja….doesn’t she miss him the way we do?  Surely she does!)

Meanwhile, Enjoy the Eye Candy, Angels!

Photo Source: High Cut Korea
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Hyun Bin’s movie ‘The King’s Wrath’ surpasses 2 million viewers at the box office

Congrats, Binnie!!!


Hyun Bin‘s new movie ‘The King’s Wrath,’ which premiered on April 30, has already successful drawn in over 2 million spectators at the box office!

Lotte Entertainment revealed, “According to the Korean Film Commission at 4:41 PM on May 5, ‘The King’s Wrath’ has recorded 2 million spectators cumulatively.”

On the first day of its release, about 280,000 people went to watch it, recording the best opening night for a movie in Korea in 2014.  The movie has not lost its first place spot at the box office since.

Make sure you watch it to see what the hype is all about if you get the chance!

@source : allkpop

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Hyun Bin, Endless Love Calls… Which Will He Choose?

hyun bin choosing next production

Actor Hyun Bin has been receiving endless love calls after he finished his last movie.

According to the media yesterday, Hyun Bin received many love calls. All the productions that require a top star as the main character have all been asking Hyun Bin to choose their work.

This is because Hyun Bin showed a great presence and popularity through his last movie “The King’s Wrath“. His last drama “Secret Garden” before he went to the army was also a big hit but his other movie “Late Autumn” did not do so well. But his first movie after coming back from the army “The King’s Wrath” shook the movie industry, catching much attention.

As the number of love calls are increasing, Hyun Bin’s decision becomes more difficult. He is carefully looking at all the works that were offered to him.

His agency said, “Many are offering him productions so we will continue to carefully look over all of them.”

@source : kpopstarz

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Ha Ji Won uploads photo with her farewell cake for ‘Empress Ki’

On April 30th, MBC‘s ‘Empress Ki‘ star Ha Ji Won uploaded the photo above on her Twitter.
On the photo, she posed with her huge farewell cake as ‘Empress Ki’ ended on April 29th. She captioned the photo with, “Thank you for being with me.”
Triangle‘ will replace ‘Empress Ki’ on May 5th.
Previously Ha Ji Won took her final photo as Empress Ki, as the MBC drama going by the same name prepared to air its final episode. 

Ha Ji Won Takes Her Final Photo as “Empress Ki”

Ha Ji Won’s agency released the photo with the caption, “This is Ha Ji Won on the day of the filming for the final episode of ‘Empress Ki.’”  in the photo, Ha Ji Won is seen dressed in her ornate costume and makeup as Empress Ki. She holds up the “Empress Ki” drama script while looking at the camera. Her expression can be seen as a mixture of happiness, contentment, and sadness that the drama series has already come to an end.

Netizen who saw the photo commented, “Ha Ji Won, good work!” and “Ha Ji Won, congratulations on finishing up your drama!” 


@source : dkpopnews and soompi
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Great Hyun Bin for “W Korea” Magazine


We’re being graced with stunning shots from his ‘W Korea’ pictorial that fans will surely want to add to their collection. The actor embodied the modern day prince charming posing besides his white horse looking ready to sweep us off our feet in the magazine’s pictorial titled ‘The Grand Return’. In addition to making a grand return into our hearts after his military discharge, he is also about to make his comeback to the big screen with the movie ‘The King’s Wrath‘ scheduled for premiere on the 30th.

Check out more photos from the magazine’s May issue with Hyun Bin below and try not to stare too long!

@source : allkpop


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Ha Ji-won Makes Big Pledge to Help Victims of Ferry Disaster

Ha Ji-won

Actress Ha Ji-won has joined the list of celebrities who have donated W100 million (US$W1,039) each to help the victims of a ferry which capsized last week, according to the Community Chest of Korea on Monday.

“Ha was especially saddened by the fact that most of the victims were teenagers,” her management agency said, adding that the actress hopes her donation can help the bereaved families in some small way.

Previously we learned that our amazing yeoja’s agency said that while Ha Ji Won was engaged in filming for the last ‘Empress Qi‘ scenes, she decided to donate to show her condolences. The agency said, “Ha Ji Won was even more hurt upon learning that the majority of the accident victims were young people.” Her donation was sent to the Community Chest of Korea in Jeollanam-do and will be used for the family members who are awaiting news about loved ones.

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