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Happy Birthday, uri Ha Ji Won!

Have a very Happy Birthday our Amazing Yeojah
Ha ji won.
We wish you all happiness in this world.
Wish you all the success, peace and health
Love you always, today,  tomorrow and the day after.
And please marry Hyun bin 😀 😀 😀


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Ha Ji Won in Pusan

Our amazing yeoja is as busy as a bee. This weekend was her birthday but she has just had a Japan tour, earlier  she was seen in Pusan to give autograph for her 1023 faithful fans. Here is a report from yahoo.

Actress Ha Ji Won held a fan autograph signing event with sportswear brand NorthCape at Goejeong store in Busan.
The fan autograph signing event was held to celebrate the opening of fashion group Hyungji’s new building in Busan. On the day of the event, enormous number of fans gathered to get signature from Ha Ji Won. To thank these fans, Ha Ji Won shook hands with everyone she met, generating friendly atmosphere. 
On that day, Ha Ji Won captured fans’ attention with her comfortable yet stylish look. She matched a skirt with a yellow and green jacket, creating sporty and refined style. 
In the interview, Ha Ji Won said, “I really thank fans who waited for me regardless of this hot weather. I want to communicate more with fans by attending various events of NorthCape.”
Meanwhile, various fashion brands, such as Crocodile Lady, Olivia Hassler and Wild Rose, entered into a new Busan building of Fashion Group Hyungji. (photo by NorthCape).
@source : YAHOO
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Ha Ji Won is Dark and Mysterious in Allure Magazine


Ha Ji Won
(Photo : Allure)
Ha Ji Won
(Photo : Allure)
 Top actress Ha Ji Won will be featured in the upcoming July issue of fashion and beauty magazine Allure. To tease fans, Allure released two photos from Ha Ji Won’s shoot ahead of the release of the said issue.

In the photo shoot, Ha Ji Won transforms into a dark and mysterious goddess. In one photo, Ha Ji Won strikes a pose wearing a black veil and dress while projecting her intense gaze.  In the other photo, she holds a bunch of roses while adorned with black veil.

The creative shoot is something to look forward to, especially since the dark-themed shoot deviates from the typical summer-themed shoot parading in magazines this season.

In related news, Ha Ji Won surprised many when she released a single album titled “Right Here”, her first music comeback in 11 years. The star is also set to return to the acting field in the movie “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant,” which is based on a Chinese novel first published in the 1990s. Ha Ji Won will be working with actor Ha Jung Woo, who will also direct the film.

Other than her successful career in South Korea, all eyes are set on Ha Ji Won and her possible Hollywood breakthrough, which has been the subject of reports lately.

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Ha Ji Won Returns to Singing after 11 Years


Ha Ji Won


Ha Ji Won is making a comeback as a singer after eleven years!

The actress will be releasing a single entitled “Right Here,” and the lyrics were penned by “Empress Ki” writer Jung Kyung Soon for her character Seung Nyang. The song was composed and produced by Jung Jae Yoon, a member of the ’90s group Solid.

“Right Here” depicts the loving emotions that Seung Nyang would like to express, and being that she portrayed the character for seven months since its premiere, it is only fitting that the actress herself would sing the song.

While the drama already concluded last April, Ha Ji Won was more than willing to make time amidst her busy schedule to record the song.

She released this song to her fan café “To Love Ha Ji Won 1023”, and she also revealed plans to perform this song for her fans during the upcoming fan event in Tokyo, Japan on the 28th.

In 2003, Ha Ji Won released an album entitled “Home Run”, making it eleven years since she last released a song.

Listen to both songs below, and tell us what you think!


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Hyun Bin is A Six-degrees of K Movie Actor Now!

Korea's entertainment world is very interconnected.

Actors Hyun Bin, with his best friend Jang Dong Gun, and Cha Seung Won have kicked off summer blockbuster season in Korea with action-packed films which range from historical period assassination to a cross-dressing detective.

The overlap of the entertainment industry in Korea is astonishing. Actors and actresses are often placed alongside K-Pop idols for projects, leading to crossover which is almost as impossible to understand as some K-Drama relationship charts.

Here is a look at some of the prominent figures in K-Pop, K-Drama, and Korean movies who help to connect Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, and Cha Seung Won.

Jang Dong Gun is the star of the film noir, “No Tears for the Dead” which was released in U.S. and Canadian theaters on June 20.

While he plays a cold blooded assassin in the film, Jang Dong Gun is well loved by K-Drama viewers for his portrayal as Kim Do Jin in “A Gentleman’s Dignity.”

Do Jin is a successful architect in his forties who falls in love with a high school ethics teacher. During the course of his relationship with the teacher, he discovers that he has an illegitimate child.

His son Colin is portrayed by CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun, who reluctantly befriends his classmate, Kim Dong Hyub (Kim Woo Bin).

Kim Woo Bin made guest appearances on “To The Beautiful You” before starring opposite Lee Jong Suk in “School 2013” and appearing in the popular teen drama “The Heirs.”

Kim Woo Bin also starred in the sequel to the 2001 film “Friend,” a film which also highlighted Jang Dong Gun in a starring role.

In “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) develops a deep relationship with Seo Yi Soo, portrayed by Kim Ha Neul.

Kim Ha Neul starred with Ha Ji Won in the 2009 drama “Secret.” Ha Ji Won would later go on to star alongside Hyun Bin in the 2010 drama “Secret Garden,” as the scrappy stunt woman Gil Ra Im.

Kim Ha Neul connects Jang Dong Gun to actor Jang Geun Suk, with whom she co-starred in the 2011 film “You’re My Pet.” Although, Kim Ha Neul has acted in numerous projects her, connection to Jang Geun Suk is one which leads to some of the hottest young stars in Korean entertainment.

Jang Geun Suk has starred with Girls’ Generation YoonA, Park Shin Hye, IU, Seo In Guk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki, Moon Geun Young, and Hyun Bin.

As the self-proclaimed “Prince of Asia,” Jang Geun Suk starred with Hyun Bin during season four of “Nonstop,” which also included appearances by Park Shin Hye. While the actor went through a period in which he was conflicted about professional acting, he experienced a surge in popularity with the Hallyu hit “You’re Beautiful.”

“You’re Beautiful” starred Jang Geun Suk alongside Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki in the Hong Sisters drama that focused on the fictitious band A.N.JELL.

Jang Geun Suk worked with YoonA and Seo In Guk during the retro drama “Love Rain.” Both YoonA and Seo In Guk serve as connections to Cha Seung Won.

Seo In Guk was part of the main cast of the 2013 supernatural drama “Master’s Sun,” which was led by Gong Hyo Jin. Gong Hyo Jin gained positive attention for her role as the unlikely medium, Tae Gong Shil.

However, she is best known by K-Drama fans for her role opposite Cha Seung Won in the 2011 Hong Sisters drama “The Greatest Love.”

While it is not a working relationship, YoonA is currently romantically linked to Lee Seung Gi, who currently stars with Cha Seung Won in the police drama “You’re All Surrounded.”

 Lee Seung Gi is a preeminent acting idol, who has also starred opposite Ha Ji Won in the 2012 drama “The King 2 Hearts.”

“The King 2 Hearts” is a popular drama which chronicles an alternate Korea in which the country is governed by a monarchy that descends from the Joseon Dynasty.

Lee Seung Gi portrayed Lee Jae Ha, a petulant crown prince who unwittingly falls in love with a North Korean Special Forces Officer, played by Ha Ji Won.

While Jang Geun Suk may be connected to some of the brightest stars in Korean entertainment, Cha Seung Won is close behind in his work with popular Hallyu stars.

Cha Seung Won led the cast of the Korean war movie “71:Into the Fire” which also starred Big Bang’s T.O.P. In addition, Cha Seung Won has starred in two music videos for the K-Pop group T-ARA.

The connections between the three actors are almost endless. It would be fascinating to see Cha Seung Won, Jang Dong Gun, and Hyun Bin appear together in an action drama. Cha Seung Won is currently starring in the innovative crime drama “Man on High Heels,” while Hyun Bin was at the helm of the recent historical film “The Fatal Encounter.”

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Hyun Bin : From Sparkling Track Suit To Joseon Dynasty King


Hyun Bin takes on his first period role in

Hyun Bin takes on his first period role in “The Fatal Encounter”, after playing a chaebol on numerous occasions.

Hyun Bin portrays a Joseon king in “The Fatal Encounter”, which opens in select U.S. theaters on Friday, May 23. “The Fatal Encounter” is the first acting project completed by Hyun Bin following is mandatory military service, as well as his first historical film.

In “The Fatal Encounter”, Hyun Bin takes on role of Joseon Dynasty ruler, King Jeongjo. The film focuses on the real-life assassination attempt on the life of King Jeongjo, who witnessed the execution of his father. During his rule, opposing factions attempted to kill King Jeongjo seven times. The focus of “The Fatal Encounter” is the first assassination attempt, which occurred in 1777.

Hyun Bin has portrayed notorious roles in Korean drama, but has also had an extensive film career. His characters have ranged from the martial arts team member Min Gyu in the 2004 film “Spin Kick” to his iconic portrayal of spoiled chaebol Kim Joo Won in “Secret Garden”. Hyun Bin has won over legions of fans with his aloof portrayal of characters that could otherwise be considered detestable but are endearing in their naivete.

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