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Not yet, Binnie said.

Our amazing couple, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are so busy with their careers and as a result….we must wait a little longer to hear their wedding bells ring……oh well…..

Here is the news form The Korea Herald, given the situation where our amazing namjah’s ex costar, Tang Wei has just tied a knot with a Korean movie director.

Hyun Bin said that he has no plans for marriage yet at the red carpet ceremony for the 18th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival on Thursday.

During a short interview with the press ahead of the festival’s opening ceremony, he was asked if he had any marriage plans, in the wake of the announcement of Korean film director Kim Tae-yong marrying Chinese actress Tang Wei.

Hyun gave a short answer, “Not yet,” while smiling.

The 11-day film fiesta kicked off on Thursday with its opening ceremony on Thursday hosted by actor Shin Hyun-joon and actress Yoo In-na.

Some film moguls such as international award-winning director Im Kwon-taek, veteran actress Shim Eun-kyung and model-turned-actor Kim Woo-bin graced the opening ceremony with their presences.

About 210 movies in diverse genres from 48 countries will be screened during the festival.

@source : The Korea Herald

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Ha Ji Won is an Ambassador

Uri Ha Ji-won and her fellow Korean star, Gong Yoo, were named promotional ambassadors for the National Tax Service, the tax authority said on Monday.

The NTS said that it chose the two as they are exemplary taxpayers and also active in charity work. They received presidential commendations for having paid their taxes faithfully in March.

Gong Yoo (left) and Ha Ji-won (right) pose with National Tax Service Commissioner Kim Duk-jung after being appointed promotional ambassadors for the authority on Monday. /News 1 Gong Yoo (left) and Ha Ji-won (right) pose with National Tax Service Commissioner Kim Duk-jung after being appointed promotional ambassadors for the authority on Monday. /News 1

Ha and Gong said that they will do their best to be positive examples as ambassadors for the NTS.

For the next two years, they will model for promotional posters and take part in street campaigns that encourage honest tax payment in support of the NTS.


@source : The Chosun Ilbo & Jiwonderland at Youtube

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Hyun Bin Picked to Promote Incheon Asian Games

Hyun Bin (left) poses with organizing committee chairman Kim Young-soo after being appointed promotional ambassador for the Incheon Asian Games in Seoul on Thursday.

Uri Hyun Bin has been named an official promotional ambassador for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, which will kick off on Sept. 19.

The actor attended an appointment ceremony held by the Games’ organizing committee in Seoul on Thursday.

“I started my military duty on Baeknyeong Island off Incheon, the northernmost post on the West Sea front, when I served in the Marines in 2011. Building on my special relationship with Incheon, I had hoped to do something for this event and it is a great honor to be a promotional ambassador,” said Hyun Bin. “I will do my best to promote the Asian Games and Incheon inside and outside of Korea.”

Kim Young-soo, chairman of the organizing committee, said, “Hyun Bin told me that he even saw spotted seals — a natural monument and mascot of the Incheon Asian Games — when he served as a marine on Baeknyeong Island. I think that he has an affinity for the event in many ways.”

Hyun’s exemplary image and great popularity across Asia will help to bring people’s attention to the Asian Games, he added.
@source : The Chosun

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Ha Ji Won Is Moved To Tears During Japan Fan Meeting

Uri  Ha Ji Won is rising to become the new Hallyu queen in Japan.

The actress’s solo fan meet event was held at Tokyo’s Mielparque Hall on June 28.

Organized by her fans who wished to meet her in person, the program was themed “bridge,” which signifies the connection between Ha Ji Won and her fans, as well as he promise of crossing the ocean to meet with her fans.

Because of the fans’ positive response to the news of her coming to Japan, another fan meet event was scheduled to take place on January 2014 next year.

During the program, Ha Ji Won sang the popular Japanese song “Natsu no Tobira” of Seiko Matsuda. Her fans gave her a standing ovation after the song, moving her to tears.

She was also enthusiastic in greeting the fans through a handshake event that took place after the program, allowing her to know her fans more closely.

Her agency announced that the event was a success, factoring in that tickets for the fan meet were sold out immediately after its release. In addition, there were audience members from under age ten to those in their 80s, and they recorded that 40% of the attendees were male, an unusual occurrence during events like these.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won’s drama “Empress Ki” will air in Japan through broadcast network NHK on August 3.

@source : kdramastar

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