1. He is a member of a celebrity amateur baseball team that includes Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Seung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Ji Jin Hee, and others.

2. In 2004, he graduated from Chung-Ang University with a degree in Theater Studies. In 2009, he enrolled in their Master’s Degree program.

3. He did not know the meaning of his famous line “kim soo han moo” from Secret Garden. When he first read the script, he laughed at the phrase, then asked the writer about its actual meaning. Watch the original version, plus the Big Bang parody in one clip:

4. He served his mandatory service as part of the Korean Marines. (And it gave me a reason to show him in his uniform…)

5. After accepting his role in Late Autumn, Hyun Bin became nervous because the film’s dialogue is spoken entirely in English. His fears were eased when the director explained his character had only been in the US for three years, so he didn’t need to speak fluently.

6. Hyun Bin could easily have been a singer. Watch his cover of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” below!

7. He is frugal. Last October, he was given the President’s Award in honor of the 50th Savings Day. The recognition came from saving over $3.5 million (yes, dollars) over the course of his 17-year acting career.

Hyun Bin has proven to be impressive as a person as well as in his acting. Don’t forget to join us this weekend for The Fatal Encounter, where Hyun Bin plays the role of King Jeongjo. Watch the trailer below!

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