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Ha Ji Won for Vogue Taiwan

Vouge Taiwan is going to embrace the new year 2015 with the help of our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, who will be its cover story. Here are some stills provided online. Ha Ji-won is famous there as her drama, especially her latest sageuk, Empress Ki, captured hearts of millions Taiwanese viewers.
No wonder she has to wear such empress -like big gowns, and other traces of any imperial regalia left in our imagination. let’s just, Hail to the Empress!
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Ha Ji Won’s Photos Galore [Dec 2014]

I. [2014.12.07] HOPE+ and Charity Baseball Match

Our amazing yeoja is well known as S Korean best actress in action genre, no wonder she was all set to be sporty for the HOPE and Charity Baseball Match in Seoul. Watch out, guys!

II. [2014.12.17] Chronicle of a Blood Merchant’s press conference

A week later, our amazing yeoja is simply stunning as a glamorous leading lady attending her latest movie premiere.

III. [2014. 12. 28] Movie Talk Concert for Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

Attending movie talk concert for Chronicle of a Blood Merchant with her director and co-actor, Ha Jung Woo, Ha Ji Won stays chic and cool with her bold yellow top, black embossed pants and bright blue heels.

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Hyun Bin and Ji Sung Will Be Facing It Off Next Year, Both Depicting Characters with Multiple Personality Disorder

Hyun Bin and Ji Sung Will Be Facing It Off Next Year, Both Depicting Characters with Multiple Personality Disorder

It looks like Hyun Bin and Ji Sung will be facing it off on the small screen next year, as both actors will depict characters with multiple personality disorder.

Hyun Bin will be starring alongside Han Ji Min in upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Hyde, Jekyll, I.” This is Hyun Bin’s first small screen project since being released from mandatory military service, four years after his last hit drama “Secret Garden.”

“Hyde, Jekyll, I” is a romantic comedy about a girl named Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) who falls in love with Koo Seo Jin (Hyun Bin), a man whose multiple personality disorder splits him into two polar opposite personalities. The Jekyll version of himself is cold and cynical, whereas his Hyde counterpart, named Robin, is extremely warm and kind. While this is not the first time he had to go back and forth between two different personalities (see “Secret Garden”), it still will be no easy feat for Hyun Bin to switch back and forth between two alter egos who act and dress completely differently from each other.

Actor Ji Sung will similarly have his hands full depicting a character with multiple personality disorder in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Kill Me Heal Me.” Fans are looking forward to Ji Sung’s chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum of “Secret” as they reunite on the small screen.

“Kill Me Heal Me” tells a story about the healing romance between Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), a third generation plutocrat suffering from multiple personality disorder, and his psychiatrist Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). Whereas Hyun Bin’s character has two personalities, Cha Do Hyun has as many as seven different personalities, making things extra complicated for Ji Sung.

The bar is set high for the two top stars, as their dramas will both occupy the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

“Kill Me Heal Me” will air its first episode on January 7, while “Hyde, Jekyll, I” is slated to premiere in mid-January.

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Ha Ji-won “If I get married, I would like to raise three sons”

Poster for Chronicle of Blood Merchant with Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo with their three sons

Ha Ji-won shared her thought on marriage. .

A press conference forwas held at Apgujeong CGV on the morning of the 17th. At the event, Ha Jeong-woo (also directing the movie) attended the event along with Ha Ji-won, Kim Sung-kyun, Jung Man-sik, Jang Kwang, Jeong Hye-jin, and Lee Kyung-young.

Ha Ji-won stated “Through the film, I thought about marriage once again” and grabbed our attention. Ha Ji-won plays the role of Heo Ok-ran, Heo Sam-gwan’s wife. She will show various charms by acting a woman before she getting married and what happens after she raises three sons.

Still photo from Chronicle of Blood Merchant

She said “In my previous drama, I gave birth of three sons on the last episode. I’m taking the role of a mom who raises three sons again in this film. This is my first time acting a mother who actually raises three sons. During filming, I thought about family’s love. Children are very adorable. If I get married, I would also like to give birth of three sons.” Ha Jeong-woo added, “Ha Ji-won took very good care of child actors at the film set”.

Meanwhile,is about a man Heo Sam-gwan who faces the greatest challenge in his life after getting married to the most beautiful woman in the village and becoming father of three sons. The film is based on a best-selling Chinese bookand the film is directed by the lead actor Ha Jeong-woo. The movie premieres on January 15.

By Wiki KPOP Yang Ja-young


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“Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” Ha Jeong-woo calls Ha Ji-won a ‘salmon’

Ha Jeong-woo compared his co-stars to food.

The premier of “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” was held at CGV Apgujeong on the 17th. Ha Jeong-woo, Ha Ji-won, Jeong Man-sik, Kim Seong-gyoon, Jeon Hye-jin, Jang Gwang, Lee Kyeong-yeong and others were there.

Ha Jeong-woo was asked to compare everyone to food. He said it was tough then he said, “Lee Kyeong-yeong is like steamed beef ribs. He’s heavy. Jang Gwang is like stew. It takes a lot of time to bring him to be where he is today”.

Kim Seong-gyoon said, “He’s a side dish. Potatoes or fermented cucumbers. Jeon Hye-jin is not Korean. She’s like a pasta. Jeong Man-sik is a vegetable. He’s rough on the outside and maybe not tasty, but he’s sweet on the inside.

Ha Jeong-woo added, “Ha Ji-won is like salmon. She’s active in that way. She has homing instinct or it could be loyalty. She knows where to come back to”.

Meanwhile, “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” is based on an original novel about Heo Sam-gwan (Ha Jeong-woo), a poor aimless character, who gains a beautiful wife (Ha Ji-won) and three sons. This movie will release on the 15th.

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[Alert for our 1023 Singapore] Ha Ji Won back in Singapore for 1st Asia tour in January

Korean actress Ha Ji Won back in Singapore for first Asia tour in January
Our Ha Ji Won is going to have another fan meeting in Singapore on Jan. 10, 2015, this time as part of her first Asia tour.

The 36-year-old star of Empress Ki and Secret Garden is expected to portray a livelier side not often seen on the big screen while on the tour, dubbed “Bridge of Friendship”, according to Soompi.

Tickets for the event, which starts 7:30pm at the Singapore Conference Hall, are priced at $168 (VIP), $138 (Category A) and $108 (Category B) and will go on sale Dec. 13 via EventClique.

All tickets qualify for an autographed commemorative gift and a ‘hi-touch’ session with the Hallyu starlet.

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Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Take Part in First Shooting for “Hyde, Jekyll, I”

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Take Part in First Shooting for “Hyde, Jekyll, I”

Upcoming SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, I” had their first filming on December 13, and a behind-the-scenes image from the shoot was recently released.

In the image, the two main leads Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min can be seen, each acting out their respective characters. Han Ji Min looks excited in the image as she has her arm linked with Hyun Bin’s. Hyun Bin, on the other hand, has a blank expression on his face.

In the drama, Hyun Bin will play an individual with two personalities, similar to the main character of the classic novel that inspired the source material for the drama. Han Ji Min’s character will be a leader of a circus who will eventually end up helping Hyun Bin with his split identities.

“Hyde, Jekyll, I” will start airing in January after the completion of “Pinocchio.

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Ha Ji Won to be the first guest on Kang Ho Dong’s new variety show ‘Invisible Man’


Ha Ji Won will be the first guest on Kang Ho Dong‘s upcoming variety show ‘Invisible Man‘, providing another reason for you to tune in!

Her agency Haewadal Entertainment rep confirmed to MyDaily on the 12th, “Ha Ji Won will appear as the first guest on ‘Invisible Man’. The first filming will be held on the 19th.”

‘Invisible Man’ is the variety-show version of ‘Misaeng‘ as Kang Ho Dong and the cast visit a workplace and play games; it’s currently set to premiere in January.

In addition to this variety show appearance, Ha Ji Won is also awaiting the premiere of her movie

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant‘.



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