HA JI WON’S SECRET sells out in Japan


Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, released her first-ever photo book ‘HAJIWON’S SECRET’ recently in Japan, and it has been declared a success with all copies sold out completely.

Ha Ji Won had held a press conference and fan signing event on January 23rd at the Shibuya branch of Tower Records in Tokyo, where she said, “After releasing my first essay book in 2012, I then started thinking of releasing a photo book. I am really happy to have the opportunity this time.”

The photo book is divided into photo and video portions, where one can see the changes that Ha Ji Won went through from being an ordinary person into an actress, and her struggles and frustrations as an actress, her passion, and free-spirited personality.

changes and struggles that Ha Ji Won goes through not only as an actress, but also as a one person, and the album also includes a special video that was taken during her photo shoots.

Ha Ji Won was said to have a hands-on approach towards the production of her photo book, having directed planning, organizing, designing, and editing everything by herself.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won’s movie ‘Chronicle of a Blood Merchant’ is currently airing in South Korean cinemas.

By: Alvin
(cr) reblogged from :KpopFighting.com

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