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Ha Ji Won for Asiana Magazine

Our amazing yeoja is chosen as Asiana Ent Magazine’s cover story for its April 2015 edition.

Here is the translations for the blog post of the magazine company’s staff, who complimented Ji Won eonnie for her awesomeness ,as usual 😀

“The Interview (Magazine Cover Photoshoot) Site with actress Ha Ji Won on April 2015”

We met actress Ha Ji Won at a studio in Nonhyun-dong on 11th March 2015.
The actress exhibited impressive acting in “Heo Sam Gwan” a.k.a “The Chronicles of A Blood Merchant” that was released recently. She is indeed the best actress Ha Ji Won, without having any anti-fans (that are usually matters of ordinary celebrities)!
It was said that she arrived the photoshoot site 30 minutes earlier for preparations…
It seems that the saying of not anyone could be the best actress is true. ^^
Let us check through the extremely beautiful face and hearted Ji Won’s photoshoot site!
The photoshoot proceeded along with Mr. Kim Young Joon as her photographer.
Ji Won noona… Doesn’t she look really gorgeous!!!!
Her still figure, her hair being blown by the wind, and even her side figure looks pretty!!!
(Even her personality is good too… So I was wondering what is her shortcomings~~~~?)
The photoshoot site of Ji Won noona that is more prettier than flowers.
Do you enjoy seeing the pictures?
She left a great impression on us during the interview. We will be anticipating for her upcoming decent projects. ^^
You may check out Asiana Entertainment’s interview and photos featuring Ha Ji Won in the latest April Issue magazine. ^^ Thank you!
Here is the link for the BTS photos on her photoshoot site. She is indeed a goddess! Love her sooo much~~

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(cr) :translated by Alice @Jiwonderland

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Hyun Bin for TongYang Magic

Binnie in the kitchen? Yes, please! That IS one bright idea, right?

So the decision makers at Korean Tong Yang Magic Home Appliances made our namja, Hyun Bin in their latest advertisement . We can see our amazing namja, Binnie, standing with a modern water-purifier or gas cook-top, Gas Oven, Dishwasher,  and small household appliances. Our chingu is Soompi mentioned that the CF will be aired this April, so, get prepared for having more Binnie around 😀

@cr : TongYang Magic

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Ha Ji Won Attended Seoul Fashion Week 2015



Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji -won was invited in the front row of Seoul Fashion Week that lasted until  March 26, 2015.

According to dramafever it took place in Dongdaemoon Design Plaza, a mecca of fashion lovers.

Ha Ji Won wore a black and white look, balancing it with a pair of silver and white sneakers. We love how casual yet feminine she looks. She watched designer Park Soo Woo’s SuuWu collection .

cr : as tagged

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Hyun Bin attended Hyde, Jekill, Me’s wrap-up party

After  entertaining us with his dual characters as CEO Seo-Jin and Robin the manga artist for about ten weeks, our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, ended his latest drama, Hyde, Jekill, Me (popularly known as HaJiNa) with a wrap-up party on Friday, March 27, 2015 in Seoul. His costars, Han Ji Min, and Sung Joon, were seen accompanying him along with the other film-makers of HaJiNa drama.

Thank you for the series, Binnie. Hopefully we’ll see you soon on our screen with your next projects., like, ASAP. 😀

(Cr: HaJiNa page, @Soompi)

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Ha Ji Won Voted as “Most Trusted Actress when Choosing a Movie” by Moviegoers

She did it again. It was a long list of South Korean moviestars who were voted by moviegoers as the “most trusted actors”, and our girl name was voted among the greatest. We are happy to share that after a loooooong list of male actors, our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, came as the first female actor in that prestigious list! To be exact, Ha Ji Won is the only actress in those 15 great names of moviestar being chosen by CGV Cinema’s survey.  Veteran actor Song Kang Ho named first, followed by Hwang Jung Min and Ha Jung Woo.

Congrats, Miss Ji-wonnie. We Love You!

Cr : @crocodile ladies collections

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Ha Ji Won attending New Zealand’s Soccer Coaching Clinic with PM John Key

As New Zealand’s Cultural Ambassador to Korea, Ha Ji-won was seen with the visiting New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key in Seoul last week. Our amazing yeoja accompanied  PM Key who kicked a ball during a football clinic by New Zealand national football team for South Korean students in Seoul on March 24, 2015, prior to New Zealand’s football friendly match against South Korea in Seoul on March 31. PM Key is visiting to mark the signing of the New Zealand-South Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Ha Ji Won Pic # 1073757743

You go, girl!

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Hyun Bin for K2 Fly Walk

Here is our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, with his latest CF for K2, a South Korean sports suppliers and manufacturers. In this CF of the K2’s Fly Walk he teased us with his dimples and colorful sporty outfit.

Let’s go jogging or simply walking, hand in hand with uri Binnie, then 😀

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Ha Ji Won’s next project

Our girl is going to make a tough decision…

Will it be a tv-drama or an international production movie that uri amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won gonna take? That’s the question. As for now Ji-wonnie hasn’t decided yet which productions she would like to consider playing, she was reported being courted to play a romantic comedy TV drama called The Time I Love You ; 700 Days or a Korean-Chinese movie with Chen Bo-lin, a (very) famous Taiwanese actor. Interesting tidbit is, The Time I Love You, 7000 Days is a remake of a 2011 Taiwanese drama played by Ariel Lin and Chen Bo-lin himself! Rumor has it that the leading actor gonna be played by Rain and Lee Jin Wook as the playboy former lover.

Which project you’d like her to choose? Ok, here is the eyecandy for your considerations 😀


Lee Jin Wook

Chen Bo Lin

@credit photos : the rightful owner

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Hyun Bin’s ROGATIS Smart Suit S/S 2015 30s CF

Here is the CF where uri amazing namjah, Hyun Bin, showed us his latest Rogatis smart suit collections. From the news we knew that The Rogatis Smart Suit uses a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag inserted inside the pocket of the jacket to work its magic.

The most notable characteristic is that it is possible to automatically unlock a phone by taking it out of a suit pocket. It is also possible to send name cards using SMS, e-mail, or NFC. The suit can also trigger a smartphone’s etiquette mode, making it silent or blocking incoming calls. KT is the company that provides an NFC-based service and app.

(cr) :@rogatis

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Hyun Bin for Rogatis Smart Suit S/S 2015

Our amazing namjah, Hyun Bin, is the face of Rogatis’ Smart Suit, as usual he looks smartly awesome in his latest ad for the tailored suit’s spring and summer collections.

@cr : Rogatis

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