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Have a Happiest Birthday, Ha Ji-won!!!

wonnie hut PP4

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wonnie hut PP1

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Let’s Watch Ha Ji Won’s New Drama

Angels, we have received this note from our beloved amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, on FB ❤

오늘밤 10시 첫방송 하나가 여러분을 만나거 갑니다~많이사랑해주세요~‪#‎sbs‬#주말드라마#너를사랑한시간#thetimewewerenotinlove

Tonight THE TIME WE WERE NOT IN LOVE’s Premier Broadcast at 22:00 please your a lot of love~


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Yup, it’s out! The pilot episode of our amazing yeoja’s newest drama, The Time We Were Not In Love has finally aired last night. As you all may have known already, this romantic comedy is a remake of the hit Taiwanese drama The Time I Loved You with Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin.

Speaking of whom, Mr Chen himself has shared his generous support to endorse this drama via his social media account. How cool is that?

We are happy to report here that this has positive feedback from the netizen with online rating peaked at 21,1%. and there is also happy reaction from Netizen Buzz that we reblogged below :

Pilot broadcast ‘The Time We Were Not In Love’ Ha Ji Won in her thirties starts a ‘some’ with friend of 17 years Lee Jin Wook

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+400, -58] Ha Ji Won’s so pretty and Lee Jin Wook’s so handsome… didn’t know where the time flew as I was watching ㅠㅠ

2. [+377, -45] Lee Jin Wook’s so damn handsome ㅠㅠ

3. [+354, -71] There’s a lot of talk about Ha Ji Won’s acting being cringe but I think it’s because people are used to her boyish roles so far ㅎ but she still proves to be a talented actress in the end considering her acting never reminds me of any of her previous roles and she fully immersed herself into her character of ‘Oh Hana’. You normally can see traces of a star’s previous character, in this case ‘Gil Ra-Im’, but I didn’t get that at all. She matches Lee Jin Wook well and I’m looking forward to tomorrow ㅎㅎ



1. [+4,000, -288] They match so well ㅠㅠ Finally a drama worth watching

2. [+3,392, -283] Fun drama ㅋㅋ Ha Ji Won’s so pretty

3. [+2,816, -325] Ha Ji Won’s acting was okay so I’m finding some of the criticisms about her laughable ㅋㅋ their chemistry’s great

4. [+2,543, -225] Ha Ji Won’s pretty even with age~~

5. [+689, -70] Melting over Lee Jin Wook’s gaze

6. [+684, -77] The student version of Ha Ji Won was honestly cringe… but Ha Ji Won as an adult was damn pretty

7. [+602, -129] L getting a free ride on a done drama

8. [+491, -106] Ha Ji Won, seriously… fell for her in ‘Secret Garden’ and again in ‘Empress Ki’.. and now she’s with Lee Jin Wook ㅜㅜ today’s pilot exceeded expectations ㅎㅎㅎ

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‘The Time I Loved You’ Ha Ji-won’s magic is to begin

Actress Ha Ji-won shines through by harmonizing with her partner instead of trying to stand out. She creates the ultimate chemistry with any actors regardless their age, as you can recall her previous partners, Lee Seo-jin, Hyeon Bin, Lee Seung-gi, and Ji Chang-wook.

Ha Ji-won is coming back to the small screen with SBS’ ‘The Time I Loved You’ on June 27th. ‘The Time I Loved You’ is a romantic comedy that will stimulate your romantic DNA.

It depicts the coming-of-age stories and the vague emotions in between love and friendship by the leading characters, Oh Ha-na (Ha Ji-won) and Choi Won (Lee Jin-wook).

Ha Ji-won will pair up with Lee Jin-wook in the drama. Oh Ha-na, a fashion merchandizer struggles with her inner emotions between Choi Won (Lee Jin-wook), who has been her friend for the last 17 years, and her lover, Cha Seo-hoo (Yoon Gyoon-sang).

Ha Ji-won is one of the few actresses, who pull off any characters across the wide range of genres including melo-drama, action, and period drama. With her proven ability to be able to create such a fantastic chemistry with any actors, who have co-starred with her so far, she is famously the hopeful partner for all the actors out there.

The anticipation level goes high in terms of the chemistry she will bring out with her partner Lee Jin-wook this time.

A staff related to the drama production said, “Ha Ji-won works really hard on the set. She takes care of all the actors, director and even staff members. There’s always a good reason why one is successful”.

While Ha Ji-won has showed charismatic images of hers so far, she took on a role with the realistic sense, who can be found in daily life this time. It is expected to witness her feminine side of hers.

It is said this is her first time to play a role that is closest to her real self and she is determined to show everything she has in this drama without any reserve. With the first episode of ‘The Time I Loved You’ to be aired soon on June 27th, whether or not Ha Ji-won will continue with her rom-com syndrome since “Secret Garden” is drawing attention.

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Hyun Bin the busy CF Star

Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, is famous as one of the hottest CF star in his country. He represents big product like Samsung, famous national beverage Hite Beer, K2 sport apparel and Rogatis tailored suit. Here are his latest collections as the busy product ambassador.

1. Samsung Life




2, Hite Beer

3, K2

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Hyun Bin’s New Pictorial Set for Official Fan Club

Our amazing namja is so kind and generous with his fans. Earlier this month he made a photo-shoot for SPACE, his official fan club, that was just released solely on the fan club forum. So, Angels, you may have that red rose from Hyun Bin. He dedicated that for US, his loyal fans. 😀

There is a big reason why we love him, right? *wink* 😀 😀 😀


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Introducing : Ha Ji-won’s Oh Hana

Annyeong….. ❤

Hello there, this is our amazing yeoja Ha Ji-won’s latest role for her newest drama called The Time We Were Not In Love. This is a romantic comedy about a couple of best friends for 17 years before they realize there is a very big elephant called love in the room.


Name : Oh Hana

Age : 34 years old

Occupation : Marketing manager of a luxury shoes brand in Seoul


Hana lives happily with her doting dad, sassy mom, and noty little brother

Classmate slash nemesis during her high school : Choi Won

during her college years : Choi Won

To her thirty something days : still, Choi is!

That’s what it is all about , Hana meets Won and….tada….you may find the big elephant easily in those sweet poster and pictures. right? Welcome aboard, Oh Hana…

Happy watching, guys!

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Hyun Bin Will Go International with Liam Neeson?

A news outlet had reported that actor Hyun Bin was confirmed to take on the lead role in upcoming film ‘MacArthur’ but it turns out, the news outlet was getting a little ahead of itself.

On June 10, Hyun Bin’s company O& Entertainment told Sports Today, “‘MacArthur’ is just one of the productions Hyun Bin has received an offer for. He has not decided on taking part in it yet.”

The film ‘MacArthur’ will be set in the1950s during the Korean War, where the U.N. forces, led by general Douglas MacArthur landed in Incheon and changed the war situation.

It’s also been revealed that Hollywood actor Liam Neeson has received the casting offer for the role of general Douglas MacArthur.

It looks like it’ll be an interesting historical movie!

Good luck, Binnie. Hope you will go international with MacArthur. Fighting!

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Wanted : A Humorous Cute Namja with Cooking Skill for Ha Ji Won

What Jiwonnie? Cooking? Are you sure….?

Ok, here is the question, can our amazing namja cook yet?

*sigh*This guy once confessed that he can NOT cook at all *double sigh*

Oh, well, he still can learn it, right? And please learn fast, because, apparently our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, has set a new standard for her ideal type of guy with a cooking skill. She used to say that she loves a man who ;

1. Loves her (who doesn’t, by the way 😀 )

2. is funny and

3. she can talk to

Well, that was then. During the interview with SBS’ Night of TV Entertainment’ on June 10th, she said that her significant other should be great at cooking too.

We don’t know yet if she was just joking around knowing that her latest co-star and director, Ha Jung-wo can cook really well and reportedly cooking for her  and the child actors during the shooting days of their movie, The Chronicle of Blood Merchants. Well, THAT can certainly make someone jealous, right? *wink*

Funny thing about her type of guy she liked in the past was also shown in the show. After Ha Ji-won watched a short video clip showing her saying, “I don’t like a good-looking man”, she chuckled and said, “Why did I say that”. It made those watching burst into laughter.

Glad that back then you’re, ALSO, just joking, Jiwonnie…. It means that we still have “hope” 😀



Meanwhile, she is ready to welcome summer with her new drama, The Time We Were Not In Love.

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Ha Ji Won Started her own business with J-ONE

She is the boss! Indeed. Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, is not only securing her own career in the entertainment world, thanks to her very own agency, Haewadal Entertainment, later she also officially started her business in beauty and cosmetics industry by introducing her own label, J-One. Her famous co-stars and director Ha Jung-wo, Lee Jin-wook, and an old pal, handsome actor Kim Nam-jin attended the event to launch the new product in a fancy Banyan Tree Club, Seoul.


She launched her own beauty brand J.ONE Cosmetics and rolled out its flagship product Jelly Mask Pack.  The mask pack, which can also be used in the morning, is best suitable for users with dry skin, the company said. It is made of natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen boosting peptide, lotus extracts and kombucha.

The 36-year-old actress recently attended the launch event, disclosing how she started the cosmetics business.

“I was frequently asked about my skincare and beauty tips, and I decided to share my know-how with others,” said the actress, who also joined product testing for six months.

“Sometimes, I had to stay up for a few days when film shooting started. The mask pack always worked to add moisture to my skin,” she added.

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Hyun Bin Recited Poem for Memorial Day

The Memorial Day ceremony has been held every year since 1956 on June 6th at the Seoul National Cemetery, to commemorate the men and women who died while in military service during the Korean War, and other significant wars or battles.

It’s a great thing for us, his fans, that our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, was chosen to recite a poem in that big day.

Hyun Bin had a neat and calm image, and that went well with the mood of the Memorial Day ceremony. At the same time, Hyun Bin is seen as the perfect candidate to represent the people of Korea in remembering those who had sacrificed their lives.

A day before, he was seen attending the rehearsal.



 Proud of you, Binnie !!!
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