Ha Ji Won’s Elegant Style as Oh Hana the Trendy Manager

Ha Ji-won’s latest role as Oh Ha-na from the cute romcom drama The Time We Were Not in Love is a marketing manager of a posh shoes brand that certainly made her style here is oh so professionally chic and fashionable.

hana won2

She puts the double-working-bags some female workers unavoidably have to bring lately in their tiresome working days into a new, more trendy, light. In short, she rocks the dual-bags-trend like a boss she is!

hana bagshana bags 2

hana bags 3

From the mixed bags, audience also compliments her high-end fashion style, that combines professionalism, such is shown from her various simple white shirts, with feminine aspect, like a ribbon ornament etc. Oh Ha-na indeed stands out from the crowd especially when she combines it all with a slit pencil dress that  highlights her famous to-die-for legs. Oh Ha-na is a classic elegant beauty with oh-so-sexy vibe that she can’t hide.

And her shoes…..!!!

hana shoes 4

Omoooo…, what can we say, her shoes in this drama is definitely from the best collections from any branded house in the world. Well, we, the girls, are definitely drooling and can’t wait to check out her wardrobe collections.

SBS, her drama TV station, was kind enough to let us peek it on the July 29th episode of SBS TV ‘One Night of TV Entertainment,’ where they aired footage from her current airing drama ‘The Time We Were Not In Love,’ as she talked about the number of outfits she changes into and more.

From Soompi we learned that Ha Ji Won has to “Wear five or six outfits per episode,” she says. “There are some times when I change clothes more than ten times.” She also reveals that she has worn around 70 different outfits for the show to this point.

In addition, Ha Ji Won also introduces the styles she likes the most and reveals the contents of a pouch that includes a massager, aroma oil, and more. And which wardrobe that she likes the best? The pencil skirt with a slit, she said. Our amazing yeoja does look amazing with it . There you go!

(cr:) SBS, as tagged

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