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Ha Ji Won The Feeling-Comfy Princess?

HJWFbHappy1 HJWFbHappy2 HJWFbHappy3 HJWFbHappy4

We all know what a hard worker Ha Ji Won is as an actress. Do you know that six months before starting her role as Oh Hana she has learned ballet seriously in order to help her character played a younger version of Hana. Her daily Ballet session helped her getting lost her famous toned muscles into a more youthful and skinnier legs that matched her high school skirt uniform.

it is from her instagram account, Ha Ji Won posted her ballet session prior her latest drama The Time We Were Not in Love


She worked really hard and sophisticated for all her roles. That’s why, when she took Oh Hana the fashionable marketing director of a posh, high-end shoes company,  in an instant she made Oh Hana became a trendsetter. We have discussed Oh Hana the fashion trend setter last month, now let’s see how Boss Ha Ji Won in her daily basis.

She is da-boss as she is a successful business woman with an agency and now a cosmetics brand too under her belt. She always looks elegant and chic on her dutiful public appearances. She donned a branded dresses without flaw, with a towering heels and elegant make up into perfection. But there is time she has to go out as just Miss Jeon Hae Rim, not the actress Ha Ji Won. And interestingly, Jeon Hae Rim is a just a simple girl like us who loves feeling comfy with a flat, striped sandal, simple “apple” hairdo, no make up and even having outsized outfit, including the so-called mommy jeans… You can hear the riot when netizens found out her going abroad with a high-waist comfy jeans…I mean, she was heading to Hawaii, a night-flight that took hours, wearing a comfy outfit is a must in my book too.


Taecyeon happily called her his “goddes” but our Ha Ji Won is just a simple girl with her comfy pants and apple hairdo

Interesting, isn’t it? No worries Jeon Hae Rim, we always love you, girl!

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[Long Interview]Dating Chen Bolin? Ha Ji Won Said She Just Met Him Once!

About a month ago, South Korean press ridiculously run a so-called news about Ha Ji Won dating Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, only because both superstars posted a series of almost similar images in their instagram accounts. Right! It seems like an amateur blogger like us than a professional journalist who wrote such “shipping” stories!

Shame on you, South Korean Press!!!

How come you run a story about Ha Ji Won without having a solid fact as your data? You forgot to mention that the similar postings of their instagram accounts were actually not uploaded on the same time. Most of them were posted more than a year apart! So, it is really silly to connect them as evidence as your so-called news. The picture of famous actress like the late Audrey Hepburn, for example were so easy to understand that it was an international event early in almost every year to commemorate the late actress who passed away on January 20, 1993. The whole world, especially those in the movie industry like Ha Ji Won and Chen Bolin, was showing their respect by posting her iconic picture during that time. Bolin and Jiwon posted the similar Hepburn picture in different years, the interval of their posting are that far apart, almost two years. It is really stupeed to call that as sign of them dating…*sigh*

And now, during her media meeting, Ha Ji Won met the press and said it clean and clear that she only met him once, only once, because they are going to collaborate in a Korean-Chinese movie called Risking Life for Love, They communicate in English, a language that Ha Ji Won is only recently embraced. So, once again, it is quite ridiculous to accuse them dating.

Okay, sorry for the harsh words but you guys really need the scolding!

Now, let’s hear what our amazing yeoja said during her meeting with the press after she wrapped her drama The Time We Were Not in Love. Enjoy

meet press HJW meets media BLUE1

[Interview] Ha Ji-won isn’t bothered by the percentage or scandal

Ha Ji-won says her effect has worn off. She’s been mostly successful with “Secret Garden” and “The King 2 Hearts” but she didn’t make it big with “The Time I Loved You”. However, it’s not only her fault. She quit working out and started ballet and stretching for her role of a high school student. It wasn’t easy for her to put on a uniform at an age nearing 40. “The Time I Loved You” went through a lot of struggles with the director being changed twice and even the writers. The percentage remained at 6~7% all throughout the 16 episodes. Ha Ji-won tries to pretend it’s alright but not compared to her past works. We met Ha Ji-won at a café on the 19th and she seemed peaceful. She smiled as she said, “The viewing rates? Everyone around me said it was fun!”. She seemed far from being worried. She could even blame the writer but she said, “I just have to fulfill what I have been given. I only see mine. It’s not like I am in contact with the writer anyways”. How does Ha Ji-won feel about not being Oh Ha-na anymore?

Q: How do you feel now that the drama is over?

Ha Ji-won: “I had more fun towards the middle of the drama rather than the first. Exhaustion aside, I had so much fun”.

How was working with Lee Jin-wook?

“We cooperated well and it was fun. Lee Jin-wook has a thing for making people laugh”.

The percentage wasn’t that great.

“It’s ironic. Everyone I meet said the drama was great but the viewing percentage wasn’t as high. But that didn’t bring me down. Dramas aren’t always watched on the TV these days”.

There’s no truth to the percentage.

For example, it’s something like this. When I go to a coffee shop or the sauna everyone tells me they’re watching the drama. I didn’t hear that during “Empress Qi”. Maybe the character wasn’t easy to understand but this time it was different. Many people asked me how the ending went”.

There was a switch in writers.

“What mattered to me most was how I played Oh Ha-na. There was no time to waste just because the writer had changed”.

Do you keep in touch with the writer?

“Hahaha, no I don’t”.

You played a teenager in uniform to a grown up in office-look.

“I didn’t think myself in uniform would be shown that much. The director didn’t want a younger actress playing the part. It was very pressuring but I imagined I was traveling back to my teen years. It’s more exciting to think I’m doing something I haven’t done then”.

It was a happy ending in the end.

“I didn’t know there could be a ‘man-best-friend’ until I did this drama. I wished for a male friend like Choi Won (Lee Jin-woo). We connected well and I liked how they looked like friends but lovers at the same time”.

Why didn’t you actually kiss Lee Jin-wook?

“I didn’t know. The kiss scenes were usually taken late at night or early in the morning. I guess I wasn’t fully awake and exhausted”.

Some say your ‘cuteness’ took some time to get used to.

“That’s not fair. I didn’t think I was much different from my usual self. Maybe I came off too strong in most of my roles until now. I realized a lot about my typical image. I like being at home the way I am in the drama”.

You carried two bags in the drama.

“I wanted it to seem realistic. Women in the real world really carried two bags including their laptop and personal handbags. I thought it seemed realistic and active”.

The clothes you wear are ‘wannabe’.

“I put a lot of effort into the style. I never had much to wear during “Secret Garden” or “Empress Qi”. I started putting on clothes from early in the morning. I had to go through 15 different outfits once”.

How did you maintain your energy with so many all-nighters?

“I work out like an athlete 3 months ahead of starting something. I didn’t work out for 6 months because I had to be a high school student. The ballet teacher told me not to walk so I didn’t. I stretched a lot and lost a lot of muscle weight”.

You have a scandal with Boris Chen.

“We only met once because of a movie in Korea”.

You guys put up the same pictures.

“Netizens are amazing. Many regular people post similar pictures too. I think they were manipulated but I don’t care much about the scandal”.

HJW meets media5

What’s your ideal type?

“I usually expect to fall in love at first sight but I did feel that even friends can end up being lovers. I want to be in love with someone who makes me feel comfortable. I like fun people. Still, there has to be some of that tingling thing”.

When was your last romance?

“A long time. I don’t even know how to tell you”. The word ‘action’ comes along with the name ‘Ha Ji-won’ “I like action. I wanted to do something different this time. Action is tough. I am not even that strong. I guess I’m taking it all out on the action roles I play”.

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Hyun Bin for Rogatis

We welcome Rogatis F/W newest collections as we can have our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, looking like his Kim Joo Won again smiling to us from our screen. As usual he looks smart and bossy, in a good way, with his Rogatis suit. Ok, let’s the pictures do the talking, shall we?



What?  Just two images? Ouch! Come on, Rogatis, you can do better than that, right? Show us more pictures of our Hyun Bin please? 🙂

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Ha Ji Won’s New Movie


This is the poster concept for Ha Ji Won’s new movie Risking Life for Love

Ha Ji Won is as busy as bee. After wrapping her 16 episodes drama The Time We Were Not in Love earlier this month, she has to get prepared for her new project, a Korean-Chinese film called Risking Life for Love. Tentatively it has another working title called Deadly Love. Interestingly she will work with Chen Bolin who is the original version of Choi Won, her love interest in The Time We Were Not in Love, the drama which was a remake from a Taiwanese hit The Time I Loved You. Chen Bolin was the lead male for The Time I Loved You and rumor has it that Lee Jin Wook who played as Choi Won was going to collaborate in the film as well. It turns out that Choi Won, err, I mean, Lee Jin Wook dropped the offer on its last minutes and let another actor, Chun Jung Myun taking part as the Korean male lead.

The movie is said to be a thriller romance where Ha Ji Won will play as a horror scriptwriter, Chun will play as a police officer and Chen Bolin will be their perfect hot stranger. That’ sounds interesting. Hopefully the movie will be another hit. Finger crossed, Jiwon-sshi!  , as tagged

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Ha Ji Won for J-One

JOne 1

Boss Ha, the terms of endearment for our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, from people around her lately, is doing a great job as a businesswoman. Our Jiwon is the indeed the Boss, she is the CEO and founder of J-One cosmetics. We’re proud to share the news that the beauty product our girl founded last month has successfully made a record as the fastest selling item in Lotte online shop, Korea. The sold out J-One cleansing-face-cosmetics only need its first week for selling all of its first  thousands set.

JOne crJiwonderland1

This seems like a green light for Jiwon for expanding  her J-one with a new set collection called J.ONE Jelly Cushion. She introduced her new muse in a posh event in Seoul called “Beauty Talk with Ha Ji Won”.

More success for J-One, Jiwon-sshi, God bless!

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Hyun Bin for Uniqlo

Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, has been chosen as the Korean face of Uniglo fashion with Jeon Ji Hyun since early 2015 after the brand said goodbye to its former cf star, Kang Dong Won. It seems that they’re launching a new collections for their F/W 2015.Hyun Bin looks swift and sharp with his casual but trendy stretch jeans. The Japanese brand, Uniglo, entered the South Korea market in 2005.  The sales figure was the highest ever set by a fashion outlet in Korea. At least 93 Uniqlo markets spreads around Korea in 2013.

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Ha Ji Won for Armani


Giorgio Armani and Ha Ji Won sounds like a  match made in fashion heaven, doesn’t it? So it was no wonder that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won was invited as Korean fashion icon to attend the opening ceremony of Giorgio Armani’s event in Seoul last week. She looks so perfect with her black girly dress and her trademark million-dollar-smile.

Armani2 Armani1

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Ha Ji Won for KOON’s Opening Ceremony

AK Plaza

At the same time Hyun Bin made his public appearance, our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won also attended an event. She went to KOON renewal opening event at AK Plaza on August 21, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea with fellow celebrities like her The Time We Were Not In Love‘s costar Lee Jin Wook, some idol singers, like Jessica,  and fashion models such as Kang Seung Hyun. Our Ha Ji Won looks elegant wearing her fashionable business suit like her Oh Hana character by donning a chic ensemble of flare pants, black top and dark green blazer.

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Hyun Bin ‘s Fan Sign Event on Mediheal’s Grand Opening




Our amazing namja,  Hyun Bin, finally made his rare public appearance last week. He held a fan signing on August 21 at the grand opening of Mediheal flagship store in Myeong Dong, Seoul . This event was held by global mask pack brand Mediheal and Hyun Bin looks handsome as he always is in his suit fashion.

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Ha Ji Won for Crocodile Ladies

cr1 cr2
Crocodile Ladies’ Fall 2015 Ad Campaign has hit the town. We are happy  as it always has our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, as its face. Showing a series of new collections creatively called , Urban Healing, and Croctive, Biz Casual and City Casual, Ha Ji Won looks stunning as she always is.



Incepted in 1947 in Singapore and then launched in 1996 in Korea, Crocodile Ladies Crocodile has been loved as a global fashion brand based on its long history. Crocodile Ladies was targeting women aged 30s-50s and has widely been known as the No.1 woman’s fashion brand which successfully created a blue ocean in the adult casual wear market.
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