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Beautiful Ha Ji Won in a modern day Hanbook

hanbook dress 5hanbook dress 7

hanbook dress 8hanbook dress 6

There is no doubt that Ha Ji Won is an awesome lady in hanbook as she’s the one that brought that famous gisaeng Hwang Jin Yi tale into life. And who can’t deny her role as North Korean commander Kim Hang Ah with her modern day hanbook in a simple maxi dress?

Hwang Jin Yi (2006)

Hwang Jin Yi (2006)

Kim Hang Ah (2012)

Kim Hang Ah (2012)

There is no doubt that awesome Ha Ji-won with hanbook, a Korean traditional dress, will steal any show. That must be the reason why famed hanbook designer Lee Young Hee invited Ha Ji Won as her special guest on her exhibition last week.

Our amazing yeoja attended the event wearing a beautiful yellow modern-day hanbook that accentuated her charm as the awesome A-class actress in South Korea .

hanbook dress 4hanbook dress 3

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Hyun Bin’s New Movie is Awesome!


Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, is ready to come back to the big screen and it’s gonna be daebak! Yup, he is confirming the news that he’s going to lead in Cooperation, a thriller of a North vs South Korean spy drama. KBS World mentioned that Hyun Bin will be teaming up with hit-making director Yoon Jae-kyun in this action blockbuster, where he will play the protagonist, a North Korean investigator named Lim Chul-ryung.


Director Yoon Je Kyun is not a stranger for our amazing couple as he once directed our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji won. in the disaster film “Haeundae” in 2009, and also produced her sci-fi film “Sector 7” in 2011.In this interview below we have Director Yoon explained his reason for working with Ha Ji-won because, in his own words, she is the most passionate actress in Korea.

Director Yoon latest movie is the heartwarming festival favorite plus the box office hit “Ode To My Father” in 2014. Director Yoon has been working on “Cooperation” for the past four years. This movie is said to have a budget of 10 billion won, circling around the story of an unofficial joint-investigation between the two Koreas.
Filming is expected to start early next year.

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Ha Ji Won is Jane Han

Ha Ji Won’s new movie, Risking Life for Love has started its filming days all around Korea. With international cast including Taiwanese superstar Chen Bolin, the thriller drama is reportedly gonna shoot abroad too. Our girl who is the leading lady in this movie will play as a writer for mystery novels named Jane Han while Bolin will act as her mysterious handsome stranger and Korean actor Chun Jung Myung will be Jane’s childhood BFF who works as a police officer a.k.a real life detective.

This movie also has awesome child stars that will steal our heart for sure. Other cast members include Yoon So-hee, Song Min-jung, and Kim Won-hae. The movie is slated for a 2016 release.


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Awesome Ha Ji Won in Hawaii

hawai 5

Oh my goodness, this woman is classy. Ha Ji-won radiates under the sun in the October issue of ‘Cosmopolitan‘!

Shot in beautiful and breathtaking Hawaii, the actress looked ravishing in vintage glam.

hawai 11

hawai 1hawai 2

In the interview after the photoshoot, Ha Ji Won confessed that she habitually visits Hawaii after she finishes a drama or movie. She explained that Hawaii’s bright sunny rays, cheerful community, and delicious foods make her genuinely happy. Additionally, she stated, “Although I like Waikiki’s full-of-life beaches, I prefer Kailua’s calm and quiet beaches.

hawai 4

When asked about working in her most recent drama, ‘The Time We Were Not in Love‘, the actress replied, “I like giving love and receiving it. I think to attain this personally, you need to experience love more. In my next work, maybe you’ll be able to meet a more loveable me?” Aren’t you getting excited to see her next acting role?

You can check out the rest of the photoshoot below, and pick up an October copy of ‘Cosmopolitan’ to read the full interview!

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Hyun Bin for Hite Beer & Samsung Life



Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, is famous of being quiet. He prefers to stay away of the public spotlight to keep his privacy private. The only chance we can get a glimpse of him is from his very rare public appearance and….those cute poster and CFs.

We’re lucky that Hite Beer has just launched its new posters in mid September and Samsung Life add new versions for their CF. Hopefully those Robin’s smile poster and cute Kim Joo Won’s bossy warning can give us a little Binnie medication for missing him from our screens lately.


Hyun Bin : Samsung Life CF, BTS




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Gorgeous Ha Ji Won for Purenine

CF bottled drink

Ever wonder with that cute bottle Ha Ji Won’s Oh Hana brought during her jogging hours in her latest drama’ The Time We Were Not In Love? Well, that trendy jug is  called Purenine Alkaline Bottle where the company claimed that it was certified by US FDA. Also, this epoch-making bottle automatically turns ordinary water into alkaline water without any supplementary device or filter. We just need to put ordinary water into Purenine Alkali Bottle to make the water have pH level of 8.0 ~ 9.0.

We proudly share the news that our amazing yeoja is endorsing this product in such awesome photoshots. Enjoy!



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Ha Ji Won for KEB Hana Bank

Oh Hana has a bank of her own? Well, we all know that the adorable Miss Oh Hana has already vanished once the drama she was in, The Time We Were Not In Love ended last month. The other Hana in Ha Ji won’s life is from a Korean Exchange Bank (KEB) that just did a merge with Hana Financial Group last July and became a bigger company named KEB Hana Bank. Our amazing woman, Ha Ji-won is its muse with actor Kim Soo Hyun and the adorable Song’s Triplets.

wonnie in shangha1wonnie in shanghai

KEB Hana invited Ha Ji Won to Shanghai for an international event with the head of state and other dignitaries on September 3. Later, the bank hosted a date with hundreds of lucky fans VIPs to meet her and the actor Kim in Seoul.





The bank also keeps a good track in making promotional marketing projects, including a huge ad in Seoul stadium. Our girl and the ad crew had to spent  35 hours of filming for this ad with hundreds of people, and it’s gonna be BIG for sure. We’re happy to share it online because this bank helps us to see more of our amazing yeoja. Yaaay!

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Ha Ji Won’s Airport Fashion

Our  girl Jiwonnie is Boss Ha in real life. Ha Ji Won runs her own agency, a best-selling cosmetics brand and, first thing first, she is an A-list actress in her country. She was hoping to spend her much deserving two weeks vacation in her favorite island, Hawaii, after finishing her drama The Time We Were Not in Love, but duty called first that she had to cut her stay a week earlier and jet back to Korea.

Wearing a torn jeans and simple white tee with red letters strongly said “Kiss My Fist” she went back from Hawaii on Sept 2, and in just hours later she hit back the airport for a short trip to China in a chic all-black ensemble. The next day she went home in a modest white jacket, all with a good company of her fashionable shades.

Such an amazing woman she is!

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A Shipper Like Us from India Wrote a “Hope” for Binnie’s Birthday


Okay, Binnie, Jiwonnie, wherever you are, hopefully this news can reach you. Guess what, your faithful shipper is no joke, not just us the fun-loving JB’s Angels here, but there is an interesting news floating online from a media called International Business Times, where its India edition has just wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUN BIN, WILL HA JI WON DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR THE ACTOR?. Yep! No kidding! The writer, Rushali Pawar, is definitely a fellow shipper like us.*high five*.

Here is what she wrote*

Actor Hyun Bin has come a long way since his debut on KBS drama, “Bodyguard.” From being a minor character on a show, he has gone on to become one of Korea’s famous celebrities in recent years.

Now, he has a slew of drama series and movies to his credit, and is planning on making his comeback soon with a film titled, “Cooperation.” According toK Drama Stars, the actor will play the role of a North Korean defector.

While Hyun Bin prepares for his new role after being absent from the silver screen for two years, fans have been wondering how he would celebrate his 35th birthday.

The actor, who is linked to Ha Ji Won, might have planned a special date with the star. After all, the two have shared a wonderful chemistry on camera when they starred on the drama show, “Secret Garden.” In fact, the actress once said that she is closest to Hyun Bin among all the male actors in the industry, reportedSoompi.

Although both of them haven’t confirmed their relationship, fans of the two hope that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won would become a couple one day and even get married.

Well Done, Rushali!

(cr:) IBTimes India

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Happy Birthday Binnie

Have a Happiest Birthday, Mister Kim Tae Pyung!

binnie birthday pic

What do you want as a birthday present from us? How about this?

Let’s sing this “anthem” together, shall we? Since we are struggling too here…you know,  unable to see you more often than we wish we could. So please be healthy and have a happy life so you can entertain us with your upcoming projects, and a sega-inspired love life is really really….really appreciated *wink”

We LOVE you, Binnie, that’s it!

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