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Beautiful Ha Ji Won at 52nd Golden Horse Film Award

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It seems that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, had a lot of fun in Taiwan.  She effortlessly joined Chang Chen, a famous Taiwanese saeguk actor, playing an impromptu fighting scene on stage as she is very well known in Taiwan after her latest saeguk drama, Empress Ki, was a hit there.

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She did great there, according to our chingu @zoompie123 from soompi who kindly translated news from ;

Ha Ji Won’s appearance on the red carpet of the 52nd Golden Horse Film Awards recorded the 3rd highest rating at 2.63% for the red carpet session. The highest rating of the red carpet session (3.28%) happened when director Ang Lee and veteran local actress Hsu Feng arrived at the red carpet. Former Golden Horse best actor and actress winners (both Taiwanese) Lee Kang-Sheng and Chen Shiang-Chyi’s part at the red carpet marked the 2nd highest rating at 2.87%.

* Attendees of the Golden Horse Film Awards this year include several internationally known or popular Asian stars like Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Chang Chen, Lin Chi-Ling etc. Despite the attendance of these well known Chinese stars, Jiwonnie still manages to attract cheering crowds and also TV ratings. Glad that she is well received in Taiwan and hopefully she can extend her popularity to more countries.

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golden elle mag1golden elle mag 2golden elle mag 3golden 5golden 6Golden Horse

Dramafever also described the event as a very important film festival. It wrote:

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards delivered without a hitch on November 21. The most prestigious awards for Chinese-language cinema invited guests like internationally admired star Jackie Chan and Korean actress Ha Ji Won to the star-studded event hosted by Taiwan’s top model-actress Lin Chi-ling.


golden cc 4.jpg

Ha Ji Won looks stunning in her white gown, walking the red carpet with Mr Dimitri Gouten and, of course, wearing Piaget. From chingu @Zoompi123 we learned that ;

As the ambassador of Piaget, she received courteous reception from Piaget. Piaget prepared 10 sets of jewelries that are worth around 300 million Taiwan dollar for her to choose. She will be walking the red carpet with Piaget Asia Pacific President Mr Dimitri Gouten, and will be presenting the Best Supporting Actor and Best Short Film awards. She revealed that she wants to meet director Ang Lee at the award ceremony.

golden with angle(Jiwon with director Ang Lee)

@cr : Dramafever,as tagged

Taiwanese news translated by : @zoompie123/

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Hyun Bin for Mediheal

We do care that Medheal cares to show us its latest CF. Yup, only 15 seconds but that was much better than no Hyun Bin around us, right? So, here you go, our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, for Mediheal. Enjoy ❤



BTS :VglnQG0.pngXvoUDJf.pngysNgRRD.png3ZADPa1.png

@cr : Mediheal, soompi

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Ha Ji Won Represents South Korea at the 52nd Golden Horse Film Awards

Proud fans here ❤

airport fashion

What a lovely lady!

Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, left Seoul to attend the Golden Horse international film festival in Taiwan as she was chosen to represent South Korea. Thanks to her latest saeguk, Empress Ki, that was a hit in Taiwan (and other Asian countries) she was invited to the glamour film festival with Japanese actor as the event’s international guests of honor.


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Our amazing yeoja’s airport fashion is chic as usual, elegant and very classyat the same time. As a Piaget Ambassador Ha Ji Won was seen wearing Piaget Altiplano watch, cost ranges from US$40,000 to US$43,000. Whoaah!


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Embedded image permalink


cr : as tagged, soompi

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Hyun Bin Stays Home



Well, it seems that our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, prefers to stay home instead of going international by joining a Chinese agency from the mainland as well as Taiwan,  to reach his bigger international stardom.

According to @Kdramastar, here is the full story:

A representative for his agency, O& Entertainment, confirmed that he is currently in the midst of contract negotiation, in a statement provided to Star News.

“There are rumors that Hyun Bin received love calls and a hefty offer from a Chinese company,” said the spokesperson. “This contract was not received by the agency nor are we in [the midst] of talks.”

The agency representative went on to note that the exclusive agency contract that currently binds the popular star is set to expire in December 2015.

“This is currently being discussed by Hyun Bin’s agency and the contract negotiations are factoring the possibility of renewal,” said the designated agent.

Reports regarding his exclusive contract follow recent news that he was cast opposite Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Yoo Hae Jin, in a 2016 action film that is tentatively titled, “Cooperation.”

Hyun followed the completion of his mandatory military service with his portrayal of King Jeongjo in the 2014 period film, “The Fatal Encounter.” In 2015, he returned to drama in the psychological romantic comedy, “Jekyll, Hyde, and Me,” which was met with mixed reception, as it aired simultaneously against the hit drama, “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

The 33-year-old actor won the hearts of drama viewers as Hyun Jin Heon in the 2005 MBC series, “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.” He followed the success of the Hallyu hit with his iconic role as a track suit clad heir in “Secret Garden.”

@CR : Kdramastar, SBS, as tagged


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Ha Ji Won for HighCut Magazine

Ha Ji won is gorgeous and High Cut Magazine knows it very well.These photo collections can easily show us the grace of our amazing yeoja. She showed off stunning makeup looks in true top actress fashion in a spread for High Cut, released on November 5, featuring Giorgio Armani Beauty products. So, without further ado,  here comes the elegant lady Jiwon-sshi. Enjoy!



@cr : High Cut Vol.161/Nov 2015, soompi, as tagged

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Co stars for Hyun Bin’s new movie are named


Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, has just had two famous co-stars for his upcoming movie. Here is the news, according to @kdramastar;

Actress and Girls Generation member Im Yoona will join actor Hyun Bin in his new action film, tentatively titled “Cooperation.” It’s a film about an unprecedented joint investigation conducted by both North and South Korean detectives. And due to its highly sensitive nature, the investigation is being conducted in secret.

Hyun Bin plays the North Korean detective Lim Chul Ryong and Yoona will play Park Min Young, the younger sister of the South Korean detective. Actor Yoo Hae Jin plays the South Korean detective. Yoona’s role has been described as a supporting role.


(Photo : KDramaStars)

 Hyun Bin confirmed his role in September and has been training for the film’s intense action stunts since then. The action thriller will be his third project since returning from his two year mandatory military duty in December 2012. He played the fearful King Jeongjo in the film “Fatal Encounter” and a man with a split personality in the drama “Hyde, Jekyll and I.” Hyun Bin is best known for his roles in the romantic dramas “Secret Garden” and “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon,” as well as the films “Late Autumn” and “Come Rain, Come Shine.”

Director Yoon Jae Kyoon and his company JK Film Production will produce the film with a budget of $8,500,000. The company produced two hit films, the 2009 disaster film “Haeundae” and the 2014 film “Ode To My Father.” “Ode To My Father sold 14.2 million tickets. And he is no stranger to spy films, having produced the 2011 film “Sector 7.”

Filming is set to begin early in 2016.

cr : kdramastar, as tagged.

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Ha Ji Won for Fendi

fendi 5

fendi 6

Han Cinema said interestingly that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won beats cold weather to save fashion at Fendi photocall

Actress Ha Ji-won is striking poses at the photocall during the opening ceremony of Fendi Seoul Peekaboo project on November 4th. The event took place in Boontheshop in Gangnam, Seoul.

Ha Ji-won looks chic and exquisite in the all black outfit. Her chic style and refreshing youthful face captivated the hearts of the crowd on the venue.

fendi 1

According to Fendi, the exclusive Peekaboo project was a collaboration with 3 iconic women include the actress Ha Ji-won, olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna,  and fashion icon Ko So-young.

fendi 2

Followed by the charity projects in London and Tokyo, FENDI  moves to Seoul where the three iconic women who have a lot of influence in Korean culture are invited to working closely with Silvia Venturini Fendi and Fendi artisans and came together to personalize their own Peekaboo bags and created one of a kind piece.  The resulting special Peekaboo bags was displayed at BOONTHESHOP North B1, Event Space in Choengdam-dong from Nov 5th to 15th  alongside other peekaboo bags from the previous projects from London and Tokyo for public exhibition with no admission charge.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the charity institutions the three creator chose.


“I was inspired by the bright and positive lyrics from You are the Universe by The Brand New Heavies, a song containing my motto in life. A black and white retro stripe pattern is vividly placed  inside the bag to complete my unique and vivacious mood.”

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the international medical NGO ‘Operation Smile’  which performs surgery on children suffering from facial deformation such as cleft lip from birth. 

It seems that the event was pretty successful and our kind-hearted Ha Ji Won would eagerly send all the money from this project to her Smile Operation around the world where she has been helping for years.

@credit: FendiHanCinema & as tagged

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Hyun Bin’s Fanmeeting “2015 His Story”


Are you ready?

Good news for you, that our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, will finally have a fan meeting.

Unfortunately you have to fly to Seoul to join the party.

Here, take a look, and let’s have some fun with the upcoming event. Surely it will be awesome!HB FM

@cr : from soompi

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Ha Ji Won’s very Own Jelly Pack is Selling Fast!


Proud to hear that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, is doing great as the boss in real life, thanks to her latest achievement, selling her cosmetics like hot cakes. According to the news she has sold 67.700 packs of her J-ONE jelly only in four months in Lotte Home Shopping . Here is the report from The Korea Times :

Cosmetic branded by popular actresses Ha Ji-won, Ko Hyun-jung and leading celebrity management company YG Entertainment are selling fast in Korea and China.

Ha launched in June her cosmetic brand “J.One Cosmetics” in June. The brand’s Jelly Pack _ a facial mask pack that the actress dubbed a”corset pack” because it effectively tightens a wearer’s skin _ was introduced on TV shopping channel Lotte Home Shopping in early July and has been promoted on the channel 13 times until now.

The product has sold out five times, and has sold 67,700 units and recorded 6 billion won in sales.

Well done, Boss Ha, very well done!

cr : Lotte/J-One

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