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Ha Ji Won for Piaget

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The Mediterranean Garden Collection with Ha Ji Won

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A High Jewellery collection inspired by the intense beauty and the glamour of the Riviera

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Celebrating the free spirit of the 1960s and 1970s, the Extremely Piaget collection recalls a stellar period of creativity and innovation in the history of the Maison, marked by an explosion of colour and new shapes, and enhanced by the most precious materials: diamonds, colourful stones and exquisite gold.

More Piaget Collection Photos

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During these carefree years, with its bold creations, Piaget established itself as the brand of choice for celebrities and the international jet set who enjoyed the glamour of life on the Riviera, and regularly frequented its extraordinary parties, some organised by Mr Piaget himself. Finding inspiration in its rich heritage, the new Piaget Mediterranean Garden collection brings a contemporary twist to the captivating lifestyle of the Riviera with its elegant festivities and stylish fashions. Exploring the elaborate marriage of brilliant stones and intricate gold techniques, these surprising designs for the sophisticated modern woman embody the distinctive elegance associated with Mediterranean living since the 1960s.
With her elegant and refined demeanor, Korean actress Ha Ji Won is invited by Piaget to present this bewitching new Mediterranean Garden High Jewellery collection in three different styles: charming roses, carefree Mediterranean, and classic elegance.


piaget 1

Ha Ji Won perfectly interpreted the extraordinary sophisticated modern woman with the adornment of this exquisite collection, bringing to life the beauty of blooming roses, palm trees and shimmering waters in a style.


Earlier this year, Ha spent her holidays in the south of France to enjoy the warm sunshine and the greenery of the French Riviera. During the photo shooting, the collection reminded Ha of those pleasant times, “Piaget is a classic brand desired by all. It represents the hope for radiance. It’s an honor to wear the Mediterranean Garden collection and I absolutely love every piece. They remind me of the warmth of the sun and the magnificent scenery. I feel extraordinarily elegant and warm.”

Bonus : BTS

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Hyun Bin said Merry Christmas

And also that his last drama, Hyde, Jekill, Me is available in DVD and blue ray that you can purchase or order it online.

So is Secret Garden, of course… 😀


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and May we all have a Happy Holiday, Angels ❤

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In The Kitchen with Hyun Bin

TongYang Magic.jpg

How about that as our Christmas gift? Hmmmmm…too good to be true? Okay, got it, Angels, let’s just have Chef Hyun Bin instead 😉


Thanks to TongYang Magic, a home appliance company, latest ad, we are having the year-end festive mood with Chef Binnie himself. It doesn’t matter that he can’t cook, right? We believe, all his fans will just let him do anything he wants in the kitchen as long as possible to have him there with us.


It would be perfect if he’s also with our amazing yeoja eh? Well…one can only hope…right? Kekekekekekekekeke….


Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Angels ❤

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Ha Ji Won for Soul and Stone, PureNIne and J-ONE

hjw2It’s Christmas week and those famous brands that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, is endorsing, warmly greeted us with their series of colorful photo-shot or just BTS to cherish the festive of our holidays. That is more than enough for our Christmas gift, right?

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Ha Ji Won for Soul & Stone

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Ha Ji Won for Purenine

J One nail polish

Ha Ji Won for J – One

Bonus :
Ha Ji Won has just had a Fan-Signing event in Seoul for Crocodile Ladies last week:


Have a happy holiday, Angels.

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10 Million Ways to Help Campaign by Uniqlo & Hyun Bin.


In our world today there are an unprecedented number of refugees-people like you and me who have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety and a new life.

Help us in our work with the United Nations Refugee Agency as we gather 10 million pieces of clothing for refugees in need wherever they are. You can make a difference.

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Ha Ji-won, a goddess of pure innocence looks more radiant with less makeup

On December 23rd, Elle Korea posted Ha Ji-won‘s video clip on their official Instagram under the short caption, “Ha Ji-won, her goddess look is revealed more as makeup is removed”.

In the posted video clip, Ha Ji-won, wearing translucent makeup, waves her hand while smiling brightly. Ha Ji-won in a white dress revealing her shoulders shows off her flawless gorgeous look with the translucent minimal makeup.

Ha Ji-won plays Je-in, a mystery novelist in the upcoming movie, “Life-Staking Love”, also co-starring Cheon Jeong-myeong and Chen Bolin.


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Korean actress HA Ji-won and Taiwanese star CHEN Bolin wrapped the romcom thriller Life-Staking Love (literal title) earlier this month on the 5th in Paju, northwest of Seoul. The film, which began its shoot in Itaewon, Seoul on September 6th this year, is the debut feature of SONG Min-kyu, who previously was wrote and produced KANG Je-kyu’s war epic My Way (2011).
HA plays a mystery novel writer who goes after a serial killer with the help of her friend (CHUN Jeong-myoung), a detective. Soon, they cross paths with the mysterious Jason (CHEN).
Well-known across the big and small screen, HA last appeared in Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015), which was directed by and featured HA Jung-woo in the lead role. She has appeared in horrors (The Phone, 2002), romcoms (Love, So Divine, 2004), melodramas (Closer To Heaven, 2009) and blockbusters (Haeundae, 2009).
Life-Staking Love marks CHEN’s second appearance in a Korean film, following SUN Hao’s Korea-China co-production Bad Guys Always Die with SON Ye-jin, which debuted at the Busan International Film Festival this year and will debut in local theaters on January 21st following its Chinese bow late last month.
In the third lead role, CHUN marks his return to the big screen two years after the romcom Queen of the Night. The cast also features OH Jeong-se (How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, 2013), YUN So-hui (Salut d’Amour, 2015) and SONG Min-jeong (A Blood Pledge, 2009). Life-Staking Love, which is being produced by BA Entertainment and distributed by OPUS Pictures, is currently in post-production and expected to hit screens in the first half of next year.
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J-ONE is spreading


Boss Ha, our amazing yeoja, is doing great as a businesswoman who owns the cosmetics brand J-ONE. Her latest product, J-ONE Hana Cream was launched and skyrocketing only in days. Bravo Oh Hana, ooops, I mean, Jiwon-sshi….err….., Bravo Boss Ha 🙂




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Hyun Bin at the Movie Premiere

HB 3.jpghb2

Admit it, JB’s Angels…. you miss our amazing namja, right?

Well, he’s actually always around, busy as usual. Last month, November, our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, was seen in a warm ensemble attending the movie You Call It Passion VIP premiere at Megabox in Seoul, South Korea. Turtleneck can’t be this good in my brother’s…oops, sorry …#just ignore it. 😀

In December Hyun Bin also seen attending another movie premiere. He was invited for The Himalayas VIP premiere. Wearing all black, on December 10th, Hyun Bin attended the event which was held at CGV Youngdeungpo branch. Seoul.The Himalayas is about the story of mountaineer Um Hong Gil, who went to the Himalayas with his expedition team to find the body of a Korean mountaineer who died while climbing at the Himalayas.



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Ha Ji Won in Pink for Swarovski

Wearing pink, our amazing yeoja, actress Ha Ji-won, attended Swarovski Christmas Lighting Ceremony at Hong Kong International Airport on December 1, 2015 in Hong Kong, China.

“Ha Ji-won is the only Korean star who was invited to the event,” her management agency Haewadal Entertainment said on Monday.

The ceremony heralds the end of the year for many people at the airport.

After the event, she took part in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

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Local press seemed eager to ask her many things especially about her movie Risking Life for Love or Deadly Love where she is still shooting with Taiwanese top star Bolin Chen for a Korea-China co-production film. Jiwonnie answered politely that she wished she had more time there so she can go shopping and buying some souvenir for Bolin and all the crew. She said,“I’m only staying in Hong Kong for 2 days, time is short. If there’s time, I’d buy a gift for him and the director.” One interesting question was about a swarovski ring she had, “err, not a ring but a bracelet,” she said. Was that from your boyfriend, Jiwon-shie? Giggling, our lady answered it with “Secret!” 😀

Hmmm… Was it some one from Secret Garden? Ah, we do hope so, Jiwonnie. And let’s watch her “secret” answer in this video :

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