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Ha Ji Won is a gorgeous hallyu star on cover of Hong Kong ‘Cosmopolitan’

Ha Ji Won proved to be a gorgeous hallyu star on the cover of the Hong Kong ‘Cosmopolitan‘.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Ha Ji Won, who reflects confident, and prideful character, was honored to be the cover girl of the March issue. 

Hong Kong ‘Cosmopolitan’ called Ha Ji Won ‘actress who changes 100 times’. During the interview, Ha Ji Won talked about her responsibility as a top actress. It was also heard that Ha Ji Won showed professionalism through her modest, but perfected talent as a top hallyu star.

Ha Ji Won is currently taking a break off the screens, but is spending quality time with her loving fans. On February 27, she will be holding her third fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

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Hyun Bin Campaigns Against Animal Cruelty


Actor Hyun Bin has joined forces with a retired search and rescue dog to raise awareness against animal cruelty.

On February 26, his management company VAST Entertainment released pictures of Hyun Bin posing with Vision, a retired search and rescue dog.

In the pictures, you can see that despite having retired last year, Vision is still looks brave and healthy and Hyun Bin looks even more handsome than before.

Before retiring, Vision was a part of the emergency rescue crew and over the course of seven years, was involved in 121 missions and  saved 13 people.

Additionally, it was revealed that Hyun Bin, who has been involved in many animal cruelty campaigns in the past, smiled widely when he saw Vision at the photo shoot.


Hyun Bin said, “I want to send my genuine concern and encouragement to the many people who are currently going through a hard time and I hope that search and rescue dogs will be able to live in a better environment as well.”

Hyun Bin is currently set to begin filming for his big screen comeback in the movie “Cooperation,” which is about North and South Korea’s first-ever joint investigation.

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Poster and Teaser for Ha Ji-won’s new Movie

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The upcoming Korean Chinese film ‘Risking Life for Love’ has revealed a movie poster featuring the beautiful Ha Ji Won.  The movie, called ‘Risking Life for Love,’ is a romantic thriller which centers on a serial murder case. Romance and thriller are not genres that are typically mixed, and the fact that the movie features both Korean and Chinese actors is drawing even more attention.

This Korean-Chinese joint film project is a romance movie combined with the elements of comedy thriller. Ha Ji-won and Chen Bolin star in this movie, which is director Song Min-gyoo’s debut film, who participated in the movie, ‘My Way’ as a producer.

Jeon Hae Rim, better known by her stage name Ha Ji-won is a South Korean actress. She is best known amongst international viewers for historical drama Hwang Jini, romantic comedy Secret Garden, and historical drama Empress Ki. She starred in several films and television series, winning various awards and accolades along the way in both films and TV series. Ha Ji-won is one of South Korea’s most sought after actresses, known for her versatility in pulling off roles in various genres such as action (including martial arts), comedy, drama, and sports.

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Ha Ji Won wants a drink with this 2PM member

On a recent airing of SBS Plus‘s ‘Stargram‘, actress Ha Ji Won confessed she wanted a drink with 2PM‘s Taecyeon!


The actress was startled to find out that the program had pinpointed soju as one of her beauty secrets. When asked how much she could drink, Ha Ji Won gave her honest reply: “About a bottle and a half [of soju], if I’m feeling good, another half a bottle.” 

The actress was then popped the question of which celebrity she wanted to share a drink with. “I want to try lemon soju with Taecyeon,” she revealed, and expressed approval when the interviewer informed her that Taecyeon was a well-known, strong drinker in the entertainment industry!


We hope the actress will meet up with Taecyeon for a friendly drink soon!


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Ha Ji-Won-sshi, U Look Great!







It’s been so quiet, after we heard the bad news that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, lost her doting dad about 50 days ago, she was almost nowhere to be seen. The mourning days were too long for us, her loyal fans, that we’re so worried because of her hiatus.  So you can imagine the relief when we finally got her new pictures being available online, Thanks to Korean fashion apparel Crocodile Ladies, we can see our lovely Jiwon-sshi in their upcoming Spring Collections. She’s indeed a pro and that’s why she can put aside that sadness and turned it into a bright lovely photo’s galore.




And  let’s just enjoy the sunny collections getting warmer with our Haetnim’s newest appearance. As usual, she looks great. Welcome back to work, Jiwon-sshi.


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