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Ha Ji Won is rocking her jeans, again!

She is definitely in love with her jeans.


Lately our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, is clearly showing her affection with her blue jeans, especially the flare one. She wore it almost everywhere. From her birthday party with her fans, an outing at Lotte shopping center, a fan-signing event with Purmil, and yesterday she went to a  VIP movie screening, all were seen as her dates with her lovely jeans. 😀

And who could blame her because she indeed looks gorgeous with her jeans.

It was just a simple outfit, an off-shoulder blue shirt and flare jeans, but our Haetnim definitely stole the whole show. So sexy!


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Hyun Bin’s Cooperation is a wrap!

Our amazing namja, Hyun Bin, has finally completed his shooting days for the upcoming movie, Cooperation. Our chingu in Amazing Couple Fanpage at FB wrote that the filming was wrapped on July 14th, somewhere in Seoul.


In these BTS pictures available on the net,  we can see our Binnie with his co-stars, including Yoona of SNSD, days before the last shoot and the moment after they have taken the very last scene of the movie.



@credit : ACFP/Facebook.

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Ha Ji Won for Miu Miu


Gorgeous Ha Ji Won is so stunning in her mini black dress with a blue denim Miu Miu jacket.


So, our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, was seen at an opening event of MIUMIU in Seoul on the 20th of July. Funny thing happened when she was on the red carpet and posing for the camera…


Omo…sassange…how came one of her earrings dropped.

funny 2


At that event Ha Ji Won was wearing MiuMiu Badge-embellished denim jacket. And yes, she indeed is soooo sexy at the Miu Miu event that KNetz go crazy, again. 😀


@credit: as tagged, DC

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Ha Ji Won for Stylus

Gorgeous Ha Ji Won strikes again.


Dressed all black, our amazing yeoja visited a Stylus Jewellery store on 2nd July. That Saturday afternoon she went to Lotte Department Store Boncheon at Sogong-dong branch point, she went to its 1st floor and Stylus Store at B1 to wow us for sure 🙂

These pictures can do the talking and you’d be the judge.


See? That gorgeous lady just strikes us again! *wink* 🙂


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HaJiWon for Purmil and Gianfranco Lotti

Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, was seen attending an open photo of The Gianfranco Lotti vintage collection launch ceremony last June 30, at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

gianfranco lotti event

She was wearing her favorite flare jeans with a white shirt and long coat. It seems that she was having a new push-up bra that made a big noise in the k-netizens world…ha ha. You should read those noisy knetz being jealous with her curvy figure ….oh well… 😦

The next day we saw her with her jeans, again, and another white blouse, attending a fan-signing meeting for Purmil.


This time she has a slim fit jeans and a cute ponytail as well as her bright smile as her warm greeting when she went to Lotte Bupyeong shopping mall where the event was held.

@credit : as tagged, DC

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