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Vivien’s new CF featuring Ha Ji Won is out!

see yourself

Remember a month ago where some nasty jelly netizens were targeting our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, busty appearance? Well, my friends,  we can surely have the last laugh as it is now a fact that our amazing yeoja was not going under the knife for a breast enlargement plastic surgery like those nasty netizens said about her. It was actually her new bra that did the magic.

Yup, as you can see from these new CFs above, it was actually a great product from Namyeong Vivien, a South Korean company who is responsible for the new push-up bra  under the name Hello My Fit Collections. And, of course, our sunshine haetnim Jiwon-shi is introduced to the world as their latest ambassador.


The lingerie company who also sells product for male costumers previously worked with her What Happened in Bali alums; Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub.


And the main reason they pick her as their new lingerie model is definitely because of that curvy S-shaped toned body of her. We are also thankful to Vivien, or the conservative South Korean nation,  for being elegant in showing their lingerie collection to the world. You can rest asured that there will be no silly provocative lingerie photos of Vivien, and surely our amazing yeoja, being circulated as a tasteless CF.   Bravo for that, and now let us being envy with that sexy curvy body of our lovely Boss Ha 😉


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Ha Ji Won for Purenine





A bunch of new (sexy!) pictures of our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, posing for her newest CF with Purenine is out. Check these cool collections of our Jiwonnie with her stylish bottle.



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Ha Ji-won sues cosmetic brand, ‘no more harm’


Actress Ha Ji-won explained the report she made against the cosmetic brand for misusing her portrait rights.

Her management claimed that a report was made so that the company doesn’t use her portraits ever again and they hope for no more harm.

According to Ha Ji-won‘s sources, Ha Ji-won signed a contract with J-ONE and allowed it to use her portraits exclusively. However, a co-partner of the brand ran the company while taking millions for himself and used the company profits for his own.


The contract was terminated for trust issues in June this year and Ha Ji-won requested her pictures not to be used. However, the company continued to use it and this led to Ha Ji-won pursuing the matter legally.

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K2′ shares hot new pictures of model Hyun Bin

Feast your eyes on new pictures of hottie Hyun Bin by outdoor brand ‘K2‘ on August 11!

The photos from the 2016 F/W line show Hyun Bin ready to take on the world in his cozy jackets, dependable backpack, and more.

Check out his manly shoot below!

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Ha Ji-won for Vivien


Section TV‘ covered Ha Ji Won‘s recent underwear CF shoot just the other day, and now on August 22, ‘Vivien‘ confirmed the actress as their new brand model for 2016’s autumn season!



They also released one gorgeous cut of the star showing off her curves in a tasteful black one-piece with a low V-cut that shows off her cleavage, thanks to the brand’s ‘Hello Fit Bra.’


Definitely a good choice for a model!


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Ha Ji Won for Crocodile Ladies Autumn Collection

Female clothing brand ‘Crocodile Lady‘ dropped the photo shoot with their model Ha Ji-won. The concept was ‘The First Trip to Real Woman,’ showing Ha Ji Won on vacation in autumn attire.  She pulls off brown, olive green, khaki, burgundy, and other typical autumn colors with great style.


Makes you excited for autumn, doesn’t it?

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