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Ha Ji-won to announce award at MAMA


Our amazing woman, Ha Ji-won will be flying ro Hong Kong for she is chosen as Korean top stars, alongside Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-won, Jang Hyuk, Han Ji-min, Park Min-young and lots more Hallyu Stars to announce awards at MAMA. From KPopHerald we learned that ;


CJ E&M announced on Monday that top Korean stars will be hosting the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The list of top stars that will be presenting awards include actors Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-won, Ha Ji-won, Han Hyo-joo, Han Ji-min, Jang-hyuk and more.

Nominees have been announced and online voting began on Oct. 28. Polls will remain open until Dec. 1.

Voting is available at

The ceremony will take place on Dec. 2 at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong.

Yayyy… Can’t wait for MAMA!!!

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Hyun Bin for K2 and Twosome Place

Hyun Bin is going to pop the question ….unfortunately not for his amazing yeoza but only for a “White Christmas Dream” campaign by A Twosome Place….. *sigh…

But still, the pictures are pretty and we’re thankful for that šŸ˜€

Let’s enjoy the photos galore of his newest work for A Twosome Place and K2, shall we?

hb 1.jpg

Hyun Bin was attendingĀ  a party for A Twosome Place’s “White Christmas Dream” on Nov 23.

Hyun Bin for K2’s newest collections, a Fall & Winter edition, the F/W 2016 GHOST Series

k2 1.jpg

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Ha Ji Won says she wants a ‘Life Risking Romance’ in her life


Ha Ji-won talked about love that risks life, like her upcoming film.

On the November 17 airing of ‘V’ that featured two main actors of ‘Life Risking Romance,’ Ha Ji Won said, “I want a guy I can have life risking romance with.”Ā 
When asked if she had ever had a relationship that was life risking, she said, “Not yet.” She added, “I want a guy I can have life risking romance with, then I will give it my all.”Ā 

The actress also stated, “If I meet a guy that I love that much, I want to travel to outer space with him. I like the outer space. Since I was little, I wanted to become an astronaut.”Ā 

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    Ha Ji Won shares thoughts on being the center of attention for Gil Ra Im controversy


    Ha Ji-won with her Life Risking Romance’s director Song Min-gyu (left) and co-star Chung Jung-myung (right).

    Ha Ji WonĀ spoke up about the bizarre controversy involving her character name Gil Ra Im from ‘Secret Garden‘, andĀ PresidentĀ Park Geun Hye.

    At the press conference for her new film ‘Risking Life for Love‘ on November 17, Ha Ji Won said, “I think I unintentionally became the center of attention. It happened unintentionally. I, too, was watching ‘Newsroom‘ that evening and was surprised when I heard the name, Gil Ra Im.”Ā 


    She continued, “Many still love the character Gil Ra Im and she’s also a character that I love very much, but I hope people love Han Jae In on ‘Risking Life For Love’ from now on.”


    When asked if she is aware of the “Blacklist” in the entertainment industry which is another controversial factor in the midst of the Choi Soon-Sil scandal, Ha Ji Won responded, “I actually didn’t know such a thing existed. I heard about it through the media. Before I’m actress Ha Ji Won, I’m also a lovingĀ citizen of South Korea. I am one citizen who becomes happy when there’s good news and upset when there’s sad news. And as of now, I’m with rest of the citizens in sharing the sorrow.”


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    Netizens encourage Ha Ji Won after reports about President Park’s fake name



    Ha Ji WonĀ has been the center of numerous encouragements from Korean citizens following JTBC‘s report about President Park Geun Hye’s fake name.

    On November 15, it was reported that President Park used the name Gil Ra Im, a character from the drama ‘Secret Garden‘ as her name at the Chaum hospital. With the news going viral, the actress who played Gil Ra Im, though completely unassociated with the issue, has become a hot topic online.


    Many reacted to President Park’s fake name with humor, but some netizens turned to the original Gil Ra Im to leave encouraging comments. Netizens, feeling sorry for Ha Ji Won who has been dragged into the current controversy in such a ridiculous way, commented, “How can she steal your name!? Don’t be upset unnie.. Fighting!”, “When did Gil Ra Im become a president? You must be so startled T.T”, “Gil Ra Im is one of my favorite characters TT There’s only one Gil Ra Im”, “Someone’s defaming your character right now. Fighting”, and more.

    Ha Ji Won also recently made it into the top 10 in real-time searches thanks to President Park.


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    Ha Ji Won gets ready for winter with ‘Crocodile Lady’

    Female clothing brand ‘Crocodile Lady‘ dropped cuts from a photo shoot with their modelĀ Ha Ji Won!


    The photo shoot had the theme of ‘15 guidelines to have a happy winter.’ Ha Ji Won can be seen cozying up in a cute, casual winter coat indoors, while taking care of plants and walking energetically down the street in a more dressed up jacket.

    Check out all the photos below!

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