Ha Ji Won shares thoughts on being the center of attention for Gil Ra Im controversy


Ha Ji-won with her Life Risking Romance’s director Song Min-gyu (left) and co-star Chung Jung-myung (right).

Ha Ji Won spoke up about the bizarre controversy involving her character name Gil Ra Im from ‘Secret Garden‘, and President Park Geun Hye.

At the press conference for her new film ‘Risking Life for Love‘ on November 17, Ha Ji Won said, “I think I unintentionally became the center of attention. It happened unintentionally. I, too, was watching ‘Newsroom‘ that evening and was surprised when I heard the name, Gil Ra Im.” 


She continued, “Many still love the character Gil Ra Im and she’s also a character that I love very much, but I hope people love Han Jae In on ‘Risking Life For Love’ from now on.”


When asked if she is aware of the “Blacklist” in the entertainment industry which is another controversial factor in the midst of the Choi Soon-Sil scandal, Ha Ji Won responded, “I actually didn’t know such a thing existed. I heard about it through the media. Before I’m actress Ha Ji Won, I’m also a loving citizen of South Korea. I am one citizen who becomes happy when there’s good news and upset when there’s sad news. And as of now, I’m with rest of the citizens in sharing the sorrow.”


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