Netizens encourage Ha Ji Won after reports about President Park’s fake name



Ha Ji Won has been the center of numerous encouragements from Korean citizens following JTBC‘s report about President Park Geun Hye’s fake name.

On November 15, it was reported that President Park used the name Gil Ra Im, a character from the drama ‘Secret Garden‘ as her name at the Chaum hospital. With the news going viral, the actress who played Gil Ra Im, though completely unassociated with the issue, has become a hot topic online.


Many reacted to President Park’s fake name with humor, but some netizens turned to the original Gil Ra Im to leave encouraging comments. Netizens, feeling sorry for Ha Ji Won who has been dragged into the current controversy in such a ridiculous way, commented, “How can she steal your name!? Don’t be upset unnie.. Fighting!”, “When did Gil Ra Im become a president? You must be so startled T.T”, “Gil Ra Im is one of my favorite characters TT There’s only one Gil Ra Im”, “Someone’s defaming your character right now. Fighting”, and more.

Ha Ji Won also recently made it into the top 10 in real-time searches thanks to President Park.


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