They’re Just Good Friends…

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So, now you know… our amazing couple, Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, are really really close just like what we thought they were. Just…one tiny “but” here, that their closeness is… as close as a drinking buddy can be.

Yeah. Ha Ji Won herself said it in her recent interview that after Sega, they’ve been good friends ever since, and how they frequently did go for drinking soju  together with a third guy,  their mutual non celebrity friend. Drinking buddy!  Can’t you see that?

Thinking about it, no wonder that our amazing couple looked so real, at least we were right that they’re so earnest and always support each other wholeheartedly.

Ha Ji Won supported Hyun Bin after his military duty with her encouraging texts, that was once explained by Binnie himself on an interview when he was discharged from the Navy. And vice versa,  we saw him attending her movie premiere. And don’t ever forget,  he was among the first of Jiwon’s co-stars who paid tribute when she lost her dad last January. They even called each on first name basis, no sunbae hoobae or any super-polite “nim”-suffix needed. It’s simply Binnie for her and Jiwonie for him.

We are glad to know that.

Well, at least, they are still good buddies after all those years of the heart-fluttering SeGa moment that brought us together here as SegaFamily.  We have nothing to say than congratulations for Binnie for having found a new love life with a girlfriend. We will wish him luck and definitely wishing for the same for our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, who has been busy building her new identity as the very successful Boss Ha. She was doing a good job making her own agency, Haewadal, rising and starting her first international projects too with Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin (Life Risking Romance) and award winning director John Woo (Manhunt).  Keep up the good work Jiwonnie and Binnie. We love you!

Merry Christmas to both of you and  all Sega Family!

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2 thoughts on “They’re Just Good Friends…

  1. I still hope that it can be more than friends… But I am happy to know that their closeness did not end after SG ended. I feel their closeness got deeper to a point where they get to share the same bodyguards and enjoy spending time together over a beer or soju. Though I am sad that HB finds interest or attraction in another woman, I am overjoyed to know that HB & HJW have a deeper relationship that would be hard to be broken — unlike a gf and bf relationship that once broken it would be hard to even remain friends.

    • All is well, Angel. please don’t be sad 🙂 . It’s was an amazing ride, sailing with them here, maybe it’s about time for us, JB’s Angels, to move on. we’ll forever wish them happiness and success…

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