Are you a Secret Garden Addict? Make yourself at home!

And, action!

@credit : SBS Korea

MV created by Ms Amiyumi1023


36 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. r4ey

    Oww….admin U can’t imagine how am I so addict, really addict with this drama. loved it so bad….and thank u for build this for us.

  2. ahm so cool hajiwonnie cute ..
    shes so amazing
    i love it
    i want to became like her ..
    a stunt woman ..

  3. lovi

    Hello Sega Family, I also find the Sega addictions in me, ottoke?
    It’s been a year and I am still thinking about Gil Ra Im and Kim Ju Won. Ottoke?

  4. kara keith

    Welcome To Our New Home SeGa Fanatics and JB angels shippers!!!!

    Yes! I agree to all of you SeGa syndrome is still on, it’s been almost a year since it was aired… Why is it we are still hooked with it?? I should say this is the most DaeBak K-drama I’ve ever seen in my whole life… It’s one of a kind that I was able to be satisfied and fall in love… ❤

    I'd like to express my gratitude first to Our God Almighty that we are all gathered here, He was able to make instruments the director, scriptwriter, crews our amazing couple hyun bin and ha ji won that we were able to have a BIG FAT FAMILY of SeGA…

    To Miss alou, wherein my seniors started the shipping of our amazing couple, I will give my sincerest thank you to her for creating and building the First Home of JB shipping… I pray that you are in Good condition Ms.alou, and please come to see us…

    To Chief Unnie Bude Imud, the creator of this SECOND LOVELY HOME of JB shipping, a million thanks to you our dear Chief Unnie for providing this to us, all your efforts,loyalty,love and dedication are greatly appreciated… Thank you.. Thank you from the bottom of my/our hearts…

    To All the Unbeatable DS-JB-angels, I owe to you all a lot you made me fly to the moon my unnie's…Your determination, love and grace for our amazing couple I salute to you all… Thank you for boosting my confidence and faith in this shipping…

    To ate Anapinay,who welcomed me in dramascenes.com, thank you so much ate for your kindness to me…

    To sis minasangtae,who welcomed me in ACFP-fb, thank you so much sis for everything..

    To all JB angels I've been close with in FB and DS, thank you so much all for the DAEBAK friendship!!!!

    I love you all the JB angels around the globe…

    Let's patiently wait for the BIG DAY…
    Aja! Aja! Hwaiting and Fighting JB angels!!!!


  5. sed@

    hi all SEGA addicts!!! love this website n thankful to those who created it also for other posts!!!

  6. great job guys…keep up the good work. im glad that we have a new homepage…;)

  7. gerald

    another sega clan.deabak!aja!fighting

    • kara keith

      Hello ate gerald……
      Welcome here te…….
      Lets share our thoughts and love to our amazing couple…….

      Hello r4ey, lovi, arysjoy, seda and maria…….

  8. AnaPinay

    to all JB shippers and Angels

    WELCOME!!!! hope everyone here keeps this thread alive until and when our AC got married hope we could still come here and have fellowship with one another…

    sorry I am very late in WELCOMING YOU ALL!!!!

    Praying that everyone would have fun and enjoy their threading and commenting in this new blog site that our beloved chief Imud created for all of us….more power to you chief and God bless.

    hoping that somehow HJW or HB would be able to read or even posts their comments in this hub that would be really great experience for all of us who has so much faith and trust in their relationships.

    have a great fun filled day to all and God bless!!!

  9. ema

    hi JB shippers! Finaly i found ds place!..i thought i was already losing u guys..i was realy happy to hear all d good news again of d AC Couple thru ds site..thank u admin..you again made my day. 😉

    • kara keith

      hi angels ema and ross….
      We are so glad to see you here,.
      Keep posting and welcome to our new mansion..

  10. ross

    hin to all sega addict,i luv the AC very mucchhhhh..

  11. jibin

    dear admin. I am late but I want to say “thank you” and love you.when DC hard to open.I feel hopeless
    because I can not share with our group. you made me happy and laugh again. I like to read every thing about AC. Today in DC llilik_X8 request to create new site FB for member form DC so I suggest him or her join this site. Admin .How are you contact our group in DC? I think some member don’t know about new home and now they feel hopeless.if we can help them.???

  12. lilik_x8

    yes like jibin said…thx for recommended to open this site ,, actually i have been post comment in this site past month
    this is my original comment in dramascenes 1 may

    lilik_x8 on May 1, 2012 at 2:18 pm said:


    HI drama scenes members…
    suddenly i have an idea/….
    this is my idea:
    as we know day by day many members dramascene especially sega have some problem to open this site,,..
    how about if we make GROUP / FAN PAGE in FACEBOOK
    this group is FORM OF OUR THANKFUL T0 MS.ALOU because of her dedication to THIS SITE…

    i think if we not keep the member it will lost one by one …
    because as we know sega fan in this site so many ….
    not only so many , but also the smart analysis
    it will pitied if we are not keep this members…
    SO ,the hard effort of Ms Alou is useless

    eventough we can ‘t continue this site because we are not the owner
    at least we keep the member FOR MS ALOU

    , nowadays , we still don’t know how about Ms. Alou ….
    can we leave this site without mark?
    and as we know ,, the thread still on November .,,,,
    i’m afraid if someday this site can’ t be open
    i’m feel make a mistake..

    because of this site have a huge influence for me …


    best regard lilik


    some addict :
    i mean my idea a is specially our form of thank to MS. ALOU
    because without ms Alou hard effort may be we can t meet sega fan overseas …
    there are from thailand, philipine, , korea,, indonesia,..etc…..

    may be guys, you can give some some suggest or other idea
    this group isn’t for my popularity / the other things
    but this is our form thank to to MS . Alou

    if we really make this group …
    we can give named the group that related to Ms. ALou


    • Hi Lilik, that’s very sweet of you but there is already one fanpage at facebook that we have for The Dramascenes. Here is the link.

  13. dear admin
    I am jibin. I chage my username to “Jibin55”
    I am very glad and feel happy again;
    I miss my friend in this web. thank admin for this web

  14. Finally..i’m home 🙂
    annyeong jbangels, i’m newbie here, and i’ve been silent reader at TheDS. am very glad finally found this mansion to meet all angels around the world
    * Than you admin sis Kara for the invitation* 🙂

  15. Hello everyone, i’m another newbie here. 😀
    I’ve been silent reader at DramaScene, hyunbinjiwon wordpress and after take a long journey trough the web, I am really glad to found this page to meet every jb angels around the world.
    Thank you for your hardwork admins and i hope this page will last long and keep updated.
    정 말, 감사합니다 😀

  16. hello everyone!!!!!

    • sorry for the late reply angel Yan, welcome to our home.. 🙂

      • thank you for the warm welcome admin… i am just a silent reader but really enjoy reading all the comments here. thank you for creating this page. im also a sega addict.

      • It is always our pleasure angel yan… 🙂 Feel free to post your thoughts here in our home… Fighting!

  17. wow great page 4 our amazing drama and amazing couple thank you so much 4 making this page ^^

  18. So glad to have found this site only now. I was very alone in this JB shipping up to now that I thought I was going crazy! Definitely looking forward to visiting here often. I am a huge fan of our AC!

    • Hello, Angel Lavender, welcome aboard, looking forward to read more of your postings 😀

      • Thank you so much for your kindness. Before I found this place, I was all alone. My family and my friends don’t understand what I am longing for…for a day to see my oppa and unnie to just unite, even for a few seconds if allowed. When I missed our couple, I would go and watch all the youtube videos on them. Everyone once a while, I re-watched Sega to fill the void. Each time, I fall in love with it all the more. I have been fans of other dramas in the past but none has hit me this much. I have never believed in any pairing as much as I have with HB and HJW. Their BTS and their chemistry is just unbelievable. While watching Sega, I felt like my whole body was aching due to their aching love. My favorite part became the party kiss cause it was the moment that was too beautiful and there’s many other scenes I love. The way that they both stared at each other at that moment, it speaks louder than words and to the surface it showed. The quotes in the drama because inspiring to me (espc the one about the “distant starry bodies…one day he’ll disappear because he is too beautiful” + the one in one of the books “you-my precious..my sorrowful, you came to me by mistake.”) Although it is almost two years, I have not forgotten sega for one day. Sadly, our man has to leave for MS and it seemed like everything was put on a halt, like a cliff hanger, and angels kept waiting patiently. Well, the wait is soon to be gone. Glad to have found this place yesterday. Now I have this place to come to and angels here who can understand how I feel.


    • That’s awesome, Angel Lavender, thanks for sharing!

      As the Bible says, To every thing there is a season. For God has made everything beautiful in its time, so, let’s just say a prayer for the best things to happen for all of us here. We have been waiting faithfully and wishing all the best for our amazing couple.

  19. just watch again the sega BTS… ahhhhhh can’t wait for dec6 to come and see them reunited. really wish that they will end up as a real couple….

  20. Hi,

    I’ve been watching secret garden i think for the 5th times but not getting tired of watching and i really like both of them the scene came out all natural. I really want to have a original copy of this one and if it is possible to have their signature in it. Would there be a way?. Don’t they have plans of going here in the philippines especially Hyun bin?. I really want also to be one of the member of their fans just don’t know how.

    • hi!
      just like you, i’m a certified SEGA addict and i lost count of how many times i’ve watched it.. lol
      got my original copy at Singapore sometime in 2011.. went to Korea last year but never thought of acquiring their signature..lol..
      Ha Ji Won was here in Manila last year sometime in June. she celebrated her 33rd (i guess) birthday here at sofitel (ata)

      good to know that many SEGA addict is still active in this page…

  21. Hello! ^^Im new here but ive been shipping our AC for 3 yrs. and i just observed that this page is currently silent.. i hope everyone is still keeping their faith burning to our AC:/

  22. surfing and seacrching thru net…and last i find this site…..glad to share u may experience of being so addicted to HYU BIN oppa….hehehehe….when he had a concert two (2 years) ago in Singapore, t’was April 27, 2013….it was my happiest birthday gift to myselft and my friends birthday gift to me also….from Philippines I fly to Singpore that to meet MR. KIM TAE PYUNG after his military service. Even though I did not take any picture with him in solo, because it was really very difficult to go near him, after watching his ‘FANS DAY CONCERT” in Singapore, I was one of the lucky fans who can make a shake hand with him, he was really a gentleman and so kind. He really care for his fans, that’s one thing that I really love for him. I really enjoy that fans day in Singapore. I do hope that he can do that also here in Philippines. Hoping that someday HYU BIN AND HA JI WON will have fans day here in our country. Still “Im an avid fan of “SEGA”, love them both alwayz!!!. thank you for giving us opportunity to share this site us.

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