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Ha Ji Won Attended Seoul Fashion Week 2015



Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji -won was invited in the front row of Seoul Fashion Week that lasted until  March 26, 2015.

According to dramafever it took place in Dongdaemoon Design Plaza, a mecca of fashion lovers.

Ha Ji Won wore a black and white look, balancing it with a pair of silver and white sneakers. We love how casual yet feminine she looks. She watched designer Park Soo Woo’s SuuWu collection .

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SNSD’s Sooyoung fangirls over taking selfies with Ha Ji Won


In Sooyoung’s latest Instagram update, she shared her excitement in meeting her idol. Along with the glamorous set of selcas, she writes in her caption, “Kkyak, I’m a fan! I’ve finally met her, I met her. @hajiwon1023 #hajiwon sunbae at @boontheshop_chandam I will always support you. #boontheshopcheongdam #dior #hajiwon #imafan.

She continues to list projects Ha Ji Won was in to prove her fangirl knowledge, using the following hashtags, “#damo #somethinghappenedinbali #empressqi #ofcourseisaweverything #iloveyou.

According to Sooyoung herself, the two met at the ‘Dior Lama’ event held at Boon the Shop, a fashion store in Cheongdam. The ladies are impeccably dressed with their matching white outfits, a perfect look for a fashion event and a fangirl dream-come-true.

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Ha Ji-won looks spring-ready in Crocodile Ladies

A spring pictorial of actress Ha Ji-won was revealed recently by Crocodile Ladies, the women’s casual brand for which she is a model.

With the concept “City’s Casual,” the-36-year-old actress poses in laid-back, cozy outfits, matched with trendy colors and patterns in the revealed shots.

Ha is sporting a lightweight, bright coat fit for chilly, early spring weather. She matches her causal looks with healthy-looking makeup highlighting her bright skin tone and pink lips.

The pictorial is available in Crocodile Ladies’ stores nationwide and on the company’s official website.

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Ha Ji Won & Park Seo Joon for Northcape Spring 2015

Popular Korean actors Ha Ji-won and Park Seo-joon were featured in outdoor clothing company NorthCape’s spring-summer campaign “Now Escape, Now NorthCape.”

In the promotional photos released Tuesday, the stars, who profess to love outdoor sports and leisure activities, showcase the practical designs of the European brand. Longtime model Ha, 36, was joined by Park, 26, this season.

“(Ha and Park) have a sophisticated and healthy image that conveys the brand effectively to consumers,” said Korean executive director Baek Bae-soon.

Another NorthCape spokesperson said, “The practical design of the entire outdoor line … is wearable both in day-to-day life and for outdoor activities. The clothing items will appeal to consumers with their modern look and reasonable prices.”

Ha appeared in last month’s period film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” while Park currently stars in MBC’s romantic drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” as a writer of mystical fiction.


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Park Seo Joon Asks Ha Ji Won If She Would Mind Starring Opposite Him

On February 11, SBS entertainment news show “One Night of TV Entertainment” caught up with actors Park Seo Joon and Ha Ji Won on the set of their commercial photo shoot.

The two were still breaking the ice, having met for the first time on set. During the interview, Park Seo Joon cautiously posed a question to Ha Ji Won, “If I was in the co-starring opposite role would you be okay with that?”

The moderator piggybacked on the actor’s question and rephrased it as, “Pick one out of Hyun Bin, Park Seo Joon, and Ji Chang Wook.”

Ha Ji Won responded, “I would go with Park Seo Joon. Really, let’s work on something really good together next time.”

one night of tv entertainment

In response, Park Seo Joon, despite covering his face with his hands, couldn’t hide his clear happiness.

He said, “To be honest, I am a huge fan [of Ha Ji Won]. Whenever I am asked in interviews which actress I want to work with, I always say Ha Ji Won sunbae.”

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Ha Ji-won says she could be nonhuman

Ha Ji-won expressed her willingness to take a role of a nonhuman during an interview with a local TV station.

In an interview with “One Night of TV Entertainment” on SBS, Ha said she would like to be in a fantasy film, and that the role doesn’t have to be a human.

“I can be an eagle during the day and turn human at night,” she said.

Park Seo-joon, who was interviewing Ha, said he wouldn’t mind if he were a jealous bald eagle if he could play a role in the same film as Ha.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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Ha Ji Won Still Seeking Action

She is one of few actresses here who are not afraid to pull off action stunts in films or TV dramas ― be it wire action sequences, shooting arrows on horseback, or boxing. But beneath the fierce heroine veneer is a 36-year-old actress who simply enjoys venturing into different kinds of genre, and the fun accompanied with each role. And in doing so, she is able to combine femininity and elegance with being a powerful, strong woman.

Asked what has propelled her through her acting career, she answered, “I just say ‘go’ when I have my mind fixed on a certain film.”

“I rarely regret the acting choices I made in the past,” Ha told The Korea Herald last week “because I am the one who chooses to do them.”

“I also don’t worry whether or not (a film) will be a hit. The only thing I can do is to prepare copiously and diligently, all while thinking happy thoughts,” she added.

Maybe it is this “work hard, play hard” mantra that has brought her success. Her star power has not waned over a nearly 20-year career.

Since her debut in 1996, the actress has starred in countless works both on the small and silver screens, becoming one of the most in-demand actresses here. She is especially remembered for her roles as a fearless Joseon-era detective in TV drama “Damo” (2003), the owner of a faltering seafood restaurant in the disaster movie “Haeundae” (2009), and a stuntwoman in the romantic drama “Secret Garden” (2010).

Ha is known in the industry as an actress who throws herself into her role, leaving nothing to spare.

“I thought everyone was doing it that way,” said Ha, who admitted her love for filming action flicks.

Despite a fear of heights, Ha welcomes wire work and high-flying action.

Most of the time, she does her own stunts.

In one case, she fractured her neck. She almost lost her sight in another shoot, and putting a raw steak on bruises to heal faster was routine while making the 2007 film “Miracle on 1st Street,” in which she played a boxer.

“I didn’t have a chance to see how other actors or actresses did their action scenes, so I just focused on myself and did my best,” Ha said.

She said she learned to do action stunts through rhythmic gymnastics. In a typical practice session, she would wield her juggling clubs, then the stunt teams would fall on the ground and pretend to be dead.

“I liked that kind of fantasy,” she said.

“It was like dancing, and that’s how I got started,” said Ha. “I think the good and fun memories were a catalyst for me to go into action films, even if it meant my body aching.”

In a departure from her invincible fighter roles of the past, Ha plays a mother for the first time in the film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” based on Chinese bestselling novel by Yu Hua.

Playing a mother of three kids was a lot of fun, said the actress, who is single and has no children. “I didn’t really take care of or do something particularly for the kids. All I did was hang out, play games and try to have a fun time together on the set.”

When asked whether marriage was on the radar, she says having three boys ― just like the film ― plus a daughter would be really great. But she is not under pressure to get married any time soon.

“It seems like my dad doesn’t want me to get married,” Ha said with a smile. “They just want me to get some good rest between films.”

“I like having fun,” she added. “I think that is where my passion comes from.”

Although nothing is set in the stone, she is currently auditioning for Hollywood films.

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Ha Ji Won Shows Her Power In Japan

Actress Ha Ji Won released her first pictorial book ‘HAJIWON’S SECRET’ in Japan.

She held the press conference and fan signing event to communicate with her fans on Janaury 23 at Sibuya store of Tower Record. At the press conference, she said, “After my first essay book ‘This is the moment’ released in 2012, I wanted to publish a pictorial book. I’m so glad to issue my first pictorial book at this good chance.”

Her pictorial book ‘HAJIWON’s SECRET’ contains the process of her growth as an actress, her inner conflicts, her passion and freedom and it consists of a pictorial book and video to express her desire to become a step closer to her fans.

According to her agency HAEWADAL Entertainment, Ha Ji Won participated in planning, designing and editing her pictorial book and showed her passion and love for it.

Meanwhile, the pictorial book ‘HAJIWON’S SECRET’ was all sold out even before its release, so it becomes a hot issue. (photo by HAEWADAL Entertainment)

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Ha Ji Won has successfully completed her Japan fan meeting

After her first solo fan meeting last June, she recently held one in Tokyo on January 24th, making this her second solo fan meeting in seven months.

For this fan meeting, the location was much larger than her previous one and had about 40% of the audience be male.

“Sometimes I do wish I could rest a little, but when I meet my fans, I receive the energy to continue working hard,” actress Ha Ji Won commented. “I hope to meet fans through a new production soon.”

Previously, she held her Singapore fan meeting as part of her tour of Asia on January 10th at the Singapore Conference Hall.

She plans to continue her tour of Asia fan meeting.

Last June, she held her first Japan fan meeting at Tokyo’s Mielparque Hall.

During this fan meeting she prepared a variety of different events from singing a popular Japanese song to meeting fans through a hand shaking event.

Due to the quick ticket sales and successful response, Ha Ji Won scheduled a second fan meeting to take place on January 2015.

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Inside Ha Ji Won’s Secret…

Hi Angels, we’re lucky for 0ur 1023 friends in Japan and Philippines made these videos available on youtube. Yup, these are from our amazing yeoja’s project, the making of her awesome pictorial book, Ha Ji Won’s Secret.

Enjoy :D

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