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Ha Ji Won Shows Her Bare Face On Her New Reality Show ‘Go Go With Unni’

Actress Ha Ji-won has revealed her flawless bare face.

On April 28th, the first episode of “Go, go with unnie” has been aired featuring the trip story of Ha Ji-won and her actual sister, Jeon Yoo-kyeong travelling in southern France.

The filming started from the moment she woke up opening her eyes in the morning in France. She revealed her bare face without hesitation and showed off her flawless beauty.

She went out to the backyard and felt the air of the nature enjoying the freedom given to her in a while.

“Go, go with unnie” is actress Ha Ji-won’s reality show where she challenges to live the local people’s life. In the first episode, Ha Ji-won went to southern France and presented her romantic and cheerful daily life there. She found a local restaurant, a book store and a grocery story on her own walking around the local area.
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Ha Ji Won Reveals the Magic Drink Behind Her Ageless Beauty

Ha Ji Won Reveals the Magic Drink Behind Her Ageless Beauty

Ha Ji Won revealed the secret recipe behind her youthful beauty.

On the episode of “Go Go with Unnie” aired on April 28, Ha Ji Won lets go of her title as an actress and approaches viewers as a normal woman living her life. “Go Go with Unnie” is a show in which the actress travels France and lives with native people, thus truly experiencing the real yet romantic life of the people. Ha Ji Won travels France with her older sister Jun Yoo Gyung, and the two cannot help but marvel at the beautiful scenery of Southern France.

While preparing for their first dinner in France, Ha Ji Won skillfully makes honey lemon soju. Without a hint of doubt, she accurately adds in the right amount soju and honey, and even shows off her own tips to squeezing lemons.

“Whenever I drink honey lemon soju, people around me always compliment my skin tone the next day,” she says. The female staffs, too, marvel at the taste of the beverage, proving that not only is it good for the skin but also super tasty as well.

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Go Go With Unnie, Ha Ji Won’s Own Reality Show

Jeon Hae Rim, the amazing yeoja internationally known with her stage name Ha Ji Won has known widely as having a good looking family. The superior genes of those attractive sibling can be seen easily as her two sisters and one (famous) little brother are not shy with the camera. They have made some appearance on TV and magazine, mostly just to cheer up Jiwonnie with some funny stories from home.

Besides the only brother Jeon Tae Joo who follow her famous noona’s path in acting, Jiwon’s older sister, Jeon Yoo Kyung is also quite famous as a businesswoman who owns her cosmetics brand Chic and Chick. As a beautician, Yoo-Kyung Unnie creates Chic and Chick as cosmetics without surfactants (surface active agents). Products in Chic and Chick use only natural ingredients, minimizing the possiblity of skin irratation. Their main products include natural handmade soaps, hair packs, and body cleansing products. The store itself is exceptionally well-managed, providing maximum comfort to customers.

No wonder some smart TV Producer snatched an idea to have those two beautiful sisters for having a “fashionable trip” to Southern France as a trendy reality show called Go Go with Unnie. Our girl agreed to do this idea where her 10 days trip in France was shot 24/7 . During the press conference, Jiwonnie said how she was shocked to see about 20 cameras rolling to capture her moments there.

Ha Ji Won with her elder sister, Jeon Yoo Kyung, in the press conference.

Some teasers for the show

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Ha Ji Won for KEB (and for her 1023 fans!!!)

Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) lets our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, sending a shout out to her lovely fans, internationally known as 1023. What is the magic behind those 1023 number, you may ask her, and viola…..here is her cute cute cute explanation. The “1023” is a “sign language” that means LOVE as L = 1, O= 0, V = 2 and  E=3.

1023 = LOVE

More than that sweet recognition, KEB goes on by inviting all Ha Ji Won’s overseas fans who happen to visit Korea for a nice souvenir too. It’s simple, you just need to stop by at any KEB branch in Korea with this poster…and you can bring home our girl smile with her autograph too!

Thank you KEB, you know how to make us, her fans, so happy *smoooch* <3

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Ha Ji Won for Northcape Spring/Summer 2015

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Ha Ji Won for Crocodile Ladies Spring/Summer 2015

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Ha Ji Won at “2015 Laureus World Sports Award” in Shanghai

our girl at the award ceremony

and at the welcome party earlier

Hallyu star Ha Ji-won attended the prestigious sports awards ceremony as an award presenter

Her agency, Haewadal entertainment said on April 10th, “Ha Ji-won will leave to Shanghai on April 14th to attend the Laureus Sports Awards, where she will go on the stage as an award presenter for “This year’s sportsman – sportswoman”.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Laureus Sports Awards is equivalent to the Academy Awards in sports. The previous recipients of the awards include tennis star, Roger Federer and track and field star, Usain Bolt, which helped the awards ceremony emerge as a globally reputable sports awards. The ceremony will be broadcast to 180 countries and is expected to be watched by 500 million viewers.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Laureus Sports Awards was founded in the year of 2000. Previous award presenters include Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Hugh Grant. Ha Ji-won is the third award persenter for this ceremony after Jacky Chan and Maggie Cheung in Asia.

Laureus Sports Awards will be hosted by the British top star, Benedict Cumberbatch again this year.

Source : tenasia.hankyung.com/…
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bonus pic : our girl with Henry Cavill


Caption: With superman

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[Photos Galore] Ha Ji Won’s Airport Fashion

Ha ji won at Incheon as she was heading to France to filming On Style new reality show Go Go with sister. She stayed in south france on April 2-10, the show itself will be aired in April 28 at 11 pm kst

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[translated] Ha Ji Won in The Celebrity

Million thanks to our chingu from Jiwonderland and 1023 Thailand who have translated uri amazing yeoja’s interview with The Celebrity magazine from its January 2015 edition. We reblogged this from Soompi with a heartfelt gratitude to AliceinJiwonderland1023 and Tranth of Ha Ji Won1023 Thailand who made this amazing work available for public. Thanks again!.


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Ha Ji Won to make reality TV debut

Actress Ha Ji-won will star in her first exclusive role in an upcoming reality TV series “Go Go with Sister” (working title), which will be filmed in southern France.


Ha, who departed for France on Thursday, will take part in filming for the reality show for about 10 days, according to television channel On Style.

The mock-immersion series will air eight episodes.

“These days, traveling has become a trend among women — not just to enjoy, rest and return, but to eat, dress and live like a native of that country,” said a production staff member.

The “romantic and humorous” series will be shot in picturesque southern France and will follow Ha as she explores restaurants, bookstores and other shops in the area.

The 36-year-old actress, widely considered one of Korea’s top screen beauties, most recently starred in the film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” in January.

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