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Ha Ji Won for Soul & Stone


Some fans believe that Soul & Stone has blended Ha Ji Won’s old action roles into their newest 3D game character. Look at these old images compiled by @Ferlycious, a legend from Soompi, and the latest 30 seconds CF. You be the judge.

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Miracle on 1st Street Myung-ran vs. Soul & Stone Ha Ji Won

Soul&Stone has just launched their game on Jan 28, 2016. A chingu in Soompi, @AcornDC, wrote about it :

Developed by WEME, 3D fast-paced Korean action RRG – Soul of Stone is officially released in Korea. Soul & Stone have its CBT in December 17 to 20 last year and the total people who take participate in pre-registration are more than 570 thousands. Players can choose to play as warriorassassinwizard and mage to have real-time battles.



WeMade Division Director gimgiseong


Even I don’t like this kind of game I really love all CF. Of course Ha Ji Won is the main reason :).  WeMade promote very well this game better than some movie company.


HJW: “Dear Soul&Stone users~ Hi! I’m Ha Ji Won. RPG’s climax! Soul&Stone & I will run together~~ I love you all.~♡”


@source : Soul&Stone, Soompi, as tagged

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Ha Ji Won for Marie Claire


The photoshot in Japan was so pretty. Let’s read the story from KPopFighting here :



Ha Ji Won and Chen Bolin who will headline upcoming film ‘Risking Life for Love,’ recently got together to film a pictorial for the February issue of ‘marie claire’ magazine.

The pictorial was done in collaboration with Italian luxury brand Giorgio Armani, and was filmed on location in Japan’s Aomori prefecture. In one of the photos, Ha Ji Won donned a red flowered pattern dress which brought out her mature yet sensual charms against the snow-covered fields. Chen Bolin meanwhile cut a stylish figure in his neat suit.


The theme was the meeting and parting of a couple, where the two appeared to be lovers who have grown weary of each other, or seemingly a couple who are like good friends.


The two said in their interview that their new film was a romance-thriller, and they were really encouraged by each other during filming, and had a great time filming.

Ha Ji Won said, “When acting, you always have to prepare well before standing in front of the cameras,” while Chen Bolin said, “I hope to become an actor who can do all sorts of roles, and not simply be known as a famous actor.”

‘Risking Life for Love’ will open in cinemas by end-February.

By: Alvin

Need more pic? Your wish is a command for us, Angels <3




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Rest In Peace, Ha Ji Won’s Dad


Previously, it was reported that the father of actress Ha Ji Won had suddenly passed away due to a sudden heart attack on January 2.  According to an exclusive report by OSEN on January 4, more information was revealed about her father’s death by Ha Ji Won and her agency.

A lot of reps of the entertainment world were reported to have visited the Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital in order to relay their condolences to her and try to console her in her time of grief.  On the first day of condolence calls, her former co-stars like Hyun Bin and Lee Seung Gi, Director Yoon Je Kyun, and more acquaintances came to the funeral hall. Just the other day, veteran actor Yoo Dong Geun came with Song Kyung Chul, Ha Jung Woo, Song Yoon Ah, and director Moon Hyun Sung.

Yoo Dong Geun was heard telling her, “Your father has, no doubt, gone to a good place.” According to OSEN, she had responded with, “My father was someone who would have lived even without eating.”  She tried to be strong as she grasped her younger sibling Jun Tae Soo‘s hands, but tears fell down her face.

“Ten years ago, my father was told he had a myocardial infarction, so he had consistently taken medicine all that time,” she had stated.  “Even just the day before yesterday, he said he felt stuffy inside, so he went to the hospital and he thought it was an acid reflux, but he suddenly collapsed, and within a few hours, he was unable to ever wake up again from a heart attack.  I had never known that seeing him that day would have been the last.”

SEE ALSO: Ha Ji Won’s father passes away due to sudden heart attack

She said that her father was happier than anybody else when she became a class leader in elementary school and first showed her face in a drama after she yearned to become an actress.  She is bitter at the world and sad that he is gone.  Lastly, he was an affectionate father who watched over his children with laughs, never raising his voice at them.

“He was only 68 now, so I don’t know what the rush was for him to leave his family’s side so quickly,” she said.  “I can’t believe this at all and I feel numb as if it’s all a dream.”

Despite her grief, she went around the tables to her friends who visited, thanking them for coming.  On January 5, her father’s coffin will be borne out and he will be laid to rest at his hometown.

A rep of hers stated on January 4, “Ha Ji Won is currently a chief mourner, so she is greeting guests on a daily basis.”  As for her future activities, the rep stated, “Ha Ji Won was active in the last year of 2015 with no time for rest.  Now, because her production has come to an end, Ha Ji Won has no other plans.”

Get plenty of rest and take as much time as you need to mourn your loss, may he rest in peace.

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Ha Ji Won’s father has suddenly passed away


Condolences to Ha Jiwon and her family. Praying for her and wishing strength to the family in this tough time.

We had the bad news right after the new year, here,  from AllKPop:

Actress Ha Ji Won‘s father was recently reported to have suddenly passed away on the morning of January 2 due to a heart attack.

When the news first hit the web, it was revealed that the family members were in shock surprised he has not been suffering from any illness until that night.

Currently, the family members are preparing for his funeral while his mortuary is being prepared at a hospital in Seoul.

Our deepest condolences to Ha Ji Won and her family.

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Ha Ji Won for Soul and Stone, PureNIne and J-ONE

hjw2It’s Christmas week and those famous brands that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, is endorsing, warmly greeted us with their series of colorful photo-shot or just BTS to cherish the festive of our holidays. That is more than enough for our Christmas gift, right?

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Ha Ji Won for Soul & Stone

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Ha Ji Won for Purenine

J One nail polish

Ha Ji Won for J – One

Bonus :
Ha Ji Won has just had a Fan-Signing event in Seoul for Crocodile Ladies last week:



Have a happy holiday, Angels.

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Ha Ji-won, a goddess of pure innocence looks more radiant with less makeup

On December 23rd, Elle Korea posted Ha Ji-won‘s video clip on their official Instagram under the short caption, “Ha Ji-won, her goddess look is revealed more as makeup is removed”.

In the posted video clip, Ha Ji-won, wearing translucent makeup, waves her hand while smiling brightly. Ha Ji-won in a white dress revealing her shoulders shows off her flawless gorgeous look with the translucent minimal makeup.

Ha Ji-won plays Je-in, a mystery novelist in the upcoming movie, “Life-Staking Love”, also co-starring Cheon Jeong-myeong and Chen Bolin.


Source : www.newsen.com/news_v…

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Korean actress HA Ji-won and Taiwanese star CHEN Bolin wrapped the romcom thriller Life-Staking Love (literal title) earlier this month on the 5th in Paju, northwest of Seoul. The film, which began its shoot in Itaewon, Seoul on September 6th this year, is the debut feature of SONG Min-kyu, who previously was wrote and produced KANG Je-kyu’s war epic My Way (2011).
HA plays a mystery novel writer who goes after a serial killer with the help of her friend (CHUN Jeong-myoung), a detective. Soon, they cross paths with the mysterious Jason (CHEN).
Well-known across the big and small screen, HA last appeared in Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015), which was directed by and featured HA Jung-woo in the lead role. She has appeared in horrors (The Phone, 2002), romcoms (Love, So Divine, 2004), melodramas (Closer To Heaven, 2009) and blockbusters (Haeundae, 2009).
Life-Staking Love marks CHEN’s second appearance in a Korean film, following SUN Hao’s Korea-China co-production Bad Guys Always Die with SON Ye-jin, which debuted at the Busan International Film Festival this year and will debut in local theaters on January 21st following its Chinese bow late last month.
In the third lead role, CHUN marks his return to the big screen two years after the romcom Queen of the Night. The cast also features OH Jeong-se (How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, 2013), YUN So-hui (Salut d’Amour, 2015) and SONG Min-jeong (A Blood Pledge, 2009). Life-Staking Love, which is being produced by BA Entertainment and distributed by OPUS Pictures, is currently in post-production and expected to hit screens in the first half of next year.
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J-ONE is spreading


Boss Ha, our amazing yeoja, is doing great as a businesswoman who owns the cosmetics brand J-ONE. Her latest product, J-ONE Hana Cream was launched and skyrocketing only in days. Bravo Oh Hana, ooops, I mean, Jiwon-sshi….err….., Bravo Boss Ha :)




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Ha Ji Won in Pink for Swarovski

Wearing pink, our amazing yeoja, actress Ha Ji-won, attended Swarovski Christmas Lighting Ceremony at Hong Kong International Airport on December 1, 2015 in Hong Kong, China.

“Ha Ji-won is the only Korean star who was invited to the event,” her management agency Haewadal Entertainment said on Monday.

The ceremony heralds the end of the year for many people at the airport.

After the event, she took part in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

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Local press seemed eager to ask her many things especially about her movie Risking Life for Love or Deadly Love where she is still shooting with Taiwanese top star Bolin Chen for a Korea-China co-production film. Jiwonnie answered politely that she wished she had more time there so she can go shopping and buying some souvenir for Bolin and all the crew. She said,“I’m only staying in Hong Kong for 2 days, time is short. If there’s time, I’d buy a gift for him and the director.” One interesting question was about a swarovski ring she had, “err, not a ring but a bracelet,” she said. Was that from your boyfriend, Jiwon-shie? Giggling, our lady answered it with “Secret!” :D

Hmmm… Was it some one from Secret Garden? Ah, we do hope so, Jiwonnie. And let’s watch her “secret” answer in this video :

credit: Cosmopolitan HK, as tagged, Amazing Couple fanpage at FB, chesirecat1023/twitter.com

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Beautiful Ha Ji Won at 52nd Golden Horse Film Award

Golden cc.jpg

It seems that our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji-won, had a lot of fun in Taiwan.  She effortlessly joined Chang Chen, a famous Taiwanese saeguk actor, playing an impromptu fighting scene on stage as she is very well known in Taiwan after her latest saeguk drama, Empress Ki, was a hit there.

golden cc2


She did great there, according to our chingu @zoompie123 from soompi who kindly translated news from setn.com ;

Ha Ji Won’s appearance on the red carpet of the 52nd Golden Horse Film Awards recorded the 3rd highest rating at 2.63% for the red carpet session. The highest rating of the red carpet session (3.28%) happened when director Ang Lee and veteran local actress Hsu Feng arrived at the red carpet. Former Golden Horse best actor and actress winners (both Taiwanese) Lee Kang-Sheng and Chen Shiang-Chyi’s part at the red carpet marked the 2nd highest rating at 2.87%.

* Attendees of the Golden Horse Film Awards this year include several internationally known or popular Asian stars like Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Chang Chen, Lin Chi-Ling etc. Despite the attendance of these well known Chinese stars, Jiwonnie still manages to attract cheering crowds and also TV ratings. Glad that she is well received in Taiwan and hopefully she can extend her popularity to more countries.

golden 4.jpg

golden elle mag1golden elle mag 2golden elle mag 3golden 5golden 6Golden Horse

Dramafever also described the event as a very important film festival. It wrote:

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards delivered without a hitch on November 21. The most prestigious awards for Chinese-language cinema invited guests like internationally admired star Jackie Chan and Korean actress Ha Ji Won to the star-studded event hosted by Taiwan’s top model-actress Lin Chi-ling.


golden cc 4.jpg

Ha Ji Won looks stunning in her white gown, walking the red carpet with Mr Dimitri Gouten and, of course, wearing Piaget. From chingu @Zoompi123 we learned that ;

As the ambassador of Piaget, she received courteous reception from Piaget. Piaget prepared 10 sets of jewelries that are worth around 300 million Taiwan dollar for her to choose. She will be walking the red carpet with Piaget Asia Pacific President Mr Dimitri Gouten, and will be presenting the Best Supporting Actor and Best Short Film awards. She revealed that she wants to meet director Ang Lee at the award ceremony.

golden with angle(Jiwon with director Ang Lee)

@cr : Dramafever,as tagged

Taiwanese news translated by : @zoompie123/soompi.com

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